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PUBG Xbox Weapon Skins Coming (New Crates)

what’s good everybody I’m blitz5 and in
today’s video we have more news for pub G on the Xbox one it looks like weapon
skins are coming to the Xbox and are currently in the game so this hasn’t
been officially announced or verified by pub G yet but it turns out today a
couple people on reddit posted that they received weapon skins and the triumph
crate in the game on Xbox one which right now we’re really only on the PC if
you’re not familiar with that I’m pretty sure you probably are is that the PC is
way more advanced than the Xbox one in terms of content and they already have a
bunch of weapon skins and additional crates which I’m going to show you guys
in a couple seconds here but they posted on the forums that these are in the game
right now that they received them but they can’t do anything with them they
can’t equip them they can’t use them they can’t open up that crate you need a
key which is a whole new system that is already integrated on the PC and this
was just interesting here because they kind of snuck this in this wasn’t
included in the patch notes and actually I noticed that pub G updated the patch
notes when this went live because patch 17 went out without the sound upgrade
they didn’t there was a sound upgrade that was supposed to come in to patch 17
but they couldn’t do it didn’t work right so they took that out and updated
the passionate so I did a quick control-f I looked for weapon skin
didn’t see anything so this kind of snuck into the passion they didn’t
release it yet so I’m not sure if this was done on purpose that kind of create
some hype around the weapons skins or if this was done on accident and this kind
of just got leaked and it’s just a mistake that these got opened up it’s
hard to tell the pub G you never know if something is happening on purpose or an
accident if it was a mistake but to show you guys what’s going on here if you go
on the Xbox one and you go to a crate and you go to preview you can see the
different crates that are available and what is in those crates so we’ll just
look through you guys are probably familiar with this already
Ronde record is first this has a lot of the traditional stuff that you guys see
the pants the blue shoes that I always get and I already have a pair of them so
just leading them all the time the white tee all that stuff then back to the
survivor crate which is the jackets and the beanie the gloves then we have the
biker crate which has some additional stuff there okay and then the newest one
that we had on the Xbox one is the Western military crate which came with
the two hats at which we were very popular the cowboy hat and then
the the military-style hat the one cowboy hat being you know a rare item
and it’s very desirable kind of became like a thing that if you get the cowboy
hat you wouldn’t put a helmet on on the Xbox one so those are the crates there
you could preview and see that kind of the rarity the different colors show how
rare they are but then if you go to PC which I’ll show here I have the PC
version in the game I just don’t play on PC I really only play on Xbox one we
have the equinox crate which is one of the crates that has skins in it so this
is pretty interesting we got the sharkbite car 98 skin we have a
gold-plated skinned for the AKM this looks awesome on that and also on the
awm then we have the silver plated skin a couple different guns here and then
there’s desert digital and then I thought this looks really cool this is
called the olive branch and kind of like a silver plated frying pan which to me
is really awesome just makes it look like really bright and then if you see
we have the same crates from xbox The Wanderer survivor biker and then there’s
the desperado crate which this is really cool this has the knuckle gloves which
I’ve seen a lot of people stream with which is pretty interesting and then if
you hit right here there’s even more crates so we got the militia crate which
is the one on xbox then we have the fever crate which has kind of a retro
vibe which is not on Xbox yet and that here is the triumph record that I was
talking about the triumph crate kind of like a tongue twister that sang that
together at least for me and we have the glory skins I can’t zoom in on these
here and maybe I’ll try to get a better screenshot but this looks pretty cool
and then back with the gold plate there’s a trifecta skin desert digital
which is always cool and then to me the coolest skin out of all of them are
these orange skins and this kind of reminds me of like when you’re hunting
some people wear like an orange hat or whatever so they stand out from the
camouflage to let people know there’s like a hunter there and while this
obviously is like the worst kind of camouflage you could have in the game I
just think cuz it stands out it looks so sweet and out of all of them I think the
scar and the m4 look the coolest with the orange it just looks really great so
that’s one of them this is what’s in Xbox right now but kind of hidden only a
couple people have received it so it’s not like officially out there an Xbox
and then with that I would also expect this to probably be coming to the Xbox
soon and the same announcement this is the Raider crate just has some
additional skins has this turquoise skin which looks
really cool there’s the jungle digital and then there’s the rugged skin so the
reason why I say the radars probably gonna be in here as well is because one
of the players who posted a screenshot got a rugged m16 and this seems to be
like one of the basic skins cousin gonna have a color or rarity it’s on the
bottom here so these are just like beige kind of plain but this was seen in xbox
so they at least have some version of this in the game and then last we have
the aviator crate which just has some kind of goggles and aviator cat kind of
like old-school a little bit too so that does it for all the crates this is what
it looks like on PC and just to show you guys I actually only had enough battle
points to get one crate and I actually ended up getting a rugged weapon so I’ll
show you what what happens here is I’m on customized wardrobe this is pretty
typical but then they also have a weapons section here so I was lucky
enough to get a weapon and this is probably what it will look like on the
Xbox one so you’re gonna have your different weapon skins here the one I
have is the rugged one you could equip and unequip and you can see what its
gonna look like in the game right here with your character which is awesome and
well I’m here on the PC version of the game I guess I’ll just show you guys to
the store because this has the event pass which is basically the same thing
as a battle pass from fortnight which this I’m assuming is coming to Xbox one
soon to when San Hub comes out and this is an awesome thing that’s gonna make
the game just a lot more interesting they’re gonna have missions and daily
objectives and all that kind of stuff but something that’s a little alarming
here like the prices of this stuff when I went to the screen and saw that they
were selling the skins for $10 a piece I thought that was a little high for just
a weapon skin and then they also have like these keys which unlocks the crate
so you can’t even unlock like a crate unless you have the key so I’m okay with
this company making money but I just wished that some of these prices weren’t
that higher they had different tiers for different items I mean I’m not super
well versed in the PC version of this game so maybe they already do maybe I’m
talking out of turn anyways without getting too far into that I’m gonna end
the video here looking forward to seeing this in the game and when they publicly
announce it I’ll try to come back with another video and update you guys so
that’s all the information I have right now I did my best to research it but if
you guys have new information or any Corrections you want to add and here
if I messed up anything please leave it down in the comment section below I
always like to hear what you guys know or if I messed up I appreciate all the
constructive criticism and feedback so as always thank you all for watching on
blitz5 and peace out

32 thoughts on “PUBG Xbox Weapon Skins Coming (New Crates)

  1. Could you make a video as soon as they’re officially out? In case I miss it on twitter lol , got my notifications on bro

  2. same system for Killing Floor 2. keys open crates and the same prices for skins for the most part

  3. Maybe I just don't know what goes into a skins system but I don't understand why bluehole wouldn't already have a skins system on console. Seems like a good way to generate some revenue . and also let someone with a creative bone in their body design cosmetics . the skins now are just bland and fit ridiculously tight

  4. They already said the skins are a glitch. Idk why ppl care so much about skins anyway esp with the game still having issues.

  5. BlueHole is kinda busy w/ more important things like making the game playable across all the different
    console users? I could care about what we or our guns look like? Clothes only can get you ID'ed but
    it's all good/ I'd rather see a, "War/Practice Mode" that would allow us to learn how the various guns
    operate & how it looks down the barrel when we shoot? Got my 1st 6x scope, I liked it and with it
    you could go 1 gun, if you had to? peace

  6. I’ve spent over 100,000 BP on crates and I’ve got the same dumb brown skin and platinum skin. Shit is trash

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