PUBG Squad FPP Gameplay – 5 Kills Shotgun + Grenade + Scar – PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

Hill There’s still people here. It has to be. Yeah, it’s not sure that they’re exactly here though. There was a lot up by “Three in a row” & warehouse Only got knocked Yeah.. I heard him come and looked out of… (1 is on the way) Running up the stairs 2 up the stairs You got grenades? Yeah Is it this house? Now we have to be careful They are inside the house Knocked 1, throwing 1 more grenade There’s 3 people inside I threw a grenade into the wrong house Throwing another grenade. Upstairs. Maybe we should push after the grenade Got a kill There died… Yeah, I got.. 3 people died there Yeah. Fuck He’s behind the crate (He’s behind the crate) He has a friend to the left. To the left, behind the crate. 2 hits on the 1 to the left of the crate. Oh, I think he has Mk(14 EBR) Yeah, he does. Knocked 1, shot him in the legs. We got to look out to the right boys. The others are coming, at 165! 1 dude! Fuck, I thought.. Another 1! I knocked number 2. Awesome. I got the kill on the 1 by the crate Nice. The other 1 I knocked died. Deactivate your mic, Robin I saw 1 at 120 Argh, 1 knocked me He was in the shed, I mean behind the shed. I think we have 1 to the left as well, Nex. I hit the 1 by the shed once I saw him running behind the tree. Dissappeared behind the leaves. He’s far away, so that’s fine Also the zone is comine now, so he has to move away from the shed. Yeah, look out. He’s coming, Nex, between 100 and South-East. Running straight towards us, got 2 hits on him. Got him. (Awesome) Knocked the 1 by the shed. 1 left, 1 left! He’s running downwards Beautiful Nicely handled towards the end there.

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