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PUBG – PC Update #23 – Patch Notes Vlog

Hi, and welcome to our Patch Vlog for Update 23. First off, you may have noticed that patch notes are now displayed within the PUBG client. Staying updated on the most recent changes to the game should now be a lot easier. To view the patch notes, look for the new patch notes icon in the top right, between your name and the Player Care Package icon. The first big update for this patch is the introduction of a brand new 9mm pistol, the Skorpion. Since it has a full auto option and slots for a stock and grip, the Skorpion can act like an SMG without taking up one of your primary weapon slots. And best of all, it can be found on all battlegrounds, so you can rely on it as part of your main loadout. Custom games received some attention this patch, with a new mode, new features, and some quality of life adjustments. The new game mode is called Conquest, and it has been added as a War Mode option for your custom games. In Conquest, two teams of 50 players battle for control of objectives in an area of the map. Once captured, these objectives earn your team points so long as you maintain control. To win, be the first team to reach the target score or have the most points when time runs out. Friends can now be invited to custom game lobbys. And for the players who want a bit more control, we’ve added a new option that allows you to adjust the damage ratios for different areas of the body. This setting can be adjusted anywhere from 0 – 500% and you can break it down by Head, Upper Body, Lower Body, Arms, or Legs. You can even determine how these ratios affect bullets, melee, or throwables. The Training Mode Map is now officially known as Camp Jackal, and has also been added as a map option for custom War Mode games. Based on your feedback, we’ve toned down the recent visual changes to the blue zone. It should now be a lot easier to see what’s happening outside the zone, especially during certain weather conditions. Changing the reticle display on your scopes should now be a little more convenient, as Page Up and Page Down will now cycle through options in a loop instead of stopping at the end of the options. We’ve also added a small pop-up that informs players of available keyboard shortcuts. This is set to ON by default, but don’t worry, this can be turned off in the Settings menu. And finally, with Halloween approaching, a number of Halloween skins have been added to the game. Look for them in the in-game store. That’s all for this Patch Vlog. For more detailed information, and as we mentioned earlier, the full patch notes can be found within the game. Update 23 is available now, so hop in the game and check out what’s new!

100 thoughts on “PUBG – PC Update #23 – Patch Notes Vlog

  1. The self chucks in here just pretending everything is fine lol. There’s actual people who think that the game is at its best right now and are actually taking the developers side saying “ they are fixing it slowly so wait”. The game has been in full release for how long? When you lose half the player base in half a year u gotta understand that u might be doing something wrong. But no we get a gun which takes 4 headshots to kill with no helmet. And tpp in fpp. Every time they try to fix something they beak something else. Makes me wonder why they have the test servers up for anyways.
    Next item an actual dick that u can attach between ur legs to shoot piss at your enemies.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love the game. I had so much fun playing with friends but right now the game is not enjoyable at all. All my friends just left the game and I want to play with them again but how can I convince them to come back when the game is this broken.

  2. This game is dying very quickly. Even my favorite streamer has announced to quit playing this game. Sad. I love this game. But its just too broken.

  3. Hi Pubg Corp.
    pls fix the new Skins from the Pirate crate.
    This glowing bug is pretty annoying so pls do something.
    Thank you

  4. Your fucking game is not fun fakkkkkkkjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ngoceh Mak nengtod tai babi ngoc hhsahbahdd tai tai tai tai tai ayo tai tai tai ayo eudjsjha fuck tencentttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  5. Now if you dont realy like battle royale but like the pubg gun mechanichs this is like battlefield but with randomised weapons and parachuting in the map

  6. this game will make a real comeback if some things are changed im sure it will attract more players

    1.less recoil on guns, right now its really hard to control it
    2.make the maps a bit smaller
    3.add more weapon skins we can use without paying like 20$ for each
    4.add more guns like the G36c/Famas/ sniper/add some real special forces camo outfits rank is enough do we really need to rank up in 6 different modes ?.

  7. you should make a feature where people can roll and slide and where you can shoot on and underwater

    sorry for the bad english

  8. This game could be the n°1 game in the world, why don't you guys make it a free-to-play game with microtansactions (Let's be honest no one buy this game anymore) and give all the players that bought the game some skins that only those that bought the game could get it (a way to not be unfair for those that bought it), optimize the game A LOT so people with weaker Pc's can play it, try to bring back old streamers even if that means pay them to Play it, make some kind of a creative events twice a month (The community gave the ideas) and create your own market (not the steam Market, PUBG very own market) i thinks that's the only way to stop dying, think about the game, fans and community because if you guys think of us, new players and old players are coming back don't think only about the money because when a game listen the community everyone will spend money on it, PUBG don't imagine the mistake that are making if you don't turn this game into a free to play with microtransactions, we don't care about this new guns when this game every months on average is losing 50,000 players every month, we want something that avoids the game death, look at PUBG mobile, it get's a lot more players than the Pc version, why? Because tencent made it a free to play and super optimized wich make any smartphone run and they win a lot more money than the Original PUBG, you guys could learn someting with tencent instead of making this game the next H1Z1, even the community makes fun of this game

  9. Still way too many cheaters in this game, especially in TPP. It's retarded. I hope this game dies fast if they can't solve the cheating problem.

  10. PubG corporation is rolling in extra money because of the cheating retards. I think they gave the game to cheaters "on purpose", from the beginning, for the extra revenue it would generate. Evil, and stupid beyond belief. TPP NA is still crawling with stupid hacktards.

  11. why the pictures quality become so shit after this 23 update ? looks like im playing 720p instead of 1080.. even screen scale 120 not fixing int..
    make pubg better ? rofl. it become worse every time they do something

  12. I love how pubg jumped from 15M players daily to 3M players daily to 0.6M players daily in just few months. The reason? THE GAME IS BROKEN, FIX IT INSTEAD OF ADDING WEAPONS AND SKINS

  13. o jogo é incrivel, infelizmente esta infestado de hacker, a cada 10 partidas 7 delas tem algum jogador usando trapaça, eu e meus amigos estamos desistindo de jogar

  14. window 10 how to install the pubg game. thinkpad lenovo 16gb ram 1tb harddisk and i am get pubg 10 GB setup from torrent but not working please help

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