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PUBG – Patch Report – Update 4.3

Welcome back, Survivors! Today we’re going to be going over
everything new in Patch 4.3, starting with a brand new way to show off
your survival skills on the Battlegrounds – our latest feature, Survival Mastery. Much like Weapons Mastery, Survival Mastery
rewards players for what they do right, allowing you to continuously develop your skills. Not only will you now be able to track your
progression as a player, you’ll be able to review timelines of the action
in your most recent match, through the updated Last Match screen. Be sure to watch our full Survival Mastery
video to learn more. For all those “Surgeons with a shotgun
in our midst, we’re adding a new bundle of joy to
the family with the DBS. This double barreled, pump-action, bullpup style
shotgun has the ammo capacity and fire power to make short work of an enemy’s armor,
helmet and dignity. It only has a 100-meter effective range, but with the ability to attach most scopes
and 26 damage per pellet, you’ll have to keep quite the distance
in order to stay safe. Look for the DBS in care packages
across all Battlegrounds. In addition to the new baby, we’ve given
the entire Shotgun family a little tune up. You can check the patch notes for specific changes,
but each shotgun has been tweaked, to lean into their respective strengths and
balance out their weaknesses. We’re continuing to push ahead with some
improvements to our sound quality. We have made some adjustments to footstep
sound volume when further away, and applied new noises when landing on
different floor materials. Based on player feedback, we’ve also lowered
the volume of Red Zones. The clock is winding down on
Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath. Make sure to complete as many missions as
you can in these final weeks to earn all of the valuable rewards available to you. You can find more details about the DBS,
Survival Mastery, and this update’s bug fixes in the patch notes
and other PUBG videos. In the meantime, drop in, loot-up, and explore the Battlegrounds like never before.

100 thoughts on “PUBG – Patch Report – Update 4.3

  1. you should stop giving updatesssssss….your updates are full of fuxking shit….wtf have you done with sound…omfg…you bastards dont even know to maintain a game…i played this game to relax at night now you shit holes comes up with new fucking bugs in every update…i want to bant your all head with the trophy you got for best game of the year….just fcking make it stable ASAP you assholessss

  2. Y'know, Krafton. PUBG Mobile is now become nothing other than fashion show simulator. I have no idea why Tencent did this other than just for money. At first, PUBG Mobile looked fine, especially for those who either can't afford PC or being suck at playing PUBG PC which is complicated. Looks like Tencent used this as advantage, but instead trying to keep up with PUBG PC, they added s**t-ton of weapon skins, costume skins, and even vehicle skins, that absolutely have nothing to do with the game (except during seasonal event). Even more insane, they monopolized A-List movies, video games, fashion products, and EDM DJs through collaboration, which led to even more bizarre skins.

  3. So much to fix, from bugs to model and bad character animations but these updates make me excited as the game can get much better later

  4. How look how piece of shit it is All they did is made it shittier Nice fucking job blue fucking hole you perfectly fucked it up nice and pretty!
    P.S. fix it motherfuckers fix the shit !

  5. PUBG: new updates. New content. Lag and bug fixes. Gameplay additions

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    PUBGM Korea: Lag and Bug fixes.

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  7. Hello pubg team. I don't know why adding new stuff in game. First fix the game, optimize, sound, spawn the guns……….. Game to be in a mess

  8. Hey i would like to play it wtf u cant fix anything every time u do an update u fix one problem then make another incompetent devs

  9. I uave great internet and have a ping of 130….. I live on the west coast… Sucks for me… Cant fix that though….

  10. И так что добавили xbox челиков с клаво мышей патерю пакетов и также не работоюшую fpp pubg говно

  11. I don't even understand the first engagement they portrayed on sanhok, buddy shoots dude who instantly dies, but is infront of another enemy who could have shot him but chooses not to but then gets knocked by the same guy who instantly killed the guy in front of him this game does make sense they add all this stuff but what I really want is to bring my weapon through the door so I can actually peek a door without getting all fucked up I don't understand why video game companies just don't all get together and take all the best things from each game and make a super game. oh yeah greed, greed will halt civilization from truly developing

  12. That's cool and all, but NA needs to have the map selection back. I hate playing sanhok like 90% of the time. That's all the game ever gives me. This technically means that the wait time for a map I DO WANT TO PLAY IS INCREASED! COME ON

  13. Why pubg provides good outfits,gunskins only to elite players not non elite players…so it is better play call of duty…and that is the reason people s
    ay free fire is better than pubg

  14. верните звуки назад….зачем их нужно было менять..или кто то жаловался????просто верните без всяких доработок!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Gonna keep at it till you guys listen to us, need updates on anticheat software, keep us in our play areas, NA in particular. Just do what we as a community are asking you to do,, Ban the cheaters permanently, hardware bans are the only way to stop this.

  16. увольте разрабов сделайте нормальную не лагающую, НОРМАЛЬНО РЕГИСТРИРУЮЩУЮ ПОПАДАНИЯ, игру а не этот кусок ГОВНА,…. Игра хорошая

  17. Fix the audio and desync or I'm done. The worst it's been in 2 years!!! Out of my last 10 games, 9/10 I either died after a desync "brrrrraaaappppp" after I got the jump and prefired the shit out of them, with 1/15 shots reging, OR having a team SPRINT right at me over bushes and gravel and I hear them after they already start shooting!!! BRRROOOOOKEEENN!!! AUDIO IS BROKEN!!! NOT BAD, NOT A PROBLEM… IT'S FUUUUCKED. If this is the game now, I don't even want to play anymore. And for the 1,000th time, region lock China and India so the rest of the world can stop dealing with 95% of the internet's cheaters please… I'm SOOO tired of watching Kill Cams of the player clicking between the EXACT spots of every player near him and spazzing out on which one is physically closest. Amazing how a game this big has the worst cheat detection and update team… Stop putting resources into pointless cosmetics while pushing out half-baked QOL updates.

  18. bad server configuration pubg team.. so the patch was inutility.. pubg have a baad baad baad server configuration .. lag .. lag on the graphics,shooting fps . bad server.. so bad game.

  19. and we still die 2 seconds after hiding behind a wall with 1ms ping cuz of desync and how hits/missed are done clientside and not server side

  20. Thank you for fixing that stupid sound update. You should improve with updates and that is the opposite.
    Like 3 days to see the mess you did? Cmon, i am talking abbout the best game ever!!

  21. can we lower the sound of the fricken plane while getting ready to jump? I cannot ever hear my squad when we are trying to pick somewhere to land. Also the vehicles, the vehicles are super loud too it seems all of a sudden.

  22. Because instead of worrying about insignificant things, they don't care about improving the game mechanics, with these latest updates my FPS drops to 10, 18, 20 ….. when I come off the plane and try to look around to see if anyone else is with me and even during the game never played like before, very bad, not to mention the leg ….. worry about improving the structure of the game and leave the shit unimportant paw later , the game is getting worse and worse ….. unreal

  23. There needs to be adjustments for inner and outer car volume, a bike is different because there’s no sound concealment. AK reload has reported problems. Graphics could use some fixing. Character model update maybe, More realistic less cartoony? Everything else seems fine to me.

  24. I want a new big map like MIRAMAR OR ERANGEL. If you can make it bigger and add 20 more players or something. Small maps are not really for squad gaming only solo duo so most clan people want more big maps i guess.

  25. Everyone I need your help, in the forum in PUBG I propose chopper ideas, and those d*** kids don’t want any evolution they don’t want new weapons because they will lose m416 rate. And now they create a topic for not make weapons and additions in the game because they are scary to lose because of the new additions.

    I can’t do nothing without you and chopper because in this forum, minorities become majorites, pls help me, what we should do for save PUBG ?

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