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PUBG – New Weapon – DBS

Double your pleasure,
double the gun. Our latest addition to the
Battlegrounds’ cache of weapons is the double-barrel, pump-action DBS shotgun – now landing in care packages on all maps. This bullpup style shotgun can hold up to
fourteen 12-Gauge rounds, giving it all the ammo it needs to melt the armor off your enemies in huge bursts of damage. The double barrel pump action
will burn through rounds quickly, so make sure you prepare for
its long reload time. Keep it loaded and at the ready, for close quarters combat situations
you want to end quickly and efficiently. Enemies that find their way into your sights will be greeted with up to 234 damage per shot, depending on how many pellets hit, and at around 2 shots per second,
they’ll be wishing they kept their distance. While without any other attachment slots,
the DBS can accept optics below the 8x scope, but with an effective firing range
of only 100 meters, you wouldn’t get much use
out of those anyway. That sweet victory is calling your name, so be prepared for the claustrophobic combat
of the final circles by snatching up the DBS
from a care package near you. Or poach it from another player unlucky enough
to fall into your path. They probably would’ve died to the zone anyway. The DBS is on the Battlegrounds now,
so go get pumped.

95 thoughts on “PUBG – New Weapon – DBS

  1. Wow thanks that’s what we all wanted for a new gun…….. A shot gun 😒 maybe the next exciting new addition will be a sweet new melee weapon!! I mean are you trying to kill this game!! What the freakin heck man!!

  2. I miss PUBG. When it came out on Xbox we played it for a solid year, me and my 3 good friends. They got bored and annoyed with the glitchiness and lack of progress and now do not play it.
    It’s not the same on your own or with strangers. But alas, I had some good times.

  3. Please please I request you remove hackers please this game name is pubg but now this is hubg means hackers unknown battle grounds please fix

  4. شوتكن جديد واو😍

    …….مصختوها ترة 🙂

    يعني خلصت اسلحة العالم؟؟!!😒

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