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PUBG – New Feature – Flare Gun

Today we’re thrilled to announce that the
Flare Gun is finally coming to live PUBG servers! The Flare Gun was first introduced in an event game mode months ago, and since then we’ve been looking at your feedback to fine tune this game changing tool. At long last, the flare gun will be spawning
on all PUBG maps starting with this update. There have been some slight modifications to the UI and functionality, so we wanted to quickly go over what’s new. The first major change is that Flare Gun care packages can no longer be called until after the first blue circle. The gun can still be fired beforehand, so
be sure not to waste your valuable Flares. The Flare Gun UI still lets you know which
packages are available to call, but won’t appear above the minimap until you have a Flare Gun in your possession. This indicator will now also highlight which package will be called, which is still determined by your location. Flares shot inside the white circle will call
a weapon package while flares shot outside the white circle will call the armored UAZ. The UI will flash as a confirmation when you successfully fire a flare, indicating that your package is on the way. The Flare Gun Care Package icon can be seen on the map by anyone, and those in close proximity to you will receive a message that a care package has been called, so be ready for action before you fire one off. As before, the special care package will always
contain 1 crate weapon in solos and duos, and 2 during squad games, along with other highly valuable items. Flare Guns can spawn on all maps and in any location, so keep your eye out for that little red gun, and sit back while that sweet top tier loot comes to you!

34 thoughts on “PUBG – New Feature – Flare Gun

  1. Pubg read this COMMENT , sanhok has a QBZ & QBU , Vikendi only has a G36 we missing a NEW SNIPER RIFLE for Vikendi , LOOK at the LIKES we all want a new SNIPER

  2. اذا يطلع للكل وين راح ينزل الفلير راح تصير بالنعل عليه حتى اللاعبين يعوفون الدروب العادي و يجون على الفلير
    ما اعتقد انها خطوة موفقة

  3. Me: finds flare gun and shoots it inside the circle to get good items

    20 vehicles coming to the spot where i shot my flare:

  4. I’m not joking but I got 3 flare guns in the same match.
    For the people who want to know if I win or not?
    I didn’t win the duo match

  5. Gear from the flare guns aren't worth it. Although I play on mobile but I imagine you can still win a match with almost any gun if your good

  6. First time I got that flare gun I thought you shoot it at the enemy😅 then I realized you gotta shoot that on the sky to getloots 🤣

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