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[PUBG MOBILE] World Record! 200M kill with a Shotgun! (ENG SUB)

-WHAT? LMAO I got that shot!
-??? Wait what? They are going to the warehouses -One dead
-nice -They literally landed there?
-I know right.. I will Pin it again check it Ok -oh mistake
-Sound Hearing sounds nearby Wait for me -Knocked
-Nice -There’s more
-Sound checked -2nd floor right?
-Yep. -Killed the knocked one
-Okay -Sounds from behind too
-Are they in this area? ok -Building cleared
-ok I think they are in that buildin… Oh they are shooting in another place? tower Ah Ammo One low hp up the steel tower Welcome to the stream guys Welcome to the stream guys Welcome to the stream guys -LMAO
-You got them in the tower? Yeah lmao With a dub barrel shotgun??? It was epic im telling ya -Im going to report you
-Oh no lmaoooo Its so funny hahaha Is this for real? The emperor-king-god double barrel shotgun eh? Uhh aim.. OK. 1st floor They are there on the 1st floor They very low
-Gonna push it They are knocked Nice Left sounds One shot Gonna push
-Theres 2 of them They are still on the right side right? Yeah two on the right One going around on the right also one on the wall Sounds confirmed Helpp araeggfdfgdzfgdg Why die? trash gun The emperor-king-god double barrel shotgun Sounds on the right
Grenade launched to that side Oh that was my smoke Push to the left side
they inside the house ok One went outside One knocked Nice Oh a nade
-smoke oh It’s a flash They don’t know what to do I will be fighting, Heal comfortably Comfortably? ok lol
Yep, comfortably. Oh they came out Two hits
-he going up Knocked are killed Oh whaat Enemy veranda Lets heal first Theres one on the varanda That was close You keep looking at it Got em
-Ohh nice It was hard to get that lol (Talking about birthdays) (Talking about birthdays) My girlfriend was born in 1994
-So your conclusion is that you have a girlfriend? Ah..
-Ah.. ah……. The CONCLUSION is that you have a girlfriend, huh? Look at wid saying the ‘girlfriend’ part so strongly One of the viewers asked :/ OK Woah is this how it happens? Kar98 up the mountain Can’t seem to get the exact location Me neither just the sound There. One hit Knocked Cleared. Theres one there Nice Cars coming through Oh they coming this way? Nicee Wait theres one there Where?
-One up the steel tower There are really high up there Oh the zone knocked
-oh nice ok lets go This place shouldn’t be visible to them Get ready and go for the right ones first. You won’t need to worry about the front part Getting juiced One in front Wait that was wrong nice One dead 345 two of them dead Nicee This has to be on YouTube Yepyep it has too I think we need to rush the 3 story building They are there oh ok Ah we need to start Ah ah ahhhh Ohh Niceeee
You just have to go GO (Went out of spec, watching on Wids stream) how do you see athena? Im looking on your stream I have 6 smokes ah plz Oh HP I should’ve just gone there
-It should be fine even if you heal Ah alright then Please PLEASE Pleass plzzzz Oh nice
-Naisu naisu nice Two more two more Two moreTwo moreTwo moreTwo more Ah im in trouble You can do it you can do it Behind the tree Nice I think its the right tree, NW Oh there was somebody there? Oh nice GG GG

100 thoughts on “[PUBG MOBILE] World Record! 200M kill with a Shotgun! (ENG SUB)

  1. This game u played is so over extended, pliz play a bit carefully.. U act like u the only one, pliz don't think like that, we your fan feel bad.. Again, pliz play abit carefully next time.. u r a great player but u r not the only one with good reflexes and skill… there r people out there with good skill which I can even imagine.. tq

  2. alot of gamers following how you play.. even the bros.. using red dot to shoot far away.. youre an inspiration to other players..

  3. Man I am soo much similar to you.
    Cause that's how I talk when I am in the last circle and I always wanted to impress my friends like saying one in the front .building clear.tyou take the right and I kill the left e.t.c. man I am a big fan of you

  4. Athena this word seems like a lady name .. Is athena is your gf bro ?? Athena Abigail or athena Dizon ?? Hahaha Mr. Kenji

  5. I also have a youtube channel but i do not get views like this..bhai mere ytb. Channel par raid maar do. Aur video par pyaa barsaoo

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