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[PUBG MOBILE] Insane AWM Gameplay(ENG SUB)

kisil/This game is so lagging.. omg kisil/He is behind the wall. athena/The wall? kisil/Yeah, at 5 direction kisil/Not there Athena/You mean a building under the mountain?
kisil/yeah athena/I killed athena/It was really insane… athena/Did you see that? kisil/No, I didnt. lol athena/It will be youtube contents!
Let’s Say Youtube cont…. kisil/You must always prepare a smoke. athena/Crazy! It was very insane! athena/what the pok? athena/omg… kisil/What? How? athena/My place is trash…How to go to there..? kisil/I think he cant get chicken kisil/You are very dangerous athena/.My place is very trash…. athena/This is legend match ever!

72 thoughts on “[PUBG MOBILE] Insane AWM Gameplay(ENG SUB)

  1. There is no doubt these Chinese team are pro but they still use cheat to spot hard feelings guy I.e just my point of view..

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