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Pubg Kola Ganduh | Jump Cuts | English subtitles

What’s up guys? Looks like all are cheerful. Are you all ready to play? Ready Huhh…where did this fellow vanish off to? Hey, where did you go dude? You are ready right? I have been ready since I my birth Arghh!! This dude left once again! Dude why do you keep loging out yourself from the squad? Just stay in here decently man! Sorry. Some technical error. Hey Karthick. Hey Karthick. Clap your hands. Why aren’t you speaking when you can respond? he is speaking with his mike switched off, dude. Hey Karthick, unmute your mike bro! Ma!! Why do you keep sending me to shop always? Brother is idle enough that he can shop right? I ain’t going anywhere right now. What the hell dude? He seems to be having a chit-chat at his home! Leave him dude. Add someone else. Okay dude Hey Gopi! If a request is given, can’t you just accept it? Only after repeatedly requesting you ,do you come? Hey everyone, exit out of this. I want to be the one to give request to all so I can lead. Gopi stop pissing us off man Then go away dude. I’m gonna play solo match. Hey…Hey.. Hey!! That’s fine dude. Just add some other moron into the group bro! Yep. i am on it dude Has everyone come? Okay. All of you click on ready option and I will click on the start button. start Sabarish, Let me know if you have a good plan. Bro, So look- leave it bro, you continue dude, i mean- Aiy! What is your problem man? Can’t you keep quiet? What is this Ajay? ok leave it bro, you continue bro, so- Aiy! Why da? Fine you tell. Bro, so look- Aiy!! Why you doing this to us?! Is anyone even letting me to reveal my plan? Dude, the plan is..We jumping out of the plane- Hey.. Just get lost dude! People always come to us to just bother. Shove off! Okay tell. Bro, We jumping outta the plan, looting the place, killing our enemies and winning a chicken dinner DumbFuck! You know what I thought of? First sleep, then hog and after that we could loot the place! That’s not the plan dude! Whatever I said is the plan. i asked a plan to play the game, instead you are just giving instructions on how to play man! hey!! H-E-Y!! I’m gonna kill you today man! Hey Female Avatar! Hey girl! Why you all going behind her, you guys? Don’t run behind Anything.
Get past that thing and succeed. Everything else shall come behind you Hey, Prem Hey! What dude? Where you dude? I have collected all the loot and now settled down peacefully. Except the level 3 bag, I have none. Pass me some loot if you have man. Don’t visit the houses that I go to. Go collect your loot somewhere else man! Hey you are the one tagging along with me to all the houses that I go to.
Don’t visit the houses that I go to. Go collect your loot somewhere else man! Hey you are the one tagging along with me to all the houses that I go to. I’m upstairs. Just climb up the house! Fine, I shall come. Hey Prem? Why you sitting there like a fool? Give me some loot. Sitting eh? I’m standing here Huh..You are standing?! Okay, which house are you in? Blue building right? I’m in the yellow house man! Dude you got into the wrong building! Then who is infront of me? Enemies dude!! Enemy eh?.. Yeah.. That’s a heavy loot!! Before anyone comes, I should take them all ah !!!, When did you came man?! I looted everything but there is no gun dude. Come. Let’s get into that building and search for some guns. If I go along with him, He will end up looting away all. I better go this side There is so much of loot in here. It’s better i take away everything Huhhh..what is this? I looted all but none I have on me Hey why you do this to me man? Hahaha! How is that?! crap!! Damn! Who the hell orphaned this 5mm bullets out here? That’s fine. Let’s take it. Hey, Sabarish! Oh hell! Looting away everywhere has taken you away young man! You didn’t even have a single kill, man! Rather than running around to gather the loot, you have made it easier for me by stacking them all up on you. Loafer Fellow! let me take it all dude!! Hey..Hey..Hey!! It’s me, dude. Damn I wasted my bullet. What do you want dude? I kinda looted every nook and corner but I have no gun to shoot. Do you have any guns? Gun eh? I just have a pistol with which I’m hiding and you have come up here, asking for a gun. Go search dude! Ahh there are enemies that side. Let’s go this side. Huh..enemy eh? Hey anyone has a gun out there? Do you have any 9mm bullets? I don’t even have a gun dude! Fine do you have atleast 5mm bullets? Hey I said I don’t have a gun dude!! If you have an extra, lend me one man! Do you understand what I’m saying? Dude do YOU apprehend what I need?! Hey I’m struggling with just one gun in my hand. Bug off dude! Dude.. Then what about me..? Someone lend me a gun out there … Hey Gopi, heard that you’re begging everyone for a gun. Yes dude. Here. Take. I shall give you. Give! [Mocking him] I’m already pissed off that I don’t have a gun and you don’t end up adding more fuel to it! Fine. There is just one enemy out there. All are team players are dead. But how are you still alive? No matter how hard I get hurt, I have everything including medi kits and energy drinks to heal
But how are you still alive? No matter how hard I get hurt, I have everything including medi kits and energy drinks to heal but I have no gun to shoot anyone.
No matter how hard I get hurt, I have everything including medi kits and energy drinks to heal but I have no gun to shoot anyone. Give me if you have an extra one man. Fine. I’ll give you. I haven’t shot anyone and I won the chicken dinner. Damn Hell! Fine. Who cares. Let’s enjoy Oh my ! There is flashy red car standing out there! Boys, I’ve spotted a car. Join me and I shall drive you to the safest place in Sanhok! You can always count on a Pro Player! Come on! What are all doing? Look like no one noticed me. Let’s just get in the car first. Hey it’s been 10 min since I got into the car. Come fast you all! Aiy why did you get inside the car first man? Aiy get in you guys! This car is so good man.. Shall we leave guys? -ok One minute bro. I’ll just have a quick drink. Don’t take off. Dude. What did I tell you? I said I’ll drink first before we leave right Sorry. Drink man. Dude you are doing all this on purpose right? Hey I thought you finished your drink man. Aiy what’s your problem man? Is the problem me drinking? Arghh!! Now go! I won’t drink.
Aiy what’s your problem man? Is the problem me drinking? Arghh!! Now go! I won’t drink. I’ll take care of you if you don’t drive properly! Aiy you don’t talk about my driving skills. You know my name right? Car Carmegam Who the hell planted this tree on the driveway here?! Everyone turns deaf when they are asked to grow trees in the real world but instead they plan to plant them here! Dumbs!! Hey you crashed onto this tree but here you stand and plan to give lectures? How did you crash right between the two trees man? Boasting about your tag; Car Carmegan and now what happened? Bro, That’s fire! Run. Run. Run. Oh God! That’s fire! Drove so swiftly to just crash down here and he calls himself Carmegan. Jerk! Looks like there is a tiny space inbetween. Guess we can take a reverse with car. Helmet!.. 7mm…. ,9mm… Medikit.. Super! Next Loot.. Thank god! Collected all the loot. Guys…Looks like the zone has approached. Everyone be safe. Dude, we got out of that zone long ago. It’s only you who is still there looting around. Oh God! The Blue zone has covered me! Not sure on what to do right now. Dude the zone has coverd me completely. Also I’m on the terrace of a 3 storeyed building. Please come and help me guys.. We are in a different zone and you are in a completely different zone bro We can’t come all the way there to help you. It’s difficult. Hey I might die before I reach downstairs Now that’s a heavy hunt! Who the hell killed him? Hey Ajay, How was that? Jerk! Snatched my hunt and look at his reaction! Some dumbhead thinks he is hiding and is visible so clearly. Aiy Karthi! Why you doing this way man? Finally! Looks like I’m gonna get a good score here. Aiy! Who the dash is confiscating my hunt?!! Faggot!! It’s him bro!! He is the one who didn’t let me also kill anyone I’m gonna finish him off first! Hey he is Kar98_Karthi. Rank 1 over achiever. He doesn’t give a damn about any guns except Kar98. Apart from that, he plays only through pro moments. He is a pro player Yeah, even I’m a pro player. [clicks tongue] -Fine, let’s go that side. Aiy, believe me, you guys. The drop is at North 35 Bro there seems to be no enemies out here. Yes bro. Hey I saw the enemy! Stop the car! Stop I say. Aiy I din’t even halt man! Dude, what’s this all about? I jumped and it’s gone to the reviving state. Do you think jumping from a running car will get you a reward instead of the revive? Crawl towards me. I shall revive you Help me you guys! Not sure on what to do. Hey don’t go there to help him. There are enemies all around here. I’ll take you to the safest place. Let’s go. Where you going man? Safest place, safest place Are you still driving towards the safest place? yes man If Kar98_Karthik says, then it’s absolutely right. No dude, zone is this side and he is taking us to the other side. What are you telling man? Yes dude. Okay. Go. Go. This is the safest place. No one would shoot you if you get down here. Oh Awesome dude. Hey Karthi. Where you dude? I have settled down in the safest place man. Hey, I tracked you with the scope Karthi, people are shooting a lot here. You are safe right. I’ll come to you hey,i am right here. here means where? Right here man. How can I come there if you are generic?! say the direction Direction Don’t play dude! Okay , go left. This left? Dude , to my left. I don’t even know where you are? How the hell will I know your left?! Fine behind me there is a tree, can you see it? There would grass under you right? Yes. Yes. Hey there are trees and grass everywhere out here, tell me correctly. Okay leave that. There is an enemy coming towards you. Towards me? Okay tell me which direction he is heading at. I’ll kill him. Fine. It’s my right side. Dammit! I don’t want anything! Someone revive me you guys!! Oh God! Sabarish is here. He will piss me more. Let’s just ask for help. Sabarish, revive me dude! This guy is one big headache. Aiy come man. Hey why do you loot everything and get wounded always? They shot me dude. Hey I asked you for Netflix password on whatsapp the other day. Did you give me? Get lost. I won’t revive you. Fine. Note it down dude. It’s Kar98Karthi. Fine okay. I’ll spare you. Hey you poked me inspite of me saying Nickal [90’s kids game]. get lost .i wont revive you Dude. Hit me later if you want! But now revive me sabarish. Fine then I’ll poke you later. thanks dude Hey did you buy crackers for Diwali ? no yet dude
Hey did you buy crackers for Diwali ? no yet dude Don’t lie. I saw you and you dad grabbing all of them from the shop Fine dude. I’ll give you the 10,000 wala Sure right? -yeah Thanks dude. I thought you might take revenge for the past by not reviving me Just when you said the past, I was reminded of our school. The girls whom you were talking to are your friends or your lovers? Dude don’t miss me piss me any more Sabarish! Revive me dude. You tell me only then I shall revive you. I’m working as a boy bestie for those two girls dude What do you mean by working as a boy bestie? There are so many jobs in our country that you can take up and you of all take the role of a boy bestie as a work?! Fine. let me do some work for you Why did you drop the grenade here and leaving man? I never dropped the grenade. I threw them at you. B-O-O-M RIP Boy Bestie. Hey Prem. I don’t have single loot with me. Give me some if you have any. Loot eh? I don’t even have boots to wear here. I have to get inside that house to loot some for myself Fine go. I’ll ask Ajay Give me some energy drink if you have Ajay. Dude. I’ll need them Hey you have a full life. Then why do you need? Dude….You know I’m am a hardcore drinker ,right? Move ahead. I just have a pistol and probably one or two loots with me. If you guys have any, could you lend me some? I would give you my heart as a whole if you’d asked. Wouldn’t I give you this loot? Take it. I’m dropping the painkiller..7mm… 45 cal… Do you want this gun? No. You have it. Okay. I’ll watch out for enemies through the scope and you concentrate in the game. okay fine He gave you so many things but not energy drink, that’s why I bought this for you. Take it. Thanks Do you want anything else? I have stopped my drinking habit for you. If you want anything else, ask me. no problem, just ask me oof, thinks he won’t let me go Inspite of her being an enemy, you guys are dropping all the loot for her. If you want anything else, I shall give you. I’ll take care of you guys in the next game. There goes the traitors! Hey Sabarish, you saw that right?
There goes the traitors! Hey Sabarish, you saw that right? You??! Why the hell are you playing so terribly in the female avatar? Forget that. You saw the amount of loot I caught right?
You??! Why the hell are you playing so terribly in the female avatar? Forget that. You saw the amount of loot I caught right? And above all what’s there to be ashamed of to play in a female avatar? You are right. If you have any loot, give me some girl. sorry, give dude Fine. Take this. He is giving away to me ? Moron! There are lots of enemy squads in the north-east guys Don’t shoot unnecessarily and show them our spot, Karthi! don’t worry dude Hey what’s going on in here.
don’t worry dude Hey what’s going on in here. Enemies have surrounded us dude. Enemies right? I’ll take care of them.
Enemies have surrounded us dude. Enemies right? I’ll take care of them. Dude.. Dude!! If you go there, you will definitely go to the reviving mode! No amount of soap will kill that 1% of germ. Have you seen it? no. Have a nice look, it is me
no. Have a nice look, it is me Arghh…They pulled me down to revive mode dude. Hey Sabarish, come here if you are a true friend. You said you would die for friendship. Is this what it is? I’m going out there man. Hey-Hey Where you off to man? There is already one guy who is in revive mode, do you wanna join him? If a friend is in trouble, you shouldn’t think about giving away your life even if it is in the game as well. Don’t dude…. They shot me as well dude!! what the hell dude Fine. Let’s call our Karthi too. He is anyways idle Hey Karthi! Come here if you are a true Pro Player and a true best friend! Damn! They shot him as well dude. Fine. What shall we do about Prem? He will die on his own Yeah that’s right.
He will die on his own Yeah that’s right. Oh god! i am out off Ammo. Even you too , man! Dammit!! Where is Ajay dude? No idea man! First call him here. Hey Ajay?? Damn! Ammos are over! Aiy Ajay, What are you doing there man? I’m writing my name down here. By the time I could write my initial, the ammos are all gone dude! OH Hell!! Do you have atleast some bombs with you? I have only one bomb with me man! Take that and come here quickly! Yes, coming. Come fast man. God. ok dude let me revive you guys? Fine. What should we do now? Aiy the opponent is really strong. You gotta throw that only bomb which you have at him. When should I throw? When he reloads, I’ll let you know. That’s when you gotta throw it at him!
He will die and that’s it! We would win the chicken dinner! Fine man! I shall keep the boom all set to throw it at him. You just tell me when I should. T-H-R-O-W N-O-W!! What a dumbhead he is? He is throwing the loot at us! It’s not a loot man! It’s the trap that we laid for ourselves!! –

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  6. I don't know pubg and I hate that game actually but you guys did a great job I laughed and enjoyed like anything. Ajay as usual awesome.

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