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PUBG: DUO with AWM for the first time.

Shit I cannot reach the roof So shit sia! Hit the roof, better than ??? No idea what I was saying Here got time 4 Here alot of weapons le I have compensators I have Oh u have already ah? have have I will take first Go Shelter, you want to shoot them or what? you want to You want to go shelter meh? err Think We go here first x2 Okay la Oh u only got shotgun right? Yeah, i got shotgun Shotgun and one pistol We we find somemore You You got take the Uzi or not? Never ah? Nope never take eee, you fucked up you Too much wiShit I Heard gunshot Behind But not talking with the ??? …. ah? Really ah? U got bandages or not? Have I have I only got shotgun and pistol oi oi oi airplane sia Butterfly Want to fly? DOWN DOWN DOWN! His plead for help Here might have car That time I land here, got car Got car ah Err , That one totally random sia totally random But now we are on the road leh Might have vehicle Yea, everyone can see them alive HEY! Fuck! GOGOGO. HERE! EH!? QUICK QUICK QUICK! I cover you x2 How come never see crate drop? I don’t know Go take Take and run! x3 Quick x3 Enemy coming already! Got him! Hide behind the trees! Argh Run to the inside I forgot take the military vest leh What’s the weapon? What’s the weapon? er, AWM Huh? AWM err I give you the time 8 scope Alright! ??? check again ah Whoa, awm, OMG Got silencer or not? Nope, no silencer Where’s the enemy? He’s on top of the hill just now I think he zao already zao already huh? you should take the guy in front u killed the guy right? you killed the guy right? ya-ya Enemy in front 70 I saw him Wait for his teammate 30 direction yah I saw him Don’t shoot the helm Wahlao , AWM sia Feeling confidence Game changer I go for his teammate U go to the far end teammate Waa, stress sia Hey, i got suppressor for SR (Sniper rifle) I take for you first. Whoa, game-changer lehhh Omg i have no weapon Can call you legend already sia! Hmph Not yet Shiok man! i got x4 already Got some AR (assault rifle) attachment if you need. No If you need You got extra scope? My my SKS no scope Here only got red dot sight Thank you thank you You go the other one One SR Then find something Hide hide Your AWM got how many clips? 14 right? Your AWM got how many bullet? 14 right? ya 14 correct Got people 125 Behind the trees Yah i saw him already He’s move too fast Go behind cover first Later his teammate will flash Only shoot from the side Don’t shoot until u can hit first Okay he’s hiding away I saw saw already WHOA!!! Wait for his teammate Where is he,eh? His teammate is behind the tree Behind trees Heal you go defend Cannot he’s hiding on the rock, I cannot see him Where is he ah? Gogogo Kill him! Behind the tree I don’t know. I don’t know. I can’t see jack shit I am getting shot I get shot He’s hiding in the original trees Go up go up,You go up to the second floor I shoot from 1st floor I.. bandages So that you can have the advantage I cannot see 95 80s direction you want to fight or not? AWM- Game changer and kill 2 people lehh I forever legend sia hah In front So they should be coming nearby right? They very anxious ah? u Want to go somewhere else, like the middle? I see other side maybe got people AH, enemy sighted Hey don’t WHOA! OMG! Mark the location I think around here Be careful ah he don’t have his teammate right? Yah 3 people No teammate right? he died already I look right, you look left very dangerous, run in the open Fk fk fk Where’s da enemy? I don’t know I think he shoot from 95. Come here. Come to me You go behind the trees Oh shit, I am dying already Take my gun , my awm He’s coming from the left x2, he’s not not from the front.

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