100 thoughts on “Prototype Gustloff 206 Rifle

  1. It's probably a good thing I cant afford these rifles, I'd shoot that all the time and probably end up breaking some irreplaceable part. And on a side note this thing seems really crude, especially by German standards.

  2. I will need to watch this again to get my head around it. It's certainly a bit odd to be honest.

    No chance you got an idea of total number made? If this is number thirteen, surely we;re well beyond basic prototype and into production testing and military trials?

  3. Could this rifle have originally been made without wood on the stock? The shape of the metal piece inside makes that seem possible. Maybe someone was worried about a soldier's cheek getting frozen to a metal stock in cold weather.

  4. this is a perfect demo of why certain weapons don't get adopted by their militaries, just going off the basic disassembly it would be near impossible to fix and or service this in the field.

  5. it does look to be a rather crude stamped steel rifle and if you were to make your best guess why was it rejected? perhaps because it was not designed for the short 8 mm round and it was not select fire? also why on earth that hollow butt stock with corrugated sheet steel liner? how does that make any sense?

  6. Flimsy and torturously over-complicated, especially when compared to the sleek, elegant action of the FG-42. Probably good enough for a turn-of-the-century hunting rifle, but definitely not for the military.

  7. so in theory you could put a standard mg-18 magazine on that thing, making it the highest capacity semi-auto rifle of its time.

  8. My grandparents were directly affected by the Nazis and I think that even though the Nazis did horrific things, the flag and swastika should not be censored because it is part of history. We should not censor history thus I don't think people should be censoring the swastika. Just my opinion. If people want to be offended by parts of history, let them be offended because we should not hide or deny history just because someone feels offended. The only reason we should ever censor something is if it is advocating violence or hate towards others and this video does not advocate either of those so I think the flag should be able to be displayed on the thumbnail of this video.

    “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”
    -Winston Churchill

    Great video none the less. I really enjoy these videos

  9. The trigger, in my oppinion, really show how progressive the trial and error process was on the fabrication of the gun.

  10. Holy crap! Its like the most stereotypical, generic gun I've ever seen! Its like someone was told "make a gun that can't be readily identified so we can avoid copyright issues but is still super generic" and this was the result.

  11. You shouldn't have blurred out the swastika in the thumbnail. As a fellow history buff, I believe that history should be represented as accurately as possible so that future society can remember the mistakes that we and our ancestors made. Just my unrequested opinion.
    Update: Shit, I just saw your video addressing this. It restored and extended my faith in you as an honest consumer of history. Keep up the great work!

  12. Nazi bureaucracy is the same as war. At any given time there might be 7-10 different groups fighting over the control over a single project or unit.

  13. hmm. from back it looks like ak. i'd say so. just change handle and magazine size and you got yourself long barreled ak 😀 really like it

  14. You were right not to censor it in the first place! people getting upset are snowflake regressive leftist SJW idiots. Theyre whats wrong with the world today. so what if youre offended. get over it. and its just a flag! jesus… if anything we should be competely honest about our history and not sweep it under the rug.

  15. I love this channel and I'll continue to watch it censored or not. YouTube is responsible for the censorship, it's a huge mistake and they will figure it out sooner or later. The fact is that we live in a country that prides itself on people being able to say and show what they want but youtube is a private company and they can do what they want. Denial doesn't erase history and if we bury our heads in the sand then past events will just repeat themselves. I saw some college kids the other day and they were calling trump a nazi but they were also a socialist group haha what a terrific irony. We need to keep past events fresh in our minds because the youth today has no idea what they are talking about and part of the reason is nobody talks about it because people are too sensitive. History is full of horrible people and horrible organizations but the important thing is ( in the case off ww2) the good guys won….. well communist Russia wasn't exactly good but that's a whole other comment for another day. Forgotten weapons rocks keep doing your thing bud!!

  16. A brass punch? No. Just NO. Every fiber of my mechanically trained body screams out "stop you fool!" when you say that. The proper tool to use would be a mallet with a good drift, wood, fiber or high-density plastic. Zero marring with a good deal of force being applied. If that didn't do the trick, a couple of drops of Mouse Milk and half an hour will unstick all but the most stubborn of parts. As this is a historical piece, you would probably want to go over it with acetone or something before giving it a proper oiling.

  17. The bolt hold open reminds me of the SKS. It's just a little tab that's pushed up by the mag body. You can also push it up yourself with the mag out because it's not spring loaded, just gravity or the mag body holding it one way or the other.

  18. U ever hold a metal Rifle during winter that's why they put wood on there .so ur not holding a block of frozen metal.

  19. The funny thing is that you anti-PC people get hot and bothered FAR MORE than the PC people you claim to dislike.

    Grow up. Obviously he doesn't want the video to get reported to youtube, stop looking for stuff to get upset about.

  20. 5:32 i think it means "frei" and "Schüss" since that would be german instead of english on a german rifle wich seems more logical.

  21. I would hazard to guess the reason the internal metal part of the stock is cut was to make it fit in a smaller package when some GI sent it home, as for the hole in the back of the receiver I bet it was so you could clean the barrel from the chamber end and the piece on the trigger group was a plug to keep most of the dirt out.

  22. This gun looks like a gun that should've seen actual use. It looks better than the G43 and likely also functions better. I wish I could get my hands on one as easily, that's for sure.

  23. It was probably a good thing that Axis logistics was terrible. The war could have lasted much longer if they had their procurement process less… chaotic. Yeah. Let's go with chaotic.

  24. Is it possible that metal stock was just cut like a duffel cut? Perhaps it was one piece and the wood just covered over it like the hand guard?

  25. Also – someone else mentioned the stampings on the back edge of the bolt; looks like – Fed St I – or similar. Any ideas?

  26. It has a short stock with a sling cutout for walking fire like our BAR. That’s the German version of our BAR.

  27. I know it's late on my post dont know if you're going to see this but anyway I'm not a expert just someone who really enjoys your videos. It looks like the hole in the back of the receiver is a cleaning rod access point instead of being a take-down detent. If It was ment to hinge open you would have to remove the front take-down pin to remove the op-rod/metal handguard which would defeat the point of it to hinge open. Awsome content i watch all your videos best channel in my opinion.

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