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Proposed Law To Allow Concealed Firearms During Riots

the republican lawmakers in Florida of
course in conjunction with the NRA wanna make
it okay for people to carry concealed firearms without a permit during riots
and other emergencies lower called goal wrong Kenya yet think
something my house bill 2009 I’ll just tell a two-year will allow people with clean criminal
backgrounds to carry concealed firearms during emergencies declared by the governor or local officials this
would include natural disasters riots and civil unrest and basically
they’re saying this will allow people to protect themselves of all hell is
breaking loose you can start shooting your neighbor cuz you never know if he’s gonna come
get you I sorta think they’re trying to do something
well-intentioned and of course it makes no sense so the so what are the biggest problem
this bill is that I is not as a governor the King
declared an emergency it’s your local official right sorrow that means is it so I
parents like your eye with Meher yeah meets yes so I don’t know I mean
why are people so intent on getting guns without permits I mean he if you’re responsible gun owner I
presume they wanna got permit and don t want other gun owners to be
responsible me I get their argument that all the criminals are getting permits
but you know what the more people we have permits the
better it is cuz usable should have got that they have the gunmen to issue or where criminal
back back or whatever may be so why aren’t they in favor of getting permits I quit this
to law enforcement who don’t get warrants they wanted his do ship okay now you
know when you do you get permission to go you go through the proper protocol and
that’s the best way to ensure safety for the maximum number of people of course in some instances is better to
just take a shortcut and grab that gone or make that arrested
at the Warner whatever maybe I get that but you know we should have proper protocols
in place for the maximum safety for the max
number people right absolutely this steams to me that they’re trying to
address a problem that doesn’t exist I think what they’re trying to say is that if there was some sort a massive
flooding in you literally had to protect your house because it was the one thing
on high ground and people were coming and somehow you
couldn’t get to where your license was for the gun that you could still have you gone now
in arms picking obviously somewhat insane worked well ever had a permit with you to have a gun necessarily me if you’re
permitted person I’m she got the gun to hear that you don’t need to have a
permit or I can just conceal carry where all over the place without being permit was linked to the question
is why do they want those people to have guns during an emerging on the this is because a the gun lobby wants
people who aren’t that interested in carrying a gun owner the times 21 be
afraid that a what if there’s a catastrophe and people start looting my house maybe
then on the that I’m against guns but maybe you know what
they just scared the shit outta me about some to catastrophe or Ryan so maybe I will go get a gun
just for those K so it’s all about getting more guns they
are that exact because sheriffs are against this the police a people good the sheriff says are to
allow people to go into a riot while concealing a gun without a permit is the definition of insane yeah and
sold this is about safety this is about this
is again our politicians II rooms every store we do comes down to money in
politics and the failure in Fort the state and this is money in politics these
people are bought and paid for they killed 25-year-old in a school and they couldn’t pass a bill and into
restrained gun purchases and that was supported by
ninety percent of the public so again there responsive to the donors are not
responsive to the people and when you said that maybe the sound not this is
total bullshit the they these are not legislators
trying to legislate in the interest of their up their
constituent for something I’m it allegedly in the interest of their don’t
yeah I’ve been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt when I read the
stories I’m always trying to think you know about well I guess that would be the most
people couldn’t really be as bad as this all sounds course they are these people
like all they are you kidding me then they’re
in bed with the gun lobby they don’t care me most politicians are not narcissistic megalomaniac main there take a look at them i mean they
don’t give a shit they get caught with wars in diapers they don’t resign I
don’t give up they don’t care what they’re doing right
hand so yet they’re all literally after they’ve gotten vote the
way they couldn’t pass after Sandy Hook I mean after a new Tom
yeah that was that’s all you needed to know
that hey we need to change government right now and nobody said
anything Brock Obama is kinda yelled that there were but legislators even yell at the system that created
because he’s parted that system that great and he doesn’t want to get
rid of that system either because he’s in bed with those guys my rights the head you have the right
timing there’s not much more to say the gun lobby is too strong and it’s sad
that so many Americans who want to have guns had been duped
into believing that any gun regulation whatsoever no matter
how sense what is is somehow gonna result in them King
getting the guys take me by the government that’s not the case I am is just the gun lobby want to sell
next term got yet and they don’t care at what cost ya day
after Newtown they’re pushing for everything a teacher in America to be
armed with gone yet which is crazy because yes Tennessee actually move legislation
armand 30 dead let their teachers use guns in the classroom and I’ll they haven’t even left the
teachers use books in the classroom yeah 10 Afghan it’s amazing because I you
know we have I free how many thousands of teachers we
have in this country but to arm them all with guns will cost several
billion dollars all know how can be numbers that we’re doing our vector gun
sales that’s great that’s great right and then it if
there’s a crazy deranged teacher or a negligent did you leave the gun
laying around someone else got that she said than the answers while on the student
should have guns dob although of us other janitors should
have guns although the administrator shotguns and more guns because more safety which is again not
true I it’s not true yeah an you know I just want people who
are good smart gun owners to really kinda take control of this issue and beat back
the crazies that that kinda paint this terrible our
picture for gun owner for gun ownership because you know you I
think you can responsibly and legally own guns Inouye that doesn’t infringe on anyone’s
liberties but it doesn’t mean more guns were everyone with no permit no background
check nothing about skimmed everyone kids grand grandparents
mentally deranged people people know no fly need perilous give more guns and
that’s crazy talk yeah how culpable you guys think the
right-wing media isn’t just ginning up fear government now we talk about your
government all the time but we’re not promoting the idea of
getting bigger weapons to defeat the government but I think a lot
of people do think they’re gonna need to form a well a so
called a well-formed militia to take recovery back I do think there
is it huge chunk America and it is the NRA that
group the people that believe they’re gonna have to
overthrow the government one day we’re trying to change the government from the
inside doing things with Wolf Pack and money in politics and they think
that they’re going to actually literally protect themselves with weapons well to your first point about are a
question about how much is the right wing media comparable for this I mean I don’t ninety percent
I’m against Armenia all media sensation all especially now when its corporate
they don’t care this one clicks on the internet and they just want views on TV so I think but a course yes
there they’re all about ginning up up fear the
government in how many stories about seen you know where that all Brock
Obama’s gonna bring in the blue hats and he’s gonna bring in the book which means
the UN it is like so there’s all kinds it gets there it’s
all about fear-mongering of course it’s about being made to be afraid Obama
taken over he’s an imperial present rush limbaugh
refers to it as the regime your you know so of course it’s all
about the speared fear fear fear and that’s why I think is
the defining characteristic up a true cat got conservative is there attachment to the reptilian
brain and beer Center which informs all their politics and
decisions s it’s interesting %uh psychology because
their coupling the fear with this false sense of safety that if
we have you break whole budget guns but you’re safe from all these things
ever gonna tackle you get emergency help but I i wanna ask the gun owners this
question okay let’s say you have all the guns won’t get the guns do you really want or trust all the people in your city good how are
your street right to all have guns you know the crazy guy
on your block you want him to have a gun you want him to be able to run ranking
neighbor Denis Leary I think that they have all those guns to because I know you think he can defend
yourself you know if your invaded or whatever but
many you can but the crazy people and they all have guns
the matter should you are walking the street sure your wiper to your kid our so I think people need to really
kinda I’ll figure out that yes individually if I have a gun that’s a good thing I
suppose but we all have a gun collectively we all lose because they’re
too many crazies to protect yourself against yeah to me this is so where we have such
common ground with the people that were arguing with all the time because we both don’t want government to
be that big an intrusive and their weird we’re just trying to
tack to tactically deal with it in different ways well you like that they do have a point
where they say like during emergencies you should be able to carry a gun
without a permit because I could say during Creek Katrina
pure cotton Katrina and you had and a Glock you could have
shot the hurricane happy I

100 thoughts on “Proposed Law To Allow Concealed Firearms During Riots

  1. Am I the only one that doesn't see any problem in letting law abiding citizens carry around concealed firearms? It's the criminals with guns that I am worried about, not my fellow law abiding citizens.

  2. How many of you actually have the grand in extra cash to legally get into the gun game? (Weapon, ammo, paperwork, fees, taxes etc)
    They got you again.

  3. In an emergency situation, like a riot, it does not matter what the law says because there will be plenty of people with `concealed` weapons. 

  4. From what i can gather it would grant people without a concealed carry permit a temporary one encase of emergency where theyre forced to leave their home.

  5. Please pas this Law, the have a riot and see if it's like the middle of Bagdad 2006….police in tanks…drones…Awesome!

  6. The words "law abiding citizen" always scares me a bit. Especially in a country where all it takes is one second of apathy or rage and suddenly it is legal to fire into a car full of unarmed teenagers just because they were playing loud music.

  7. "To allow people to go into a riot while concealing a gun without a permit is the definition of insanity," Vaas would disagree, that that's the definition of insanity.

  8. This is why you guys slow progress down, because you can't really understand how fucking destructive racism is! You need to see it and be all awed and shit!!! You'll never fight on the front lines, you'll be too busy pretending that you didn't realize there was a Secret Race War against us!

  9. I'm for guns, if those who get guns are people who've been through a series of stressful tests where they have to make good choices which involves, in most cases, not gun first and ask questions later. If these requirements are met I'm totally for these individuals getting guns.

  10. I like a lot of tyt videos but there stance on gun control is ridiculous use you head look at Mexico vs Switzerland or just look at what is happening in Chicago

  11. The conservative trade-off seems to be a gun in every chicken pot while the 1% percent controls the economy (tu8t

  12. There is so much fear spread. Out of fear people are buying guns because they don't want to be the only ones without one.
    Fear works, just ask Fox News.

  13. Look at these assholes patting each other on the back. "I try to give them the benefit of the doubt" "Because you're liberal" "Yeah, that's probably why. Look at how open minded we are"

  14. You guys are idiots!!! You have no problem with People carrying a gun in a riot you just want to make sure everyone has a piece of paper from the government before they carry a gun in the riot.

  15. Think about it. There's a world disaster, or even a local disaster (several states). You NEED to go out in the rioting to get food, water and medicine for your family. There is KNOWN rioting going on yet you MUST go out for supplies. Do you honestly think the average gun owner is going to look at his gun safe and say "naaa, why would I need that?"


    "Oh, I'd love to take that gun I own to protect myself but rules are rules. I'll just risk my life trying to retrieve food for my family without any chance of defense.Yeah, that's the best choice in a riot. Bye Honey. It was nice knowing you. Remember me fondly. I hope they find my body eventually"

    I think I'd rather put bullets in my gun, slide it in my waste band and go out and get what I need knowing I can defend myself from those who would take everything from me and my family. After all, THAT is what rioters do…

  16. Interesting how alot of progressives wants to change the constitution from protecting individual right s to collective rights-typical view of a progressive. In their worldview the value of individual, it is always what's best for the collective rather than the individual. The value of the individual is eliminated for the value of the collective. The individual is only here to serve the collective and based on this view, the only value if the individual is what it brings to the collective.

  17. Can someone explain to me why firearms have to be concealed?

    If having a gun is so american then why is it so bad for everyone to see that you got a gun?

    A weapon is only ever concealed when you have intent to use it without drawing attention to yourself before the initial attack.

  18. 2nd amendment is what is was designed  to be, an individual/natural/god given right, Not a collective or goverment granted privilege that leftists always lie about. The left knows the 2nd amendment is fully a right of the people (which is one of many reasons why the left hates the 2nd amendment, the left hates that people having right s and freedoms).

  19. Hey TYT, nice way to show your ignorance and what you were taught in the pro goverment public schools. you need to do yourself a favor and read a little history and use the brain that god gave you.

  20. NRA= "the solution to gun violence is to have more guns! It has nothing to do with the fact that we want more customers so we get more money, or that we bribe republican politicians to pass laws to make guns less regulated… we care about the American citizens…Please watch FOX news so you can believe us since they provide only speculations and never facts"

  21. I still don't understand why people want to have guns. What's the point? How is it going to be useful in your day to day life?

  22. "More guns = more safety, which is just not true."
    Wow, you're fucking dumb, stupid Asian. 
    Just because someone has a gun doesn't mean they're going to do something violent with it for the sole fact that they have a gun. The ones that would do something violent would do it regardless if they have a gun or not.
    At least if people were armed, they could shoot that psycho instead of hiding in a corner because no one is allowed to have a gun so they have no choice but to let that guy shoot 20 more people.

  23. Sooo if there is a "riot" in Florida, assume that everyone is having at least one gun, women and children included.
    So, to make things safe, i just shoot all them down with my AK-47, because i needed to stand my ground.

  24. I agree that America's MASSIVE problem with Our government and the current accepted economic system should be dealt with peacefully.

  25. I would suggest that the idiots posting here (and the guys at TYT) actually read the damned bill. All this bill does is says that when a person (who is in LAWFUL possession of a firearm) is in the ACT OF EVACUATING AN AREA (pursuant to a mandatory evacuation order given by the government), he may now conceal his weapon. It does NOT allow for unlicensed concealed carry under any other circumstances other than when you are being forced to evacuate by the government –  which makes sense if you think about it. Before this bill, if you had to evacuate an area, and you put your kids in the car and your rifle in the trunk to keep it safely away from them, you'd be committing a felony if you didn't have a concealed carry license. I have to question why TYT has so mis-characterized this bill.

  26. So, 'people with clean criminal backgrounds' can carry concealed firearms with riots, but didn't the NRA reject background checks…?

  27. I get during Emergencies that's basically what a gun is for it for an emergency. The gun issue is more complex than it seems. One side wants no guns at all the other side want everyone to have a gun. And honestly those are both worn choices. It's somewhere in the middle where normal law abiding citizens should be able to buy as much guns as they want. And not the violent criminals or mentally unstable people. The only problem this would a harder system to set up than all gun or nun.

  28. Yesterday, the BLM stood down and left the escalating crisis in Nevada after thousands of protesters and militia from all across the country showed up to stand with Cliven Bundy and his family who has homesteaded his land for over 100 years.

    Corporations turned to the federal government to repossess the land for them, and used the BLM to enforce an illegal court order.

    Now… all you 2nd Amendment haters out there need to ask yourself a question. Would the BLM have stood down if the protesters and militia were not armed?

    This situation was resolved peacefully, even with thousands of armed "gun nuts" on site defending a man they don't even know, for an idea of liberty they have lived with in their hearts all of their life.

    This is precisely what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the 2nd.

    Shouldn't need to convince TYT people that corporations have bought all branches of the federal government by now. Let this set an example that the government and their law enforcement are not infallible and cannot be trusted to maintain a monopoly on the use of force.

  29. Well this is the reason why I acquired a gun. In a natural disaster you Americans act like neanderthals! Super storm sandy and especially Katrina.

  30. The Bundy Ranch triumph has just proved that American citizens can responsibly protest legally while being armed. No one was hurt and the fight can still rage on in the court system. BLM had with force, extracted cattle from the Bundy family. Americans from across the country came to the bundy families aide and retrieved the cattle in question by equal degrees of force. But yet I see no videos by YT about this! Young Turks are on the wrong side of American interests. That  being said I no longer am interested In the crap YT's vomits through social media, UNSUBBED!    

  31. As a gun owner, do I want EVERY person to be armed? No of course not, but I'm not willing to allow numerous unnecessary laws to be put in place that infringe on people's rights. Many laws and government actions have unintended consequences so we should ever be on guard on ANY new law passed.

  32. I love how TYT accuses other media sources of fear mongering when they are often just as guilty. They say that the other sources go "they are going to take your guns away" while they often say "everyone is going to get shot." In reality the whole problem we have here has very little to do with guns and more to do with fear. Gun owners fear that their guns are going to be taken away so they feel the need to go out of the way to prove that guns are necessary to be safe or whatever. And anti-gun people seem to have got it into their heads that the world has suddenly become the dime store novel version of the "wild" west and that they won't be safe unless all the guns are gone. In reality, neither problem would exist even to a minor degree if both sides would stop, take a look around, and realize that the world isn't really exploding quite yet.  

  33. you know the people at TYT watch the "Walking Dead" and see someone getting attacked and say "grab a fucking gun" lol. 

  34. As someone from the UK, I have to ask why TYT is reporting on this, yet have not reported on the Bundy Ranch story?

  35. the people who say that they will some day take over the government and "they're not taking away my gun" yet they don't understand the government could bring in a tank or an apc or a battleship, and these guys are wiped out

  36. propaganda!!!!!!!!!! I hate ppl who think the government is there friend 2nd  amendment get there learn it plllllzzzzz!!!!! we don't need a permit and or registration for that matter. what dose shall not be infringed mean to you!!!!!!! stop the propaganda!!!!! UNSUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Steve, you seem to be misunderstanding something. There is no permit for owning a gun in Florida. There never has been. The same is true in most states. The permit is required for carrying a gun in public.

  38. I back the 2nd amendment fully. Florida  has a "stand your ground" law this does not only apply to your home like the "castle" law so in affect owning a carry permit the guns are in place from the start. Remember April of 92' ? the trucker that took a brick to the head? He did nothing wrong and paid a price for it. I bet he wished he had a gun and permission to protect himself….Just saying….

  39. "What could go wrong?"
    Well, you could assume that criminals give a damn if it's legal or not to carry a gun. That would be wrong. The only thing this law would affect is if law abiding citizens can carry.

  40. "HB 209, which is expected to be voted on Friday by the Florida House, would allow people with clean criminal backgrounds" – Unproven

    A felon can still get his hands on a gun from a private seller, and until that fundeamental flaw is fixed i can never support this kinda idea

  41. Once again ignorance in the argument. In fact, a permit holder cannot carry his weapon without carrying the permit, as well. It's a ludicrous condition to begin with, but any legislation that gets closer to Constitutional carry I am in favor of.

  42. During a riot I would carry a gun even if I didn't have a permit. Not I don't have to break the law. Why are these liberals freaking out about this?

  43. I agree with TYT on this but Steve Ho's assertion that students might get guns in relation to teachers getting them etc is a bit hyperbolic and scare mongering. It can be crazy sometimes in the U.S with gun laws but I don't honestly see how that could conceivably happen. 

  44. @Justanotherdamnguy They are just scared. They are cry like a baby who needs a big tit to suck on. These guys really disgust me. Reason why I dislike every video they get.

  45. it sounds like it makes more sense than after Katrina when government went door to door illegally siezing everyone's guns

  46. Sometimes… guys at TYT are just stoopid!

    Just because of this segment I'm going to buy an extra gun and a AK-47..and get this.. I'm gonna buy one "without a permit". Permit..what fuckin permit does one need to own a firearm… do your goddamn research.. Everywhere isnt NYC or DC..

    This segment is that shining example of how laughable an echo chamber can be. I hate it on the right and just as much on the left.. Thumbs outta your assholes folks, tho it does feel kinda pleasurable on a friday afternoon..

  47. This is perfectly fine, it can be used just in case someone gets mugged, someone's property has been stolen, also of course against the police themselves.

    The idea behind it is to make sure people are safe during dangerous times.

  48. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
    Can you people read or what? The right to keep and bear arms was given to the people to protect them from the state and government.

  49. Iraq has no military and a lot of small groups with guns. They have been holding back the American army for a decade.
    On the other hand Having no checks and safeguards for responsible ownership is such a bad idea.

  50. Guns at riots, demos, marches is how the bad shit that's coming down will kick off. Battle of Lexington…Redcoats(the national guard equivalent of the day) and a lot of really pissed off locals determined not to be pushed around. It isnt the non violent lefties who will kick it iff but ordinary Americans who've had enough. For example there is supposed to be a march on Washington in may, isnt there? Things like that. But as a student of history my one observance is this: when the people rise up in great numbers in protest and the government tells the army or police to start shooting and they refuse, its game over. This was Berlin in 1989.

  51. its going to make it so that the police could effectively shoot anyone and claim that "they might have had a gun concealed", bam! self defense. 🙁

  52. It seems fairly clear to me why a lot of gun advocates don't like the idea of permits; they don't trust the government. Pretty simple. To be fair to those that support restrictions on firearms, however, there probably should be some kind of community oversight. Meaning approval by those that are directly impacted when the occasional lunatic goes nuts with a gun. Unfortunately, gun ownership isn't the sort of thing one can just ignore in the same way one can ignore a lot of things. The evidence for both sides of the argument is pretty compelling – loads of psychos / criminals shooting up various places in communities and no shortage of police being wildly irresponsible or just outright abusive, often on behalf of some level of government. Surely, there is some reasonable middle ground somewhere.

  53. Lmao who follows the law anyway? Honestly make what ever law you want because to me its just words that mean nothing to me

  54. The easiest thing that tells you if someone is insane when they're attempting to get a gun? IF THEY'RE TRYING TO GET A GUN. You do not need a gun, and all that happens when you get a gun is that you and your family's chances of being killed skyrocket. Fucking lunatics in this country.

  55. It's actually "well-regulated" militia, Dave. But I can excuse your ignorance on the exact phrasing because it's never mentioned, especially by the ignorant assholes espousing the divine nature of the second amendment.

  56. The reason why I don't like permanents for the guns I have is because I don't like the government knowing how many or what kind of guns I have. Now some of my guns are on paper work and as far as large magazines hand guns or assault rifles there alot of fun to shoot and if shit was ever to hit da fan I don't want to be out gund when it comes to protecting my family :p

  57. lol @ the young turks. Yea, the criminals will all get in line for their permits. Hah. Maybe we can require permits for people who practice their 1st amendment rights, too. Say if you want to religious a certain god, let's require a permit for it. After all, religion has killed millions.

  58. I wonder if their democratic senator Leland Yee required permits for those fully automatic AK-47s he was smuggling into the US. It's not the gun lobby that wants to sell more guns. It's the gun control advocates that want to give criminals and black markets more means to corner the market on firearms. It's a shame the young turds doesn't understand simple economic theories on supply/demand.

  59. why do people all the time try to talk about something they don't know about all the fuckin time. it is just mind blowing.

  60. I've said it before and I'll say it again, everybody/thing should have guns; you, me, the old guy next door who mumbles to himself about reptile people, babies, wool sweaters, John Travolta, nuns, dinosaurs, the letter "K," library books, the cast of "Glee," and especially non-registered gun owners. It's a brave new world, folks.

  61. i know my permit number i lost that piece of paper a long time ago excuse me officer i have a conceal carry permit and a firearm on my hip the permit number is you check that and ill wait here have a nice day and they put the firearm in my trucks lil door pouch

  62. None of these clowns see any problem with legislating morality or the self preservation instinct to begin with, and after acknowledging politicians are "narcissistic megalomaniacal maniacs" ect… Their party deems it irrational to go into an area where law and order has broken down with the ability to defend one's self. What if you need to go into the area for groceries or medicine? These types of ideologues are always willing to subordinate the individual to some grand design which inevitably breaks down, rendering all the suffering they caused in their cause to eliminate suffering. Do they really believe they can prevent another sandy hook by "sensible" regulation? Have they though it through really? I really don't think so.

  63. That's why I love this state! One of the few places left in America where people are treated like Americans.

  64. You guys ( @The Young Turks ) really need to do your homework before you start shooting off your mouth with a lot of speculation.

  65. Permits should not be required. Conceal carry is a natural human right. You all should do some research on the unrestricted states in the U.S. Vermont example, has the lowest firearm homicide rate in the entire country. Vermont has been unrestricted since 1903.

  66. Man, TYT is on point with every other political point, but when they talk about guns, they sound like blithering idiots. They have no idea what CCW is, no understanding about the gun-buying process, and clearly are too far removed to even comprehend why people need them. This is a great bill that will allow people to adequately protect themselves in states like California that don't have "shall issue" permits during temporary WROL situations, and they immediately jump to the "so they can shoot their neighbor" argument. This is juvenile.

  67. tell anyone me of anyone city with strick gun contral law were you safe tell me or bether invite me city were strick control works without lots dieing invite me gun control haven and prove me wrong?

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