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Proper Pistol Grip

Let’s talk about grip on your pistol.
The proper grip will allow you to control that recoil so that you have a
faster and more effective follow-up shot. Okay. So, if you’re going to establish a
grip on a semi-automatic pistol, this is the back strap, kind of beavertail up in
here. You want to take the web of your hand and you want to put it right up as snug as you
can as high as you can on that back strap or on that beaver tail. You want to
have a normal grip with your finger off the trigger. You want to introduce your
support hand. For me that’s my left hand. This area of your index finger right
here is going to go right under that trigger guard; and, then you’re simply
going to take your fingers and go over the fingers of your firing hand. Your
thumb now, of your support hand, is going to go down the frame. It’s not going to
do one of these numbers. That’s the way you shoot a revolver. It’s going to go
down the frame. You want to cover up as much of this frame as possible in order
to control that recoil. This part of your fleshy palm right here of your hand
that’s going to cover this part up right here of the grip. You want to cover as
much of it as possible. The more you’ve got the more you’re going to control it.
A handgun is similar to water. Like water follows a path of least resistance. This
handgun, upon recoil, is going to follow the path of least resistance to try and
get out of your hand. The crease between the two hands,
where they meet in the back, is a prime spot to do that. So make sure that you
have that good grip and if you need more grip you can simply take your
elbows and move it in a little bit. But experiment with what fits best, with the
size of your hand, and make sure that that that fire arm, that handgun, fits
your hand. Meaning if you need a single stack gun go to a single stack. If a
double stack was fine for you than fine. You know guys, I hope that helps. Grip is
one of the three most important things of shooting a pistol.
If you have the proper grip you can shoot it much more

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