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Proper Glock Lubrication.

yo this is mattv2099 and I’m going to show you how to properly lube a Glock there is really simple one drop in the frame two on the barrel three on the slide something to do the first things first
year this is the uh… most confusing part for people where does the one drop go in the frame well it goes right in between the trigger bar and the disconnect or connector whatever that thing is called you can see a moving part there thats metal on metal the gun comes with a little glob of grease right in there brand new glock over here well its been fired a couple hundred times these two parts grind on each other and there’s a little glob of grease that comes right in there with a brand new glock and thats where you want to put your first drop of lubricant so here it is moving again just get some lube whatever i’ve never used hoppe’s elite before so i’m going to try this put one little drop that should be fine theres your one in the frame now the barrel barrel gets two drops i use these little bore cleaning swatches when i’m doing this put one drop right in between the lugs too much but i wipe off the excess than the same down here you can see here
is where marks this is a very used glock my most used glock glock 17 from here to here i’ll be liberal here big old drop there then take my swatch lubricate the entire exterior of the barrel there you are good there now the slide you can see wear marks wherethe top of the barrel rubs put a drop right in there take my swatch moved around to take out the excess and finally you have these little rails here slides there so its metal on metal right there an easy way to do this put a dorp here and drop here and let it run down you will have a pool of excess here and you wipe it away with your little swatch its racing down the rails gets the bottom and that’s it mean if you give that they are quarks preclude thank you for watching

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  1. The Hoppes Elite is my favorite oil, it's very viscus and I find that it doesn't take a whole lot and runs very nice and clean

  2. Thanks for the good video. Yeager on his tacticalresponse channel says use grease not oil and i concur. Oil is if you lube RIGHT before shooting. It runs out and evaporates. I have 30 years in automotive, oil is for systems that have oil circulating by a pump. for guns grease is often superior. Especially on that trigger bar, the part everyone neglects. You can lube the trigger bar best by just prying apart the parts, with something soft and squash the grease in there.

  3. i know you weren't talking to me but i'll answer…I regret getting the glock. They DO jam. Mines jammed 6 times in 500 rounds. Plus the lack of a safety is a serious omission, has been proven fatal on many occasions. Everyone says "my finger is my safety" but handling a loaded gun day in day out, accidents easily occur without a safety. I won't chamber a round unless i' actually shooting or trouble. I was going to get a Berrata 92 but got a G26 instead, wish i'd have gotten the beretta…

  4. My glocks get regular cleanings! And after each cleaning they get lubed. I take them down and inspect them before every shooting session.

  5. You didn't use glock brand glock oil in your glock glock, before you g-locked it back together and went glocking.

  6. This is the tried and true Glock brand Glock lube method. 1,2,3! They teach is on Sesame Street so i'm guessing even some of you average youtube joes can remember that =-) j/k

  7. I wonder where the 1-2-3 myth started. The official method – in addition what is depicted in the video – is to oit BOTH locking and unlocking slopes on the barrel lug, the locking surface in front of the chamber, rear surface of the barrel hood that contacts bolt face and the camming surface on the slide that controls the disconnector. Hope thats all.

  8. Awazi likes your lubrication knowledge! 🙂 You are kind strong man! I have very beautiful sister for you to marriage!

  9. i think it might be better to place a small drop of lube on the four tabs on the frame, instead of the slide.

  10. I agree with the placement of the drops of oil. In addition to that I like to remove the tab on the back end the slide, remove the firing pin assembly and extractor pin and spring, and pour in about a table spoon full of warm hamburger grease. It is ok if there a still a few tiny chunks a burger meat in the grease. It helps hold the grease in place once it cools

  11. quick question i have had my glock 23 for about 8months now and up until a week ago the only lube the slide has seen was what it was manufactured with i put the drops in the slide rails, the next day i went to the range and in 50 rounds had two malfunctions. i dried up the lube and it was back to normal. Could it really have been the lube or just a fluke?

  12. My Glock brand Glock Glock 19 has polished Glock internals and barrel. I run it dry. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  13. i have started using astro glide on my firearms. in this economy (thanks obama) it just makes more operational economical sense to only have to obtain 1 type of lubricant for all my operational lubricational needs around the house. works on everything from full auto carbines to a squeeky hinge on the back door. operators of the world unite..

  14. lol i coat the rails, sear block, that little center island in the slide above the firing pin, striker channel and assembly (when i do a deep cleaning), barrel and top of the inside of the slide, recoil spring assembly, and any other area that has movement (even the channel the extractor rod goes in and the extractor) on my g19 with a good synthetic 40 weight oil.

  15. I have a Glock 26 and a Glock 27. My understanding is that you should not over lubricate these pistols as that will just attract dirt. I like your simple explanation,  procedure and the importance of wiping off the excess oil. The Glock manual is very specific about NOT over lubricating these guns.

  16. That's just the way Glock shows it in the user manual.  I've also followed the user manaul and have been keeping all my Glocks dry except for oiling where you demonstrated and all perform perfecly without signs excessive wear or any reliability issues.  Glock should use your demo. Great video.

  17. According to my shoot log i am at 7,652 rounds, and lubing like this…. Glock Cleaning Basics …..  Glock Cleaning 2 (Slide Disassembly) .

    Love a dry glock. soooooooo  much easier to clean.

  18. This may be an ignorant question, but I noticed on a lot of polymer guns droop towards the end of them (the tip of firearm, where the barrel ends).
    Is that normal? :p

  19. @MattV2099: Guns & Food Hypothetically speaking would it be plausible to lube an AK47 with melted marshmallows? If so would you demonstrate? or nah?

  20. I use mobile1 synthetic grease from autozone. $8.99 a pound. It works excellent and doesn't migrate while carrying.

  21. I've been using the 'pen oiler' on my guns. They make it really easy to get the drop(s) exactly where you want them. Pen oilers can be gotten from sewing machine places. I got mine off ebay, 10 for $24. Refillable, I highly recommend. Cool vid MattV!

  22. I guess I'm an over luber. I use WAY more than that on the barrel and slide and have never had a problem. As far as it attracting carbon or dirt, I just clean the damn thing every 500 rounds. I've seen a LOT more malfunctions on other peoples dry guns. Just like any piece of machinery it has to be lubed to function properly.

  23. The video says how to properly Lube your Glock. I just got a brand new Glock 34 Gen 3 the instruction manual says to lube the barrel in a total of four areas not just 2 like in this video. The proper way to oil your Glock is I would think what the instruction manual says from the engineers who designed it.

  24. You said there was 3 points (lube) on the slide…only showed 2, unless I missed something? great video 👍🏼 thanks! very little lube on the Glock , ( but have to clean) unlike my 1911 where you can shoot a few times, before cleaning, but HAVE to lube!

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