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Product Overview: Cheetah 12 Gauge Shotgun (Includes $200+ In Bonus Accessories)

Hi everybody, Matt from Classic Firearms Customer
Service. Boy is it hot here in North Carolina, but
sales are kind of cold. In order to heat things up, we’ve got a fantastic
deal for you all on these Cheetah 12 Shotguns. The Cheetah 12 is a further continuation of
the Saiga 12 design shotguns in AK platform. You can see here, it’s got a couple new features. It’s got that left side charging handle. This is going to be great for all you right
[handers 00:00:28] out there. It’s also got an Ambi safety. You can see here on the left side, then again
here on the right side. Folks, like I said, we’re trying to heat things
up with a great deal for you all. Unfortunately these shotguns have, what’s
called [MPA 00:00:44] pricing, that’s a minimum pricing agreement. That means that we can’t offer it below a
certain price. In order to sweeten the pot for all of you
all out there, we have some extra items we’re including for every purchase. Then, why don’t we take a look over here at
what we’ve got. The Cheetah 12s use all the Saiga accessories
or magazines. With each order, you’re going to get four
of these ten round shotgun magazines, as well as Mil Spec buffer tube, a six position stock,
and then this great Saber Boss Brake. You can see, this is about SGM tactical. You can just tell that’s going to make the
shotgun look even cooler and have a lot of help with controlling that Muzzle Rise from
that 12 gauge. These items are going to be able to be installed
on your shotgun. We’re not going to do it for you, but I am
going to kind of give you an idea of what it would look like once they’re all installed. Here you go, this is after all this work has
been done. You can see that Saber Boss Brake on the end,
definitely is an improvement of the appearance of the shotgun, as well as going to help the
function. A couple features here, as we go down the
shotgun. We’ve got this nice fiber optic Front Sight
post, that’s going to give you a really clear sight picture, especially combined with this
Peep Rear Sight. I want you to try to focus down the link there. You can kind of get an idea of what that Sight
Picture’s going to be like. Back here on the rear, you’ve got that nice
six position adjustable stock, so you can customize it to wherever feels comfortable
for you. That’s going to make this an even better shot
gun, as far as use. Then we’ve got the … To complete the package,
we’ve got these nice 10 round magazines. This shotgun’s going to be a great option
for going out and skeet shooting, hunting, just tearing it up at the range. Definitely think that this is a great, great
value. This is over $200 worth of parts and accessories,
that we’re including on every purchase of one of these Cheetah 12s. Certainly think that we’re going to give you
your moneys worth. The price on these is going to be $599.99. It’s $599.99 for the shotgun, and then we
are throwing in $200 worth parts and accessories. I don’t think you’re going to find a deal
better than that anywhere. Just to kind of give you an idea of the process
of installing these parts, obviously very simple to remove a thread protector. That just threads right off. Then the Saber Boss Brake, is just going to
thread right on. Now the tricky part to this is actually on
the other end. Once I get this screwed all the way down,
we’re going to transition to the back side here. We’re just going to pull this cap off. There is a bolt that holds this on. It’s a 7/32nd allen wrench. That’s not quite … All right. We’re going to loosen this castle nut. You can see, it’s got this kind of baby buffer
tube already installed to hold the stock. Once we get that loose, this is the tricky
part. This end plate here is captured by two kind
of little pins or … I guess pins is the best word, right there on the end of the shotgun. You’re going to have to make sure to pull
that back. There you go, that gives you a clearer picture
of them. Go ahead and pull this end plate and castle
nut off. We can install them on our new Mil Spec buffer
tube. It’s going to give you the opportunity to
be able to solve any AR-15 stock that you like. Whether you go with this basic six position
stock that we’re including, or you decide to upgrade to an MFT or a Magpul stock, you
have just tons and tons of options out there for what you’re going to be able to use for
your comfort level and customization. Folks, I don’t want you to have to watch me
do this for a whole long time, trying to get this done really fast. As far as the shotguns themselves, you know,
we really always liked the AK style shotguns here. They’re very reliable designs, able to shoot
a wide variety of cartridges. They’re just fun. Everyone knows the AK design. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the
Saiga style of the shotguns. Let’s just turn that back around that way,
[tying 00:05:16] that castle nut down. Then, simply install the stock. All right. There we go. There you go. Just that fast, with a few hiccups, you see,
we’ve already gotten all that work completed and it’s definitely an improvement to the
appearance of the shotgun. It’s going to improve the functionality, the
custom ability of it. You’re going to be able to put this exactly
where you want it instead of that fixed length. Again, $200 worth of parts on every shotgun,
$599.99 is our price for this. We definitely think you’re going to get your
money’s worth. If you’re wanting to buy one of these shotguns,
you should be able to click on here on a box that will take you directly to the product
page. Always remember that you can subscribe to
our channel so you don’t miss any of our videos or updates from me or Ben. That should appear up here on the left hand
corner. As always, we appreciate you coming down to God Bless.

15 thoughts on “Product Overview: Cheetah 12 Gauge Shotgun (Includes $200+ In Bonus Accessories)

  1. I love my saiga 12 but wish I got more my boys are getting big fast they both went the saiga. This may be an option for both of them

  2. I thought that was one of those DDI shotguns when I saw the email/video. It just struck me that's a different name on the box.

  3. MAP is minimum advertise pricing. That just means you can't advertise lower prices. It's why you see things like "add this item to your cart to see pricing" , because they're selling it below MAP

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