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Problematic with Moshe Kasher – The Pink Pistols on Coming Out as a Gun Owner

– [Moshe] So tell me,
what are the Pink Pistols? – Pink Pistols is a national
LGBT self-defense organization, we are heavily focused on
training the LGBT community in armed and unarmed
self-defense. – Why did you first
purchase a gun? – For a lot of people, Orlando
made individuals question, do I need a firearm
for self-defense? – People wouldn’t have died if someone was
there and had a gun. – There’s no guarantee, but it
would have changed the odds. – When seconds count,
the police are often minutes or hours away. A 100 pound female has a chance against four linebackers,
if she’s carrying. – Seems like an oddly
specific situation, four linebackers,
one 100 pound girl, and then she’ll pick up a, I don’t know how guns work, so I guess it’s
something like this? – (laughing)
Something like that. – Kkrah-kkrah-kkrah-kkrah! And then, the equalizer. Would you consider
yourselves politically liberal, conservative,
or neither? – My views are probably
some of the ones that line up with the gays
from the 60s and 70s, where it’s like, hey man, look,
Mom and Dad kicked you out, no one wants you, you’re gonna
have to move to the city kid, and you’re on your own, but– – This is the opening scene
from Rent, is that right? – Yes it is, that’s right. – How does it go? – [All] ♪ 525,600 minutes – ♪ The cops will take
to get to your door (laughing) ♪ That’s why I own a gun What do liberals not
understand about gun ownership? – If someone is living
in an area that is safe, or they perceive to be
relatively crime-free, that’s a very elitist attitude, to define how someone
chooses to defend themselves. – To be a gun owner is
not supporting violence. It is an identity. – So Second Amendment
in gun control issues is really an issue
of identity politics. – Strangely, yes. – Was it harder to come
out as a gun owner, or as a queer person? – I feel more accepted as a
gay guy in the gun community, than a gun owner in
the gay community. – Why don’t we try it? You come out to
me as gun owners. – All right, so,
something really important I gotta tell you. – Cool, man, I’m your bro, dude! – So I need you to understand, I own 15 guns. – Whatja say what, bro? – I own 15 guns. (retching) Get out of my house! – I wish that wasn’t as
accurate as it often is. (laughing) – Okay, we’ve been
through some good times and some bad times,
and some weird times, – (laughing) Yeah, Amsterdam! – There is a part of me that I have been hiding
from you, and I– – Chris, there is one
thing that you could say that would make me
stop loving you, and there’s no way, there’s
no way it’s true of you. – I am a gun owner.
– Don’t say you’re a gun owner, oh,
that was the thing! – (bleep) – It was the one thing! All right Piper. – So Moshe, there’s something that I’ve been
wanting to tell you. I’m a gun owner. – (gasps) Oohh, Piper,
hell no, hell to the no, to the no, Piper, to
the no, no no no no no, no no no no no no
(laughter) no no no no! ♪ 565,600 minutes Hoo, Piper, hoo Piper, Piper! I love you no matter what. – Thank you. (laughter)

51 thoughts on “Problematic with Moshe Kasher – The Pink Pistols on Coming Out as a Gun Owner

  1. Comedy Central is almost unwatchable as of late. I hope their ratings suffer as a result all this recent leftist bullshit.

  2. If a member of the LGBTQ community can't understand why one of their own would own a firearm, then they are too stupid to be friends with. The fact that this is even percieved as an issue for them is absolutely hysterical to me.

    Like really, does it need to be explained. I'm not the kinda guy that likes to throw this word around but I'm gonna say it, "If a LGBT vocal member/particpant hasn't personally known one of their own that was assaulted in a way that a firearm could have saved/de-escalated the situation; then yes they have lived a priveldged life."

  3. Guns aren't the solution, not allowing so many Muslims to enter the country is the solution. A majority of Muslims hate gays and are in support of violence against western values. Which they blindly follow a text that is Millenias old, and as history often repeats itself Muslims are going through what Christians did pre-Renaissance.

    I don't get how feminists are support in an ideology that disempowered women when all feminism is now a days is women getting more rights than men, which they have succeeded in many ways.

    For the Muslims that do get in, there needs to be systems put in place where they are helped to assimilate into our society, but that'll be impossible as long as regressive lefts is the popular point of view and that will only allow for Muslims to more easily put into sharia law. Which for them to be stopped, America needs to have a backbone and do what it can to protect American values in which society will be civilised and women maintain equal rights to men.

  4. The only way to make this funny was if this clip ended with Moshe getting fucked to death with the barrel of a loaded shotgun.

  5. I'm pretty sure that even if every victims in the Orlando club shooting had a concealed carry and a gun it would have not changed anything until someone made it to there car and got it. I have been to that club before this happened and you get scanned by a wand and no weapons are aloud in. the horibble excuse for a person shot his way from outside into the club and there is no real way to conceal the rifle he had. I just see that as an invalid as to why that would make the LGBT community want to carry. The fact that they are singled out for hate crimes by ignorant people would be a reason to carry but the Orlando Incident reason is abitrary.

  6. Everything has to do with this LGBT and transgender bullshit nowadays? Guns are guns, not a propaganda mouth piece you mutants.

  7. Liberals on guns. Is like giving a special ed kid pair of scissors to run around with.

  8. This was decent until the incredibly cringy and condescending "coming out" portion at the end. That was incredibly insulting to everyone there. But since everyone there is white*, it's totes cool to be a snarky asshole when dealing with them.

    *Asians occupy a quantum superposition being both white and PoC (God I hate that term) and only fall into one solid category based on whatever bullshit argument a progressive is trying to make at the particular point in time.

  9. Do people actually watch this? Is it a show?
    I don't mean to criticize. I've only watched a couple of these clips but I personally don't see any humor in it.
    Maybe I just have to watch different clips.

  10. Let me sum up: Progressives love gays. Progressives love feminism. Progressives love Muslims. Muslims kill gays, and oppress women. A gay or woman gets a gun to defend themselves, progressives hate personally responsible gays and women.

  11. It seems that many of the people who fight so hard to teach the idiocy of purely Binary gender, are perfectly willing to accept the idiocy of purely Binary politics.

    The Irony level reaches at least Low Earth Orbit.

    And they are utterly blind to the fucktardery of such a position…….

  12. That asian guy's answer to kasher's question in 1:49 is so profound. It's that kind of mind set that moved me more and more towards the middle. Intolerance exists in both extremes

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