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Pro-Gun Vs. Anti-Gun: Is There Middle Ground?

the area that i grew up in Sometimes the gun is the only way to protect yourself you’re anti gun you don’t you don’t want nobody To have guns but then that’s gonna put my family at danger The pool to the left i’m gonna have all my pro-gun people go stand on the edge of that light and all my anti-gun people On the other side first statement is i think my views on guns could change oh, i feel like anyone’s views can change on things so i’m kind of surprised that nobody felt like it could change at all i Don’t think that i could change completely to like the other side but i would definitely be open to like looking at it from a different perspective i think that my stance is very accommodating to both sides that said i feel really solid about kind of what i’ve learned And what i think is possible so i feel really solid about that although i’m you know open to accommodating for people’s needs you know people’s wishes with their rights my name is erin clayton after the orlando shooting i realized that My community was very much a target i had to get involved to do something Sometimes i think people on the other side of the issue don’t care about me or my loved ones lives? i mean The area that i grew up in and why come from a lot of you may not be able to understand that sometimes the gun is the only way to protect yourself we all believe there should be certain rules To get in them but on my side of the earth there is no gun laws. My name is Hasani. Regardless of whatever you say there’s always gonna be guns there’s always gonna be violence in the world and I got family to protect. I don’t think y’all don’t care about me or my family you know I think we all care about you know each other and others, you know the loved ones. I don’t care about y’all, I’m trying to protect me and mine. That’s that’s my reason of saying that nobody else cares about it because i’m pretty sure y’all have the same insight, like your anti-gun you don’t you don’t want nobody to have guns but then that’s gonna put my family at danger I don’t want that. I don’t want nobody to have guns. That’s not at all what we’re saying I think that there are ways to-. That’s just how I feel. Pro-gun people a lot of times are like “Well it’s never gonna be solved” like “gun violence is never gonna end” and like. It won’t. It won’t and you’re absolutely correct but there’s a bunch of ways to decrease it i’ve been in a situation in which my life was in danger. I grew up in St. Louis so we’d go downtown where there’s a huge amount of violence. We’re at home depot and this guy’s starting to gather around my dad’s truck and i’m in it alone. i’m 14 years old. And I had to put my dad’s gun out while i’m shaking and literally just set it on my lap and to show that. It ended up potentially violent, potentially robbery, you know. I don’t think people automatically are born are like “I’m pro-gun.” like i think what you experience in your life makes you that way. My name is Sarah it wasn’t until recently that my opinion changed On how i felt about guns and then i became pro-gun in order to protect me and my future family I was never pro-gun before and then some guy broke into my place and raped me and i couldn’t run away I couldn’t do anything like I literally had to lay there and take it but i knew that if i had a gun at that point of time on my nightstand I would have defended myself. I think America has a problem with mass shootings. Yeah, i think we all should step forward for that one. Come on. It’d be ignorant to say it’s not an issue like i don’t want anyone, to die like i don’t want To see these school shootings i don’t want people to get hurt We’re all for protecting ourselves but i think like when guns Are not in the right hands then it becomes an issue. And i don’t think any of us support that at the end of the day. So you all for like stricter gun laws or no? There’s a point where it goes too far. I don’t think i need to take a five thousand question questionnaire for a psychological test, you know? but like isn’t that worth it? and like i’m not saying that that’s necessarily what we would definitely do or whatever but like a five thousand Questionnaire or like people’s lives? Would you rather? Would you be willing to go through the same process to get an automobile training, licensing, (Yeah!) classes, a renewable license. Yeah, yeah but not a psychological test. I think it doesn’t have to be so extensive, what you’re saying but it’s sad how someone can come in to a gun show and have a lot of money buy whatever they want show a little maybe a little card or something and get like maybe 20 guns and no one’s asking you just because you have money a simple background check can just Do a lot for people. But i also think that a lot of people like because they don’t want have the conversation about gun violence. They switch over and say like oh it’s mental illness and like that needs to be talked about too but gun violence is a separate issue that also like really needs to be talked about if my life was in danger i would kill. Oh hell yeah. Can I walk faster? no, i really don’t i think I would have like have it in me. i don’t know if i would have it in me. Anyone you would. Nobody has it In them until the moment comes. Like literally fear doesn’t even become a thing anymore. like it disappears and it’s like fight or flight yeah like and you either freeze and die or you make it. and at the end of the day, i’m gonna make it. some people don’t got it in them you can always just you know, Shoot them in a place where they won’t be able to move yeah yeah! That’s what some people think but but when i went to-. I did my (?) class. They said if you’re trying to shoot him in the leg, you have enough time to get away. Or to realize you’re not in danger Or your life isn’t in danger you know. So they said if you’re pulling that gun out, you’re shooting somebody, you’re shooting to kill. I guess i just i don’t understand- I understand, Fighting for your life that’s why i came to this, to the center for sure. But like all this talk about like how to protect ourselves how to be in these situations but it’s like again we’re just Increasing guns and i i keep just one i want to bring us back to like how can we Combat this from the other end i don’t want to carry guns i don’t want to have guns in my club i don’t want to I want to be there to dance i don’t want, to have a firearm on my leg and like but? yeah, but you’re taking the right away at that point. no
But we’ll wait if i can prove to you that there are ways to enact gun reform that will decrease the amount of guns out there Increase education and not hurt the ability of law-abiding citizens to have access to firearms would you be willing to discuss ways to do that yeah like i said i’m all for education But i don’t think like at the end of the day like if someone’s trying to kill me i’m gonna kill them I’m okay so that’s but that but that is you’re allowed to right now you’re allowed to have that gun and so we keeps kind Of saying w hat we’re is already in place this is already possible to have all of these guns. how can we start looking at this and you know, changing our minds and our congress our government you know leaders minds? You guys keep talking about education but that is not a reality. In that it we’re not allowed to instill reform that gives us gun education. So it’s just like layman’s ideas batting around ideas on how to kill how to kill I’m overall against violence at the end of the day. I wouldn’t need or want to have a gun if there wasn’t violence in the world. Sometimes, it’s a right because it’s a necessity, sometimes. So how do we change? How do we do that? Where we start changing the conversation? Where people don’t immediately relate pro gun to- You know that pro gun can equal pro gun reform. Well I mean that’s why we’re here that’s why we’re all here. We’re all risking something by saying something. I always taught that don’t ever like state your opinion on hot topics because you’re just asking for it at that point but I feel like you have to speak up because being silenced is being just as guilty I think the society needs to learn to speak like educated people need to sit down, come together and talk about things. You guys have something to say and we said it and we accept all of each other’s views. I told you we would not leave hating each other. All right everybody that’s a wrap! Hey guys, i’m Amari. I’m Taylor. Nice to meet you. We disagree sometimes and it’s okay because this is middle ground We hope you guys liked it and we hope that we can continue to bridge people together through videos like this. Please let us know in the comments what side you fall on and what your thoughts are. Tell us why you believe what you believe. Ju-believe. Yes and if you want to see any more middle ground episodes, let us know what you want to see. You guys have the best ideas. Let us know what you guys think, cool? and until next time, subscribe! I’ll see you guys later perfect high-five

100 thoughts on “Pro-Gun Vs. Anti-Gun: Is There Middle Ground?

  1. You guys do want less violence in your country right? If guns were banned it would surely decrease violence in the US… I live in Europe, where guns are banned. Mental illness is also a thing here but somehow there are less mass shootings than in America…

    I understand the point of the guy with the dreads, that’s why the government has to support these more criminal areas, maybe by improving education, more police and so on… although I see that racist police officers are a big problem too…

    Would be interesting to here your opinions!

  2. It’s funny how no anti-gun person realizes that in Britain they banned all guns and it just increased the amount of gun violence in the country through illegally obtained guns.

  3. People that are committing crimes are already committing crimes what's to say that they wont illegally get guns. That's just common sense. The only thing we can do is protect ourselves instead of stripping ourselves of protection.*BACKGROUND CHECKS ARE GREAT*

  4. Now, everybody who is crushing on the clayton guy, let's find out who he is and where on the internet we can find him.

  5. I don't understand Americans; there are crimes, violent video games, mental health issues in all countries. Yet most of them don't have half as many mass shootings (excluding countries at war). I understand their perspective, they want to protect themselves, but hey, everyone wants to live safely. There clearly is a problem in their country, they blame everything but the real issue; the guns. A society can change. Many other countries (like Australias for example) have amended their laws after mass shootings in order to prevent them from happening again. America just sticks to its archaic laws, the second amendment was developed in very different circumstances. And while your government is enriching itself on the back of the NRA, your very own people are dying. I really don't understand.

  6. I really wish I could be apart of discussions and debates like these. Everytime I do, the person that I am reasoning with either concedes or even changes their stance.

  7. I like that they had the conversation about guns but they need to have more knowledgeable pro gun speakers to debate some of the things said. Like someone can walk into a gun show and dhow an ID and walk out with 20 guns totally false.

  8. I am definitely in the middle on guns. But let's face it. The reasons why black people need guns are different from the reasons that white people do. Gun laws exist to protect white supremacists from retailation from the ones they terrorize. White people had a sh*tfit when the black panthers showed up with their weapons on hand at the capitol and quietly protested in favor of open carry in California. It has always been about race, nothing else. Sensible gun laws will come, when white people are no longer the majority in the usa.

  9. This is a simple argument we need guns to keep our government in check. We can talk about mental health restrictions and all that but look at what is happening in Hong Kong right now or Tiananmen Square and there is my argument for guns. Plain and simple.

  10. the curly headed guy would change his beliefs if thugs were inside his house now are going to rape his wife and daughter and he had access to a firearm.

  11. Honestly the solution is more guns, think about it. Criminals dont care about the law. They will get a gun either way. So imagine if everyone carried a gun, do you really think a criminal will try to shoot or rob people if everyone had a gun?

  12. I feel like this delves deeply into the human condition and feelings of safety. It's interesting to see how our psychological wiring manifests in ways like this.
    Edit: The woman in the wheelchair is really coming from a place of pain

  13. I'm 33 and I don't want a gun. Yet let's be honest. You can do everything possible to be a person of love and understanding. Wanting people to live together. But somewhere there is bound to be a bad seed, that one person or person's that's done something terrible who reaffirms our need and justification for the want/need to have a gun by our sides. It's in our nature to want to protect what we hold dear. Like my parents have always said while teaching me to drive "Perceive every driver (person) as a potential threat, cause you never know what's going on with them." ..Saying most people are totally fine, but there's always someone sketchy somewhere on the road. I respect guns and have shot them a couple dozen times and enjoyed it, I just cant see myself to carry one. I support individuals vetted through a restructured, more in-depth screening, to carry and protect our country, communities and homes. Yet, we are a people filled with pride and tradition. Our stubbornness sometimes prevents rational thinking. Respect others as you would expect to be treated. That's why i'm right in the middle on the topic. Guns can be providers for a family, they can also divide a family. I dunno, I'm a bit drunk. I watched this video and as you can see I had something to say…..Ohhtay! Bye!

  14. The more laws we make for law abiding citizens to have less guns, will only work for law abiding citizens. Someone that wants to a crime with a gun wont care about the crime of getting a gun.

  15. Women: I wish there was no violence so I wouldn’t need a gun to protect myself. But violence exist in the world.
    Man: Well how can we change it so there is no more violence.
    Random rtard to Ben Shapiro: respect the pronoun or I’ll have you leaving here in the ambulance!!

  16. She thinks there is a gunshow loophole, and that is a lie. There is no loophole.
    And Rick is a moron because most states have hunter education which is very indepth with gun safety.

  17. When you take away all of the guns from law abiding citizens what do you tell the between 1 and 3 million law abiding gun owners who protect themselves and or their families every year from violent felons?

  18. I was never pro-gun, but a few years ago, a man tried to invade our neighbor’s home. The police wouldn’t arrive for 15 minutes, so my father took matters into his own hands and wounded the intruder with our assault rifle and stopped him. I’ve been pro-2A ever since. It makes me feel so much safer.

  19. There are simple backround checks and they do nothing to reduce anything lmao why would somebody still call for them.

  20. Disclaimer at bottom


    Anti-Gun: We think people will magically become nice and give up their guns. There TOTALLY will not be illegal guns out there for people to use on us. You know, lets get rid of all LEGAL guns and everything will be peaceful. Like said before, we TOTALLY dont have to worry about people out there will AK-47's from the Black Market, hint hint, that were TOTALLY NOT used for crimes. Matter of fact, Lets unarm police officers and everything will go well.

    Some Time in This World (Hopefully never happens): 'Worst Mass Shooting in History of Mankind. All could've been changed if people had guns to defend themselves,' says the victims.

    Pro-gun: smfh.

    Anti-Gun: Maybe we can find a way to take the illegal guns away.

    Me: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ


    You: Thinking. . .

    Side Note: I do not intend to promote violence, and I really hope everything changes in this world. There are crazy people out there and all I am doing is speaking the truth. I am not trying to offend anyone at all. I just hope people understand where I am coming from with this. When I put the Caption from the victims^ Its not real and I do not want it to happen. It was just an example of reality.

  21. Just to let you all know, we have hundreds of gun control laws and we still have loads of gun violence.
    Because criminals don't follow laws

  22. Guns arent the problem…if u made a mistake writing something with ur pencil, u cant blame the pencil for writing wrong word. Hopefully this makes sense.

  23. "and get like 20 guns"  It only takes one, and most mass shooters have a clean criminal record.Also, if you are anti-gun and want the other side to listen don't start the conversation by saying you want to ban all guns, or want the US to follow in the steps of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc…people in those countries were stripped of their right to own firearms and forced to give all of them up. Not just the scary ones, all of them.Which is why there will never be a compromise. Who gets to decide this gun is ok, but this one isn't. Who will be there to make sure the criminals, who by definition break laws, wont just break the laws and obtain guns illegally? In a perfect world we wouldn't need guns. There would be no war, no hunger, no pain, etc….but this isn't a perfect world.

  24. I am Proud that I live in Australia where Gun control exists and zero mass shootings ever happened since Port Arthur

  25. I pray for sarah, she is such a strong and beautiful woman for overcoming the horrible event she went through💗 she is very inspiring

  26. I think guns are for cowards it isn’t honorable what happened to the days when people would man up and fight fist and fist or sword to sword then that is the honorable to handle anything

  27. The government, military, law enforcement agencies, state and local police, CIA, FBI, and many others are clearly pro guns. There's an obvious reason why…

  28. But at gun shows you have to prove that you have no criminal records and u have to have a background check no matter how much money you have

  29. Guns are illegal in Europe. Maybe somebody can get one illegally, but it's weird to see one or hear about gunshots, not to say non-existent. Violence is going to exist anyways, but illegalizing guns will reduce them and also stop gun crimes. Think about that americansss!!!

  30. The anti gun people want nobody to hurt each other with guns. The pro gun people want guns to attack people with guns who intend to hurt them

  31. I don’t get why no one on the pro-gun side mentions that the gun show loophole is a myth and that no matter where you buy a gun in America you have to go through a background check

  32. if the government would strictly take all guns away from everyone without exception then the problem would be solved easy. How are everyone else solve it except the US……… SMH

  33. i don't think that people understand that the people who are going to break the law, don't care. they'll get guns illegally, except now people can't protect themselves

  34. I grew up with guns…guns for necessity and I mean necessity as in for hunting bringing in food and also if need be to protect your family … not knowing or respecting the awesome power and responsibility of a firearm.. can lead to miss use it I do believe that Gun shows that they should have to do a background check on you even though you have $20 million to build a house still got to get a permit for it ..

  35. How about we get rid of crimes by banning them?

    Oh, wait! Crimes ARE illegal! Someone forgot to tell the criminals this or what?

  36. Nobody is forcing that beta to carry a gun. What he wants is to make everyone jump through hoops to exercise their rights. This does nothing to prevent illegal sales of firearms.

  37. Why did none of these people talk the girl that you can't just walk into a gun show and buy whatever just because you have money

  38. What would an argument or a debate be without a solution?

    How about we start tinting our driver's license or ID. If your driver's license or ID is tinted red you are a felon. If your driver's license or ID is tinted orange you are a sex offender or child molester. If your driver's license or ID is tinted green you have a conceal and carry permit. If your driver's license or ID is tinted blue that means you're not right in the head. If your driver's license or ID is not tinted at all then you're just a regular person but may still hold a separate conceal and carry permit.

    When you're pulled over by the police they don't have to run your name, they already have a good idea of what they're dealing with at the window of your car. If you go to a gun show or a private sale transaction and pull out a red or blue tinted driver's license or ID to prove you are both from the same state and you are both of legal age to possess that firearm. No one in their right mind is going to buy anything from you or sell you anything! They Immediately know you're a felon or you're not right in the head!

    How do we pay for it? We pay for it by mandating that the criminal element ( tinted red or orange ID’s )pay an extra dollar or two when they get or renew their driver's license or identification. 

    No this solution is not perfect but it is a step in the right direction.

  39. I'm for guns, I hunt for food,but I can understand the anti-gun stance. I feel we as a nation have a heart problem as people don't seem to value life as much as they used to.

  40. Had to pause and comment on the woman in the wheelchair. She stayed so strong while telling the group about what happened to her and that was amazing to me. She is incredible

  41. I can tell you right now if psychological test were given to get a drivers license , there would be less drivers on the road . Hey libs this maybe a good way to curb the climate change .

  42. What he said
    : I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU I ONLY CARE ABOUT MYSELF. That's kind of putting him in the group of i only care for myself isolation

  43. It's also pushing it that you can get an AK47 and get a permit for it, literally America is turning into a giant millitary base

  44. The thing is those people shooting others most likely obtained it illegally already. Ban guns and theyre not gonna care. They'll still get them. Banning them just gets rid of the lawabiding ones guns. Although i think they should regulate them more closely. I dont think people should really have automatics in the general public.

  45. I'm pro-gun control because the pro-gun argument has a major problem: it assumes that America will always be full of guns and violence (thus creating a demand for methods of protection, i.e. guns). If you assume that, you have to assume that America is condemned to suffer indefinitely and children are condemned to a considerable risk of being shot in school for all coming generations. I can't believe that the gun violence problem is unsolvable. While gun control may leave our generation relatively defenseless, within a few generations it would eventually lead to America being relatively gun-free and save an incredible number of future American lives. Anyone should be able to see that it's a compromise worth making.

  46. The problem is that gun laws and gun restrictions would only affect good, law abiding people. There are plenty of ways to get guns illegally and many mass shooters got their guns illegally

  47. We already have background checks. Saying we don’t is a lie by the left. We have a right to own guns and you should NEVER let the government limit your rights!

  48. This conversation is a moot point if your an American your rights are not negotiable! If our Gov. wants our firearms they are breaking there Oath! Let’s ask our elected reps. To not have a detail with them at any time let’s call and tell them we will not pay for there guards any longer they have to be unguarded just like the people they are suppose to represent!!!!! Peace.

  49. THAT shows how america is an uncivilized country. Everywhere in the civilized World there are strict gun laws and there are no real debates about that, because people doesn't need that.

  50. You can be interested in guns, buy guns, own guns for safety… and be anti-guns and ask for more regulation !
    Anti-guns doesn't necessary means no guns and no protection, it's just more regulation and more controls. And well maybe, remove the deadliest weapons from the shops… Less freedom for more safety, like the speed limits on the road !

  51. I live is Australia and I couldn't imagine having a shooter at my school, the fact that it happens so much in America scares me.

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