8 thoughts on “Pro-gun supporters hold rally in Floyd County

  1. They said “More than 100 people,” it was upward of 1,000. Not a single shot of the entire crowd, and no interview with organizers. This piece is lazy at best.

  2. 11 Alive….. Seriously now! I was there, I saw how many people were attending. Why lie about the number of people in attendance? There was the better part of 600-700 people in attendance. Stop pushing out fake news and blowing things off like its nothing. We are fighting for our 2A rights here, have you seen VA and what's going on there? It's going to come around to each state slowly but surely and WE THE PEOPLE will not allow it.

  3. Those who hate the Constitution that allows us to have firearms, should renounce their Citizenship, become a Tory and move back to merry old England.

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