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Pro-Gun LGBT Group ‘Pink Pistols’ Fight Hate Crime With Firearms

JO MARTIN: We all believe that everyone should have the right of self-defence. JO MARTIN: And Pink Pistols is involved in trying to help people in the LGBT community
to achieve that. MARIA RODRIGUEZ: We couldn’t find my friend, we didn’t know where he was at, until the
following day when we were all searching for him and we got the news from Orlando Regional
Hospital and that’s how we found out that he deceased. COMM: Last year, the world watched in horror as a gunman opened fire at a gay night club
in Orlando. MARIA RODRIGUEZ: The evening, something woke me up in the middle of the night, like about
2am. My heart was racing. I turned on the TV and all of a sudden the first news that
came up was Pulse. I immediately started calling all my friends. COMM: Maria Rodriguez tragically lost her close friend and house mate Frankie during
the massacre. MARIA RODRIGUEZ: He went there with a couple of friends. I wasn’t able to make it that
day, the rest of our friends were able to get out. The last time that they saw him was
that he was being shot while he was in a foetal position on the floor. That’s it. That’s
all we know. COMM: Since the shootings last June, the Orlando community has come together in unity, and
now they are fighting back against hate crime. JO MARTIN: Pink Pistols was formed in the year 2000, and it’s a non-profit organisation,
it was set-up after a series of attacks on the LGBT community, and we figured that if
they had a gay gun rights advocacy group that they could help train people in the gay community
to be able to safely defend themselves using a firearm. COMM: Pink Pistols has chapters across the United States, but didn’t have one in Florida. JO MARTIN: Actually put them all in. JO MARTIN: Make sure you don’t put your finger on that part because that’s a moving
part. So, you take your shot and your finger is anywhere close to here, it’s going to
move. So, you want it to be just right there, that’s perfect. COMM: Jo Martin was asked to set one up in August 2016 and since the Pulse shootings,
Pink Pistols membership has soared. JO MARTIN: After Pulse, the LGBT community, in addition to the non-LGBT community in this
area, was pretty badly affected because it happened right here and people that we knew
were affected by it directly. So, it did have a major impact. So, the one positive thing
to come from such a negative event was that people really pull together. And the Pink
Pistol is not just for LGBT people. Really, the only criteria is that we all believe that
everyone should have the right of self-defence. COMM: It’s legal to carry a concealed weapon in Florida, and many anti-gun campaigners
have called for firearms to be banned completely after Pulse and other atrocities. But the
Pink Pistols firmly believe in the Second Amendment. JO MARTIN: I pray every night that I never need to, but I do have that knowledge if I
do need to, and that’s one of the reasons I’m involved in Pink Pistols, because we
want to share that knowledge, so that other people have that level of confidence as well. MARIA RODRIGUEZ: I will not go against banning
guns even after what happened at Pulse. Although, it touched me deeply, but I think that you
should be able to protect yourself. MARIA RODRIGUEZ: I think it would have helped him, if more of the people that were in Pulse
would have had a gun. Because the more people that had gun, it would have been more protection
for themselves. JEREMY WILLIAMS: I don’t know if America would be safer if bans, if guns were banned
altogether, because they are out there. So, that would have been a question to propose
back when the nation was first starting and guns at their infancy, but I think there is
just too many guns out there to look at that as a viable way of keeping America safe. RICK CLAGGETT: The events at Pulse affected me personally, because it took me back to
a time where I didn’t feel safe. I don’t know if America would be safer if we didn’t
have guns, necessarily. I think the training is to be into the people who use them. If
people wanted to kill people, they will find a way to do it. So, I don’t necessarily
think that getting rid of the guns is going to be the answer for that. JO MARTIN: The answer to the question, ‘Will the world be a better place without guns?”,
is absolutely. But as a caveat to that, only if nobody had them and quite honestly, realistically,
I don’t see that happening. COMM: Now the community in Orlando is re-building itself, looking forward to a future without
hate crime. But for Maria and many others, June 12th 2016 will be a day that will stay
with them forever. MARIA RODRIGUEZ: He was a very happy person, spectacular human being, always caring. We
remember him constantly. My hope for the future is that everyone accepts everyone without
judgment, without discrimination, without racism. Who cares who you love, you know.
You love who you love and love is universal.

100 thoughts on “Pro-Gun LGBT Group ‘Pink Pistols’ Fight Hate Crime With Firearms

  1. Good to see the liberals are finally using the rights bestowed upon them by their forefathers.
    Now you will never be able to call any of the conservatives "gun nuts."

  2. I agree they were right to defend himself and with the recent attacks on the LGBT communities due to homophobic extremist they need to defend themselves and if the cops cannot be able to do it than they do themselves

  3. the only true way to minimize gun violence is to put minimum Bill saying that those who carry gun should have only this amount and especially to those with mental health issues and known acts of violence should not on pistols Arms firearms

  4. You have to be trained.

    If everyone carried a gun, they would be shooting around.
    Nothing, but more dead would have come out.

    If you want to own a gun, then you have to use it in the proper manner.

    2nd amendment my butt….More kids have been killed because of loaded pistols laying around.

    Stupid law…a baseball bat has more effect.

  5. Fight fire with fire and you get fire. How is causing the same problem you are fighting against a solution. Now you will have them shooting people. So when people shoot them, they will just say they have a gun too.

  6. I support Pink Pistols! Because these Liberals realized, if a another Islamist(Or any Anti LGBT) shooter attacks, hopefully someone will have a gun! And Florida allows conceal carry! Unlike other idiot liberals these guy know what wins a gun fight!

    …Granted no guns are allowed in night clubs, but maybe if a later shooting happens in a out door public area, someone can shot the shooter.

  7. I don't like guns and I never will because I can't get over all the innocent people that have died in vain because of them, however I want to be able to protect myself if I need to, we basically have no choice but to arm ourselves even if we don't want to

  8. Hell yes! I didn't learn CPR to expect to use it, but I need to do it four times in my life and I'm glad every second that I learned.

  9. The only thing people are not arming themselves with is rational minds.We've made cults out of being dysfunctional , we've made cults out of crime.This gun thing was meant for people to protect themselves against an abusive government,it came to the point where everyone is defending from everyone else.A million fucking enclaves of people that wanna pretend they are all the same.

  10. I'm a pro-LGBT+ conservative, which may sound like an oxymoron. I strongly support the free use of firearms, because it allows the American people to protect themselves. People who will use guns in a negative way will not obey the laws restricting gun use, so it's literally taking away the ability and the constitutional right (2nd amendment) of the American people to defend themselves. this makes me so happy, seeing the people who were hurt so deeply by the criminal abuse of guns learning to protect themselves in an effective way. I hope that more people can come to see this way.

  11. I just don't get it like they are saying that murder of people in the LGBT community are so high but every other murder rate of any other person is high or probably higher than LGBT people. It's annoying to hear them say that because it's like they're saying that LGBT people are the only people getting murdered.

  12. This is so stupid. Why isn't America following Australia's steps? Australia had a mass shooting, they banned all guns and placed strict permits on farmers weapons, and there haven't been any more mass shootings. America is just being played by the gun lobby that doesn't give a shit about citizen welfare.

  13. So fighting violence and hatred with more guns is the answer when there are already too many guns out there ?? I'm sorry but I don't think this helps the Florida LGBT community because "pink pistols" is just promoting more and more violence

  14. This is exactly what is wrong with America! They think the way to fight violence is with more violence! You don't see this much gun violence anywhere else on the planet… it's just so sad 🙁

  15. Protect yourself sure. A small pistol is enough. I don't see the problem with learning how to use a gun. But why do we need to sell high power automatic rifles that are used for wars? Also note that the Pink Pistols looks to be ran in a gun store. I bet this is great for their business…

  16. so instead of becoming police officers, they think they can just take the law into their own hands? how the fuck is this solving anything?

  17. Getting rid of gun at this point in the US is near impossible. the problem of illegal is out of hand. so instead of banning them which only apply to legal gun owner we should find a way of getting rid of gun from criminal eg black market. gun control is not one of them.

  18. How about addressing the hate and advocating for love instead of 'fighting back?' America is so messed up with their obsession for guns.

  19. Really??? Fighting hate crimes with guns is beyond stupid and dangerous to the society. Guns are for pussies and is what most Americans are!!!

  20. People you know the reason guns are actually good take Switzerland for example they have guns and they have the lowest crime rate, guns are also used for self-defense you people are dumb for thinking we don't need them people get robbed and killed all the time they need to defend themselves from bad people.

  21. I love this group. I don't agree with semi automatic weapons but everyone should have the right to defend themselves if they are a responsible citizen and have no violent record.

  22. That's why I bought my 20 year old cousin Janell, whose a trans woman, a gun for her protection, so any transphobic person dare tries anything, she will use it for her self defense, everyone in my family is license to kill, but being that she's the only one whose apart of the LGBT community in our family, we protect her even more…this exactly what I've been saying that LGBT ppl need to have something to defend themselves whenever some homophobe or transphobe tries to do something, God forbid.

  23. You anti-gun ppl are delusional, so when a bad guy aka homophobe or transphobe with a gun messes with them, and they have nothing to defend themselves with, what if they die? so that's what you morons want? they should be able to defend themselves unless you Liberal anti-gun nuts are homophobic and transphobic too? this is why some LGBT ppl who are Liberals need to not lean towards them since they don't care about your lives, cus they think you shouldn't protect yourself from danger…this is why I am pro-gun, I believe they have the right as law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

  24. People act like if you don't have a firearm, you're totally defenceless and automatically doomed. Don't they realise that there are many highly effective, non-lethal methods of self-defence?

  25. Frankly, the Pink Pistols are where both the Gun Rights movement and the LGBT movement should be going.

    The Right to Self Defense knows no demographic barriers, and one of the most important rights for all people is the Right to Self Defense.

  26. a scottish woman running a gun club? as a fellow scot in a country with the most in humane countries by that i mean in self defence and in firearm access i say you have this jocks full support!

  27. That's a good way. Of course weapons can cause a lot of damage but they can also prevent people getting damaged. Anti-gun laws just make criminals stronger, since they don't care about it and honest people get weaker. Yes, the attacker gets hurt then but that's what you could get if you attack other people.

  28. About time people are starting to realize that you have the right to bare arms in order to defend yourself, life, and property.

  29. More guns actually would fix the problem of mass shootings. The second someone tries to start a mass shooting, a good guy would stop them instantly. It wouldn't stop gun violence, but it would stop the majority of mass shootings from escalating beyond a single fatality (the attacker).

  30. The 2nd amendment protects the 14th. With hate crimes on the rise since Trump took office us gays,African Americans, Hispanics, and everyone else that’s subject to these atrocities needs to have means to protect yourself from these intolerant monsters.

  31. What happened at the Pulse is unAmerican (not to mention wrong to the enth degree)! We respect each others rights and personal space. Destroying the Second amendment, and our Constitution, doesn't solve the problem! Thank you, Pink Pistols, for helping my fellow Americans defend themselves.

  32. loving seeing the butthurt gun grabbers. Armed gays don't get bashed, so instead of playing the victim, I'm gonna not be one, thank you very much.

  33. Sadly the LGBT community has a much higher rate of mental illness compared to the rest of the population. I don't know if giving guns to people with a drastically higher suicide rate is a good idea. I am pro 2A 100% but this sounds like a bad idea. Before you get mad check the facts:

  34. Too many freaking communities…instead of continuing to segregate, the world needs to come together and have 1 single community . Humans . Instead blacks whites Mexicans Asians gays lesbians etc continue to separate them selves when they should be all coming together as 1 group.

  35. I love how they show a double barreled pump action shotgun like thats something anyone would buy for self protection lol

  36. Thank you pink pistols for being a hero in the real world to the LGBT communityI see so many things on YouTube about anti-lgbt things that happened it makes me angry and disgusted and the comments that support the violence makes me even angrieryou guys are giving the LGBT community teeth to fight back to give the bigots a taste of their own medicine when they come looking for trouble keep up the good workjust to let you know unfortunately States like Montana which is the one I'm in now still needs a lot of work when it comes to respecting LGBT people they still think we're easy they still think they can get rid of us and discriminatemaybe one day the pink pistols and other LGBT communities can change that and make Montana more up-to-date instead of being behind the timesI came up with the saying I do not know if you all out there would like it or not it is based off of the old saying created by bigots the old saying says bury the faget I say Berry in the bigot if you are willing please share that with the LGBT community as much as you can once again my saying is bury the bigot

  37. Pulling the trigger is wrong, pressing it is right.

    Very strange that ppl are talking about political left/right or such things.

    Guns are guns.

    They are neutral tools, they have not any opinions.

  38. Less to no shootings happen where everyone carries. That’s just a fact. In Montana at a diner, EVERY adult except my fiancé & I had a gun. I never felt that level of respect before

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