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Private Snafu – Target Snafu – Remastered

(Narrator): “Another smashing blow against
the enemy is underway. To understand the months of grueling work and preparation that go into
a raid like this, we must start at the very beginning.” [Army of bugs flying] (Narrator): “Selective service draws on the
nation’s manpower.” (Narrator): “Inductees are rigidly examined
for any defects. Only the finest may serve!” [Malaria Germ Detector] (Narrator): “Basic training begins. Drill.” (Narrator): “Manual of arms.” (Narrator):”Bayonet practice.” (Narrator): “Obstacle course.” [GI Repellent] (Narrator): “Night tactics. And so our cadets
have earned their wings, full-fledged fighter pilots ready for action.” [Operations. Aerial-Photo Reconnaisance] (Narrator): “Very discouraging, the enemy’s
defense seems impregnable… But wait!” [Target for Tonight] [Warlike music] [High Octane Malaria] (Narrator): “Yes, another smashing blow against
the enemy is underway.” (Snafu): “YEEEOOWWWWW!!!!” [Malaria Ward] [Score Board. 13th Malaria Marauders] [“Order of the Rising Temperature” award given
to bugs; temperature rises and explodes.]

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