27 thoughts on “President Obama speaks against nuclear weapons

  1. what a fake world, security security security give me your freedom , and give me your kids freedom and i will give you security just work pay tax and don't complain,

  2. This cutting of the speech is terrible. Check Telegraph or PBS news version for the efforts towards reduction of nuclear weapons, which has been burdened with political histories.

  3. The Obama peace talks are ALWAYS tied to some kriegspiels. If Obama had a true will for peace , Israel would be first at screaming against him and it wouldn't take long for a sister of Monica Lewinsky to jump on Obama's knees in front of all the tabloïds.

  4. The ONLY reason why there are nuclear power plants is to build atomic bombs.
    Energy is just an additional product.
    Obama and the US government are the biggest liars in the world.

  5. i  can't begin to understand why people are so for disarming nuclear weapons especially america trying to disarm itself! people act like if you disarm the current nukes that are lying around that the materials and knowledge suddenly disappears like people can prevent this sort of thing. there hasn't been a major war ever since nuclear weapons have been developed no world war 3 after world war 2 used the nuclear bomb. People need to learn that there's no such thing as a peaceful society so what if all the nukes were gone then what? we continue to use conventional bombs that still kill and pretend those are so much better? we have enough bombs in our arsenal to do major damage to big cities in any country.  A world without nuclear weapons cannot exist because they've all ready been created that's like saying a world without humans or animals how are you supposed to unwrite something that's all ready been written? Plus the huge factor is like north korea, north korea don't give a shit whether we disarm our nukes they're still going to make them and test them a treaty is just a piece of paper that nobody needs to follow besides the good ol US. After the atomic bomb was dropped that's when the diplomatic society was born that's when things had limits and rules like ROE don't believe look up the vietnam war and tell me that they didn't create ROE because of the potential we could cause. I hope to god we never disarm our nukes i know were not that stupid but obama want's it so bad. Nukes gave us the limitation that we have today as long as there is nuclear energy then nuclear weapons will all ways exist. Nukes helped us see what were capable of and now it makes us take a step bake and ask ourselves if what were doing is the right thing. It makes us thing and proceed with caution…what's this world comming to?

  6. the russians have more nukes than us for any of you people in the comments that say the u.s. has more.

  7. This man who speaks in front of a big gathering and whi is being saluted by all can he destroy one of hs newclear weapons…Speaking is easy but in practise he has nsot the power or the well to do.. Human being is so called human being but in fact human being is the enemy of human being … I do not believe them and I will never believe them even if they continure to bark all the history…This man in particular is very hypocrit..If I cry I cry about Kennedy..He was the only clean person among those barkig statutes (He wanted abolish nue and he paid his life for it..He may be pacified). They are film actors I hate them to the core… May God bless US if  US wnats to bless US. I admire every scientist and every person who is doing for te betterment of the world..If justice prevails ALLAH shall prevail peace prosperity lrichness which you wll not find it in said so called president.Meanwhile I pray for him to be wise and speak from his heart not form his tongue. GOD BLESS HUMAN BEING and give all prosperity to the poor before the rich because the later had already tasted it , while the poor did not even smell it ..YA ALLAH

  8. Everyone having nuclear weapons is exactly what keeps us out of nuclear war. Mutual intimidation is essential when it comes to nukes.

  9. African Muslim dictator Obama-VEHEMENTLY PROMISED to keep NUKES FR IRAN…5 yrs later..Literally hands NUKES..& BILLIONS OF U.S.(OUR)TAX PAYER DOLLARS to IRAN, while SCREWING OUR TROOPS (& leaders;) & CANNOT say "Islamic terrorism!" But, he's good at ENDING FREE SPEECH!

  10. FACT: At the same time that Obama was giving this "beautiful" speech, the democrat-controlled American Media was and still is instigating conflict vs Russia, and talking about the "Russian menace" when at 140 million people (USA 320 mill.) and with an economy smaller than the UK's or Brazil's, and less tech advanced, a fight with us is the very last thing they would want.

  11. Obama spent 1 trillion dollars on renewing the nuclear weapons arsenal and developing new ones.
    Obama was by far the worst president and greatest danger to peace the United States ever produced. Not even Trump is such a fucking asshole.

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