100 thoughts on “Prepared Defender Efficiently Repels Invaders

  1. Sorry…have to disagree. That is not the right firearm to use for self protection when you are living in an apartment building.

  2. Forward this to our anti-gun politicians as proof they are useful tools. Yeah, we do need em for self defense. Glad no one got hurt.

  3. Being what appears to be an apartment building, it is the best case scenario to not pull the trigger here. The backdrop is your neighbors livingroom/bedrooms. I can personally attest to a 5.56 round traveling completely through standard construction built house easily (from exterior to exterior as well as 3 interior walls). Apartment has a lesser ability to slow this projectile (hit or miss). He may have saved innocent lives by not pressing that trigger. Even aware they may strike again and better prepared on a whole new victim. Unfortunately that will be their responsibility to get in the fight.

  4. Thank god no one was hurt. Although he has a right to kill he didnt. I hope The thug hopefully can reflect and think about life and his decisions.

  5. I wonder if there is something in the apartment that they know is there? The risk they took, along with the prior pry marks on your door make me wonder.

  6. If someone is going to use rounds for home defense, they're better off getting rounds that have a lower chance of passing through.
    I have civic duty rounds in my hand guns, they essentially flatten out completely once they penetrate and spin like a pinwheel. They're pretty expensive but they're if someone broke into my house or if someone attempted to attack or mug me on the streets. I only use full metal jackets at the range.

  7. Should have shot them both dead in my opinion becouse realy nothing is going to stop these scum bags from doing this again with our them being dead or in hand cuffs I just feel like don’t hesitate to kill scum bags if given the chance

  8. In my State of Virginia can’t automatically shoot someone who breaks in during the day, only if they advance toward you

  9. The home owner did a few things that he shouldn't have in my opinion but for the most part he did well, had he kicked my door in he would have had a bad day, bc I'm disabled and can't fight so Bang, and it's over, his buddy is a fool for going out after him.

  10. I call BS on his reason for not firing; without going into my LEO background, which is extensive; his explanation sounds retrospective. More than likely he froze and or squeezed an empty chamber or trigger on safety. Inadequate magazine load should be a lesson to all; stay vigilant, with weapon and mind ready. Glad it worked out well for him.

  11. Would he have gone to jail if he killed them. I mean as soon as they cross that line of kicking open the door like that aren’t they a threat regardless?

  12. Now this is what I don't understand if you was inside the house with no warrants police were looking for you why didn't you just man what the fuck you want ain't nobody here the guy would have been ongoing you sitting at the door peeping through the fucking peephole being quiet like a bitch

  13. If it hadn't been the police at the door with you have open the door he wouldn't have even kick the door in if you to answer the fucking door man

  14. An adjustable door brace security bar would make most doors almost impossible to kick in.
    And they cost about $25. Look it up on Amazon and get one.

  15. When he took that one step towards the owner after kicking in the door he should’ve shot him in the face. Would’ve been justified too

  16. His background looked questionable at best. Would've likely sent rounds into the apartment across the hall. When I was an apartment dweller I used a shotgun for home defense.

  17. Should’ve shot him !! I know it’s not the greatest thing to do but we all know when this guys gets out he’ll be back to doing the same crap ! Should’ve of shot him !!!

  18. I might have an unpopular opinion here but I think he should have shot the guy. He got away to kick someone else's door in. If he would have been shot, he would have survived or died. If he survived he would do time. That time might be enough to make him never do this again. If he died, he could never do this again. Should you always shoot? No but I'm of the belief that most of the time you should shoot. I'm all for sparing human life, but bad people who do bad things require worse consequences to stop. And if every single home invader got shot, eventually people wouldn't invade homes anymore.

  19. Great idea for the unarmed friend to run in front of the rifleman and start yelling at the bad guys… 🤦‍♂️

  20. Even in slow motion the guy kicking in the door hauled ass pretty fast when he saw that AR-15! I heard the reason he didn't shoot was because they just had the carpets cleaned, lol

  21. He did a great job of protecting his home. Although I believe if he had a dog and it started barking upon the first knock they wouldn't even have tried to kick down the door. Sometimes a deterrent is all you need. But obviously you want to be prepared as you can be, so glad he had the AR-15 ready

  22. Good result of using a gun without firing. If he is truthful and said he didn’t see a weapon, that’s good firing discipline in such a short time. His other concern could have been his backstop, which looks to be his neighbors door. The fact that he didn’t fire is great because if he did fire,and miss, possible that he could have harmed his neighbors. Of course, don’t know what type of ammo he had at hand, but still good job overall.

  23. Should have shot them dead, no blame on your part and you would have saved many other people from being in this situation – are they free to carry on.

  24. The only thing he did wrong was not clapping these fucking turds. His friend is a dipshit too lets walk right in front of a muzzle DUUUR HUUR!

  25. At 3:53 you can see the intruder taking a step into the house and towards the homeowner. That should be enough to pull the trigger is it not??

  26. The Ayoob files could teach this guy some lessons. Fire from concealement. It would have given this guy much more time to assess the situation before firing and not put himself in direct contact with the intruders. He could have been shot immediately.

  27. Totally disagree with this defender's logic about"I didn't see a weapon so I didn't shoot". This guy could have had all kinds of weapons on him, which he may have intended to use on the homeowner once entry was obtained. I personally would always make the assumption that a home invader is there to do me serious harm, whether I actually see a weapon or not. And I would act accordingly.

  28. I agree that not firing was the right call. No evidence that the bad guys were armed, plus it looks like apartments or something where there is another front door across the landing. Had he fired and missed, he could easily have shot his neighbor.

  29. Did those rounds inter the adjoining apartment? Glad I didn’t live across the hall from this guy. He should have positioned himself behind the door, out of the way of its swing. Allowing them to enter, pop out from around the door, then give them what they crave lol. Plus that would have put his rounds pointed to this house, not the neighbors.

  30. that is an airsoft rifle. no muzzle flash. no barrel rise. also the sound is very hush in contrast to voice levels and door banging open. but coming at your face someone may not be able to distinguish betweent the toy and the actual gun.

  31. I have watched your videos many time but now it's time to say, "you think that you can do better than others, I don't think so, so please stop making these types of videos."

  32. I'm willing to bet that the fact that he used an AR15, as opposed to a handgun, actually saved the invader's life. Good chance if it were just a pistol, he wouldn't have seen it fast enough or considered it as great a threat, and then he would have gotten shot.

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