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Power Rangers Weapons & Power Blaster First Battle | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers “Teamwork” Episode

[Kimberly] Hey, what’s going on here? [Billy] The situation is– [Jason] Yeah, what happened back there? Your questions will
be answered in due time. Your Zords have been returned
to their hiding places, and I will now reveal to
you new powers and weapons. Behold, Billy, this is your Power Lance, a weapon of great power and range. Kimberly, behold your Power
Bow, accurate and strong. Jason, this is your Power Sword, key to all the weapons’ powers. Zachary, behold the Power Axe, lightning-quick, and hard as diamond. Trini, your Power Daggers
are feather-light, and true as arrows. Use these weapons together
and you will be unstoppable. That Minotaur’s history. [Jason] Here’s the plan. We corner the Minotaur and give
him a taste of our weapons. If that doesn’t work,
we bring them together and give him a blast of our mega power. You with me? [Kimberly] Right! [Billy] We’re with you! [Trini] All the way! [Zack] Yeah! (rangers shouting) (Minotaur growling) ♫ Go go Power Rangers (rangers shouting) (heavy rock music) All right Minotaur, you’re going down! You got that right! You’re yesterday’s news! Face it, Minotaur, you’re finished! So why don’t you go
back where you came from before you get hurt, hi-yah! Yeah, and the same goes for Rita! [Rangers] Hi-yah! Power Rangers! (Minotaur roaring) ♫ Go go Power Rangers (rangers shouting) (Jason shouting) (Minotaur bellowing) ♫ Go go Power Rangers [Zordon] Rangers, the time is right to bring these weapons together. Your team must act together as one. You heard him guys, let’s do it! Right!
Right! Morphin’!
Morphin’! (Minotaur growling) Power Axe! Power Bow! Power Daggers! Power Lance! Power Sword! (heavy rock music) [Rangers] Power Rangers! Uh-oh! [Rangers] Fire! (Power Blaster firing) (Minotaur bellowing) ♫ Go go Power Rangers ♫ Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers [Jason] Yeah!

100 thoughts on “Power Rangers Weapons & Power Blaster First Battle | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers “Teamwork” Episode

  1. No one going to say shit about how the yellow ranger is taller than all the rangers in the command center…

  2. "Featherlight and true as arrows"
    I'm surprised Kim didn't say "HELLO, you gave ME the bow!"
    Also these days you can clearly see the funny Sentai carry over of the weapons being regular sized before powering up…even though they just got their powered up forms 15 seconds ago.

  3. When i kids i love the most of the scenes but after i become tenagers after i know mostly the footage from original sentai zyuranger now i feel there was nothing from mmpr but still awesome memory from childhood

  4. No hate…it is a badass and really cool moment…but it just funny to see everyone contribute gun hole for the combine blaster but jason just put a sword on top of it lol

  5. yeah if you made this into a drinking game and took a sip every time the word power is mentioned…i think this one scene would put you in an alcohol coma lol

  6. Lot of good memories, although would have been nicer if the fight lasted a bit longer.  Also, after watching Dino Thunder, can't help but wonder what were to happen if Saban tried for an original shot by adding the Dragon Dagger onto the Power Blaster, just to see how big of a boost it would get.  Anyway, sad thing about the Power Weapons, is that in Season 2, they couldn't give them a boost of Thunder like they did with the Zords, like have them transform into either the Dairenrods or their weapon forms.

  7. I've always wondered after being presented with their weapons, how did they know which order to assemble them in?

  8. I just ordered the Legacy Power Sword! Can't wait for it to come in the mail! I hope they do the other weapons but they will be massive!

  9. Mammoth Ranger Goushi: Moth breaker

    Ptera ranger Mei: Ptera Arrow

    Tiger ranger Boi: Saber Daggers

    Tricera ranger Dan: Tricera Lance

    Tyranno ranger Geki: jumps in the air Ryugekiken

    All: Howling Cannon!

  10. Little known fact: Walter Emmanuel Jones, the actor who played Zack the Black Ranger, was briefly on the Indianapolis Colts practice squad during the 1995 season. His listed position was runningback and he wore #36. He was only on the practice squad for 4 weeks however, and he never made the Colts' active roster.

  11. I love how the weapons are thrown into the air and just stay in the air whilst the rangers put the weapons together

  12. Nostalgia 1990s 💛
    The original, the best. A delightful part of the innocent, beautiful memories, which I can watch time after time 💓.

  13. I wish they would have done what Super Sentai did, and had them earn their weapons through the trials of the Island of Despair.

  14. Notice the weapons flash, you can see bits of different weapons turning into the power weapons. It's a part that makes more sense in Zyuranger

  15. Chase red rangers
    Rubble yellow rangers
    Rocky black rangers
    Skye pink rangers
    Marshall blue rangers
    Captain turbo aqua rangers
    Tracker green rangers
    Everest sliver rangers
    Ryder gold rangers
    Zuma graphite rangers
    Mayor good way purple rangers
    François indigo rangers
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  16. After watching Zyuranger I can't help but laugh at all the simple mistakes that were made when adapting the footage; for instance you can clearly see the Zyurangers original weapon forms before they change in that flash of light…it would've been super easy for Saban to just cut to the part where the weapons appear in that flash of light, instead of having them change

  17. What would you guys call this weapon if they added Tommy/Burai's Dragon Dagger I'd call it the Dragon Power Blaster/Z-Howling Blaster

  18. In zyuranger… They trying to achieve that power weapon with such an effort… But in mmpr, the power weapon just given by zordon… I really like zyuranger.. The story is so much better..

  19. I wish there was a way to know your in the good old days while your there. This video brings back so many memories of being a 5-6 year old and watching this show I cant describe the feelings I get watching it

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