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Post Scriptum – Sniper on Arnhem Streets [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

It hurt again… I hear you, the silent legend. We’ll try the left side again! Got it still! They nuked that big time! Nice, i like that! I bet you there is… There will be a Sniper in the church tower later on, for sure! I’ll mess him up! He’s already there! Can’t believe my luck! 500m, let’s go! Dude! Easy! Easy game! Couldn’t have gone better! I could… I’d eat a Mettbrötchen (Roll with raw pork meat) i have to admit… Yea, i have a kilo of ‘Mett’, because I’m meeting friends tomorrow. They asked for it. That’s good! Why are you alive Alex? Then i can already wish you “Bon Appétit”! That’ll be tasty! So no Post Scriptum tomorrow? Maybe in the evening? I thought there’s ‘Mett’ to be eaten in the evening? No! ‘Mett’…breakfast! The true Rhineland tradition is the ‘Mett’ breakfast! Nothing else! It’s called Peasants jam after all! You wouldn’t eat that for dinner! Err, peasants – i mean construction worker! Excuse me! Peasants jam… sounds like something vegan! Let’s not… Peasants jam… don’t start with that! What’s next?! Frutarians, eating stuff fallen from trees only! Chickpea and Cashew spread… That’s the first step to Hell! I’m really hungry again, weird… At lunch i had Ćevapčići and Meatballs… …with Chips and Wok vegetables and Saté-sauce! Yum! What’s that…And garlic sauce on the Ćevapčići… All you can eat in Lebano style? Yes, as i said at 17h i came home and started eating… …and figured, ah, might as well drink a beer while cooking! That’s how it started! Then i figured: Let’s watch ‘Helicopter Mission 7’, the old episodes. Then worked a bit, really briefly, half an hour… … then i thought: might as well play Post Scriptum. And then… And now we’re here! And now we arrive to where we are, yes! ‘Der Sinning’, want to talk about it? No! Buuut… i made it down! What happened? Hard to tell… You’ve got to see it! Won’t get far with the pistol! What’s he doing up there? That was a mistake! To the Medics: Rally on me! How? I killed him first! He dropped and then i died! Why? Ok, maybe i bled out that quickly. I don’t know… I’m at the truck in the capzone! My back is hurting! Still… Careful, behind the red wall, along the street! We’re in the capzone as well! We’re capping! Oh well… That wasn’t smart… What’s he doing? Let’s not… The Squad is still too far apart! MG on me, cover down the street, heading west! Sounds like trouble… We hold position, stay here! Tell me when to follow! Someone up to drive the tank? I’m supposed to ask… Can you throw one out? Yes i can. Allright! Who’s leader? You. Me? No. I got hit. No idea how, but i got hit. In front, behind the barrel! Behind the barrel! I’m there, but i can’t join. Now! Now! What? What? What? Empty slot! Someone with a shovel on me, we need to get rid of the barbed wire! On my position! Still enemy infantry at the road junction! Advance carefully, not too close to the junction in the east! Still enemies. MG is free, i’m switching! Damn, i’m down! Careful! On my position: Vickers MG! I’ll dig it out! Very good! I’ll refresh the rally! Nevermind, MSP is close. I’ll come up and set one there! Sniper: Would be good if you could get sight on the eastern junction… … and take out the guys at the bunkers! That way they can’t… Shit! MG is halfway down! Got shot! Stuka on the way! On the bunker at the junction! Lebano, i’m behind you! So many British laying around… We’re capping! And pretty consistently! Careful MG! That’s me! Looking good! Stay in cap, try to survive! If you have a shovel: Try to get rid of the barbed wires Try and get me back up in the building! If we hold those buildings, we have the cap! He was behind us! No, in front! Right ahead, at the arch! Right of the arch! Peaks out every now and then! We’re taking the point i think… Looking good so far! The tickets are in favor of the British… We had the lead a moment ago. As i said, this point finished us… Look, as soon as Balthasar and i are there… Got 3 or 4 with the MG! Where they…. Pulled the trigger a second too late… He saw me, i saw him… Yea, know that feel! 14 tickets left! That’s it anyway… I won’t spawn anymore… What the fuck? What was that, Vade? 10 tickets left! Well, GG! Was good as long as it lasted!

39 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – Sniper on Arnhem Streets [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. 9th SS Panzer Division Panzergrenadiers are so hardcore, they have casual, relaxed discussions about Mett, chickpea paste and Cevapcici amidst the fighting…

  2. awww, man, you guys talking about Mett reminded me of learning about and trying it at school in the Mett hedgehog and on bread… nostalgia factory right here

  3. The sniper doesnt have bullet fall? LoL one month playing like it has. And I should press SHIFT while aiming right?

  4. Wow, I have the greatest respect for your skills as a sniper, Vade. Good job!
    I wish my PC would run something as big a game as Post Scriptum, would love to try it as well..

  5. Verfolge eure Videos eine Weile, macht echt Spaß bestimmt. Hab bloß Bedenken, weil ich schon öfters so games gekauft habe, die am Ende nichts für mich waren. Sieht aber zumindest besser als BFV aus… bin ja BF1942 player

  6. Just to let you know, I got my copy of Post Scriptum today thanks to your videos! A few hours in, and the fun is unimaginable. Thanks for introducing me to such a good game!

  7. Könnt ihr mal aufhören vom Essen zu reden! Wegen euch musste ich mir um 3 Uhr morgens noch voll was zubereiten… 😋🍴

  8. Fell in love with the channel 30 minutes ago, definitely keep up with this game, or maybe other WW2 shooters, unique as hell

  9. At extended ranges that scoped K98 just shines like a diamond. No one made – or makes – optics like Germany. Excellent vid – thanks for this …

  10. Geiles Video!! Hast du als Späher irgendwelche Vsibilitäts Nachteile? Sprich das glänzen deines Gewehrs etc.?

  11. Come to Sarajevo and try some ćevapčići. They'll make you believe in a kind and merciful God.

  12. Cashewkerne und Kichererbsen, da stehste schon mit einem Bein in der Hölle 😀 Ja Mettbrötchen Primär zum Frühstück, Abends schockt es aber auch, weil Mettbrötchen halt 😀 Liebe grüße von der Nordseeküste, kaum auszumalen wohin es immer die Rheinländer verschlägt 🙂 Super Video, ich denke echt drüber nach, mir das Spiel zu holen 🙂

  13. Hab bei den Steam Reviews gelesen, dass das Spiel eher so durchschnittliche Bewertungen hat. Kannst du mir da irgendwas zu sagen, Vade?
    Also ich finde, dass Post Scriptum ja echt gut aussieht. Bin ja was das Spiel angeht eher begrenzt auf Videos gucken, ohne es mir selbst zu kaufen.
    Aber kann es sein, dass diese Bewertungen von so Dingern kommen wie Lags? Wie diese, die auch mitten im Video aufgetaucht sind?

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