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Post Scriptum – Sniper Holdout [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

Yes […], StuKa was on point! Very nice! Tell the tank he’s got a Cromwell behind him up his ass! The tank needs to turn around asap! Tank, get out of there! Cromwell behind you! Watch out, Hill will get some visit by the tank soon! Got you boy! Ok, don’t shoot the Hotel dude! No funny business! Going down the street! Yes, he got me! Hi! I think there’s a StuKa coming, there’s a bomb mark! I’m at the trees right now, crawling towards him! StuKa is coming now!
Oh no… He’s reversing! He must’ve noticed the [usually very subtle] StuKa! Boys – Change of plans! Cancel up here, back to the hotel! Double time, move, move! The MG is still firing through the bushes east! Disengage and back to the hotel! Move out! I left the tank an explosive charge! Sounded good! Neat, enemy tank destroyed! Yup, burning! Enemy MSP south of the hotel by the looks of it! Copy that, I’ll mark it… He was drivng, no idea where he’s headed! Smoke grenades between hotel and the trees! I mean the forest and the houses! Not happening! Almost! Vade, you’re holding position up there, yes?
Yup! Yup! Not Blade, Vade! Sniper!
Yes, doing that! All good! Infantry from the south-west, west! Roughly at the windmill! Understood!
The second one, further back! 5 tickets! GG men, they have 5 tickets left! Very good work!

5 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – Sniper Holdout [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. GEIL

    Hau beim nächsten mal sowas wie "Scharfschützen-Holdout" in den Titel, bring deinen Zuschauern aus Übersee etwas Deutsch bei! 😀

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