Post Scriptum – Sniper Defense of Heelsum Fields

Eastern side is looking clear! Squad 6, we’re defending towards the west along the road! I think that was the wrong channel! Full squad from the east!
All the MSPs are still in main base! How far from you?
300m! Recon car, in front of you, full enemy squad just in the field! Ok! Got to love being shot by teammates straight away! Yes, he shot me as well – Think he got auto-kicked! Was that a traitor or something? Say again?
This is the armoured section, Panzer V Panther – Ready for action! We remain in the back and move up once enemy tanks are reported! Squad 1, the other medic died!
Sounds like a good plan! Good day everybody!
Good day! Crew of the Panther, please work closely together with the infantry! Understood! Infantry call in where and when you need backup! Recon car, right side! They’re laying right of you, at the bushes! Infantry is tasked to defend the tanks! How’s the point looking boys? Pretty calm so far! Bit of fire from the north, nothing much!
Any tank sightings so far? Tank seems to have infantry support! Understood, passed on! Think I got hit from the south! Not sure, could be from the road… Saw nothing on the way from spawn… Ah, wrong mark! 9? 09 and west of it, yes! Between 09 and the road! Getting arty on point 09, so heads down! Let the arty do it and then get out and shoot what’s left! Artillery coming down!
Many thanks! Tank gunner lost! Enemy mortar emplacement at the bunkers north-east! Panther, fall back! We’ve got replacements! Boys, there’s an enemy mortar at the bunkers north-east! Just so you know… Repair station setup south of Zwitserland! Understood!
Yes, thanks! Welcome! Good day to you, colleague! Do your duty! Good day! Careful towards south-east, got enemies there as well! Ok! Already marked but our SL messed up a bit doing so…
Yes, ok… One’s aiming at us! See him! 300!
They were behind the… Got him! Perfect! Thanks for calling that out! He would have gotten us! Arty is spot-on! Very good!
Direct hit, bunker is gone! Arty cleaned up nicely!
This spot is quite nice, they don’t have this covered – You can pick some people off! Infanftry from the west, in the forest! Moving north!
Sending a StuKa on there! Thank you! Don’t look at the planes, look at me! Squad 2, tell your sniper […] SL, just infront of you, in the north, infantry laying there on the grass! Got it, thanks! It’s full of them… Watch out tank, StuKa coming down on your left side!
Copy! SL, do you think we can get an ammo box up here?
Bomb fell short! I’ll ask! Can we get ammo at the front? Ammo crates? So we can settle things with grenades! Yes, affirmative! Radio, fall back! We’ve got a new tank there! Let’s get to the point and put a new rally down!
Tank marker 986! Not sure if it’s a Sherman – he’s in the bushes!
Awesome thanks! Say again?
Tank marker! November 9 8 6! Just north of the Panther! Copy! I’m that tank! Many thanks! Who needs that ammo crate? MG gunner! I’m too far right now! I’m at the SL! I’d prefer a stationary one! If one picks it up and dies it’s wasted!
Got the sniper! Might as well use it, no point in carrying it all the time!
Panther, you’re shooting at the dead tank! Firefly already dead! Copy!
Better use it!

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