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Post Scriptum Plan Jaune – Panzerbüchse 39 in Dinant [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

MSP and tank standing there, it’s already marked! Great, someone shoved me out the door, now I’m standing all alone down here! I told you, you’re too heavy!
If we take too much fire, quickly call it back down! Guess I’ll take the ladder!
Oh shit, there are alot of them! Get ready to fire! It works, we’re capping!
One grenade and we’re all dead! Ok, get out, he’s right! Grenades will come in! Thanks! That’s crazy! I’ve got two french tanks on me! We should stay on this elevator, the next point is Dinant Nord! We can get there through the catacombs! Throwing a grenade!
Tank on my position! Right around the corner or what? Yes, they’re marked!
Shit, he had the same idea! Where I’m looking, 100m! Got him?
And one’s driving up… There’s a whole french army infront of the door! That one house is full of them! Oh shit, wrong… Rally is hot! I could do this all day dude! Moja, coming to you! Holy shit! Dude that’s so crazy! Dude! Of course, if everybody runs in! Where did the french general come from? No idea, i got him, that’s for sure! Guys? That’s soo nasty! Just minced meat! Shit… Wait, he’s still alive? They are trying desperatly to get this shitty logi truck back! There he goes flying! Right hand! Vade knows the way!? No, Vade just runs ahead! Until something shoots! I see… The enemy logi is trying to free their truck! Commander dead! House ahead! Watch out boys!
Very nice! Rally… Full of them! Left side, two! They’re coming in from the right flank again! A rally would be nice! Yes, can’t place it because of enemies close! Shit… Oh, I’m capping! Together with Hansemann, I think? I’m still on those logi truck that is trying to shut off the bridges!
Rally 60 seconds! Would be nice if we had something to get rid of the enemy logi before they shut off the bridge entirely! Shit… Give me the coordinates again! We’re up! The french are covering the bridge big time… Re-decorate rooms with the Panzerbüchse is quite fun! You can see like a colour-bomb on the other side! What’s the Pzb. good for again? You can damage modules? Yea, and kill crew and so on… Because I took out the engine of a B1 yesterday somehow… With one shot… The MG has so much recoil! The one from the radioman! Yea, that’s how I survive it that long! Really? Just gone, that guy! Boss, can we get a new rally? Since we’re already across! Ok, I’m dead! I got killed by something explosive!
Get to the SL, so he can get down a rally! Enemy infantry is coming in south of you, from the train station! Yes, they’re also coming from the north!
Rally set! How did Squad 7 get across? Is there another pontoon bridge? Yes, far south! Watch it… Everybody not tied up, take the houses! Advance! Alright – enemy AT rifle got AT rifled! Neat!
What? Ok, we’re capping!
Got that on many maps… The AT rifle is back in action! Somewhere north-west of the point, careful! It’s just in the house across! Not anymore! Very good! Enemy… on my position! Good thing they all shoot miserably! 1 min for rally! I’ll try to make it in 1min, come towards me SL! Yes! Running towards you! Come on, please climb the wall! That’d be fun! Oh yes! That’s exactly how I imagined it! Glorious! Watch out AT! There’s an enemy in your house, second floor! Understood! One second floor, watch it!
He’s camping the stairs! One right above us! Question is, can we get a grenade up there? Got him? Got him? No!
Watch out, he’s throwing a grenade! Careful MG! We’re in the floor below!
That was out MG! MG, supress the upper floor! Grenade is up! Got him! Got him!
Medic! They’re all watching the hill flank on the other side, maybe we can slip in! Yes, we’ll do that! Ok, our rally is hot! We’re taking ricochets from the fighting area! “Ricochets”… Yes, really!
Yes, that’s what it’s called! You learn everyday! New rally set! Come on! You also want it! Sure, enemy right next to the rally… Asshole… Watch out, the french are coming down the mountain again! Ouch! What? I’m still at the rally!
Rally is hot! Oh, you put down a new one! Why don’t you tell me? You have to hit, sucks otherwise! Yes, I learned the lesson, thanks!

82 thoughts on “Post Scriptum Plan Jaune – Panzerbüchse 39 in Dinant [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. This thing was made for me! Hooded K98 sight + Schiessbecher level of fucking shit up + Metallic firing sound and meaty hit sound 300m down range AT THE SAME TIME + ballistics of a KwK 42/L70 + Boys ATR virigin big bolt action design vs the Pzb.39 Chad breach loading, ammo on the rack design – How could you not love it! (If only it could hurt tanks somehow…)

  2. why in every game the people use this antitank rifle like a sniper with out scope, ahhhh i know is usless for tanks…..

  3. Does ducking down when using a bipod actually do anything? I figured that your player model would still be standing up for other players.

  4. Some of the stuff you scream are the same as the ones I hear in CoD 3. Its so cool hearing what those Germans were screaming are legit German words and not random stuff put to together to make Germans look like intimidating enemies.

  5. Hearing germans talking about their superior weapons in their native language is so immersive, y'all sound so sinister towards your enemies, und ich mag es!

  6. Hi zusammen. Habe auch Interesse an dem Game. Was ist die Supporter Edition. Reicht auch die normale Edition? Freue mich auf eine Antwort

  7. Panzerbüshe 39: There is no kill like overkill, who needs a hit marker when you so thoroughly splatter your enemy that you couldn’t miss the cloud that forms when you score a hit?

    The boys is a silly weapon, the 5 round clip just proves the British don’t have confidence in killing everything in one shot.

  8. Hey, can I maybe join that server so I can improve my German and be better in Post Scriptum. I am Dutch myself but I live near the german border, so I got a farmer dialect that looks hella lot like German. Also got my sub! Hah!

  9. The new addition seems much more detailed than the previous version. Furniture in rooms, for example. Is the fortress you’re inside the Dinant Citadel? The map looks very true to history. Great video.

  10. This thing has the ballistic arc of a actual standard issue rifle. In game rifles' arcs force you to adjust for distance too much.

  11. "Once they broke out of the Ardennes, the speed of the German advance was matched seemingly by their cold efficiency."

    Actual Footage:

  12. i hate how i am european and can't join any server because the only ones with players on them and not full are the German and French

  13. 1945: we ended the war, the French and Germans will no longer fight
    2020: Post script is free in the steam
    Germans and French

  14. Европейское содружество это конечно хорошо но хотелось бы добавить Советский союз:)

  15. Technically, shooting infantry with a rifle this caliber is a war crime. So if anyone ask, just say you were aiming at something else.

  16. Fun fact about the PzB39, unlike most other AT rifles, instead of using the a big, heavy bullet, the PzB uses a really fast, normal sized bullet, this in turn results in the gun having a super flat trajectory and nearly zero travel time. For reference, an 7.92x57mm Mauser(the stand are has muzzle velocity (on Wikipedia) about 2700 FPS, the 7.92x94mm Patronen has a muzzle velocity of 3800 FPS.

  17. Mir gefällt das Spiel und ich sehe euch gerne zu. Was mich wundert und ich schade finde das die Häuser immer leer sind. Ich meine ohne Möbel drin. Und was ich auch schade finde das es kaum deutsche Kommentare hier gibt.
    Was ich wiederum gut finde sind die Fahrzeuge, die Landschaften, und eure Kommis im Spiel….👏👏🙋‍♂️👍

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