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Post Scriptum – Grave Sniper From Far To Close [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

Enemy sniper taken out! Very nice! Destroy them there – if possible! Sucks not being able to vault, right? They’re sitting on the bridge, watch out over there! They’re back at our base! Boom And gone! Standing still is nice! Yes! Very good! 600m is nothing! He does that for breakfast! Boom! Bye bye! Ouh! That’s… easy as anything! Boy, oh boy! Watch out for the mines! The upper bridge doesn’t make sense…
Yea! Maybe at the pontoon bridge, if you… you can’t dig, can you? No… Hm, ok… What about me? I was there earlier! Where were you?
Down at the bridge! Bye bye… Enemies almost neutralized! What was that? Delta 6 – 2, got a few enemies there! I’m running out of bullets here! Full squad in the middle of trenches! Every shot must hit, dude! Say again? Last bullet, friends, last bullet! Shit… There we are! Fuck! Stop it! Wow, he’s awful! That’s a joke! Where the grenade went off…
Can someone help me? Oh, I’m over there… No chance! I’m citing freely: ‘Better luck next war!’ Third one north! Southern corner of the house! That’s where the rallypoint is! […] you’re on the way there! Shit, mousepad ended! There we go, finally! Where do we have an ammo crate? Some close already! Some are close already! Let’s try… You can just spam grenades! Yes, they’re up here!
Looks good! Oh, that was juicy! What? Got one, headshot! Woosh and gone! Oh – embarrassing! Medic! Yes, on the way! Two… three men coming, on my position! They’ve got something inside that big house, I think! Dude! From the south! They’re all going onto the roof! You can see them from here! Yes, I’ll try my luck! You can see them from here! One is on top, one is lower! Got two on this hill! Let’s see about the roof! No, the roof… Totally open up there!
Got the one on the roof! It’s really like shooting clay pigeons! My lord… We’re being capped! Well… matter of perspective! I think they’re inside by now!
Destroyed the rally point! Watch it with grenades now! Going up! We’re capping back! Yea, all clear up here! Roof is clear again! On the americans right infront of the door! *Grenade rolling* *Chuckles* (‘I’m in danger’) Well! Guess I won that! We tried taking Arsenaal back – won’t happen with 4 guys – we’re coming over to help at Hamport! How many are there, dude? […] can you get to the southern house? Thanks!
Apparently alot! Very nice! Right side here! At the cars! That’s not good! They’re coming in! Left at the gate, watch out! What kind of gang-bang is that?! Well, good game boys! Despite everything, we did good work!

33 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – Grave Sniper From Far To Close [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. Wait, you load 5 bullets, but you can only shoot 1?
    On Forgotten Hope 2, you load as much as the rifle needs, even if it's just 1 or 2…

  2. 0:27 An American GI tea-bagging moments before been shot by a German sniper. “WWII Soldier Behavior”, circa 1944.

  3. American Sniper: So I was back in Fallujah, aiming down an alley 200m away…

    Vade: Well back in the day, I popped your kind from 600m away!

  4. wow. some sweet long range shots in this one! gotta be frustrating to be on the other end of that. rounds from nowhere.

  5. Sie würden vielmehr die UdSSR-Fraktion einführen. Als Russe möchte ich an der Schlacht teilnehmen. Ihre Scharfschützen-Taktik ist beeindruckend.

  6. Trotz der Tatsache das du nich das Squadleadslot genommen hast, eine sehr coole Runde. Dein kills sagen alles 😉 . Gruß Haubutze

  7. 5:10
    I know that feeling Vade, I have been running out of rifle ammunition too much lately. Such a pain, when a

    Schütze is so far away from a

  8. when post scriptum gets to the eastern front you know there's gonna be some zaitsev vs konig shit goin down on this channel

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