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Post Scriptum – Churchtower Night Sniper [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

There’s still fire coming from north of Driel Kerk! Yes, understood! Careful! Behind you! Squad 1, we attack from the west! Copy! Tank crew? Yes, we’re working on it! Gunner is new! Better… MSP destroyed! Enemy MSP destroyed! Medic, careful! There were two! Medic, careful! There were two! One Medic left of the road, one on the right! Southeast out of the forest… enemy fire! Bye bye! He’s somewhere east of the forest! Radioman isn’t talking, no? Radioman isn’t answering… Should reconsider if such a role should be taken by someone like that… Tank destroyed! Nice! Cromwell still south of the point! At the crossroads where the roads split! Is moving north now! Guessing he’s looking for the MSP. We need to apply pressure! Well then do so, push up! Cromwell is moving up the road to the point! Crawl through the bushes up there! Fuck off… Was nice, good fun! Thanks boys!

45 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – Churchtower Night Sniper [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. I played a round as Sharpshooter covering my Squads advance along Driel at night. I was made Squadlead and decided to give the promotion to the Radioman, because i wasn't effective as a SL Sniper. The same guy kicked me in the end, probably because i didn't take part in the movements north of the point. That's why my scoped rifle changed to the unscoped version.

  2. 4am est this was uploaded for me, but it’s ok because I am the human reincarnation of an owl so I do this every night

  3. Thanks Vade. Some of those long distance shots must have scared the crap out of the players at the other end of them!!!

  4. Shouldn't you be in camo, hiding as a bush ? Church steeple obvious hideout. BTW, fire at the fuel tanks of trucks with lots of nearby enemies. 😀

  5. Question as a non PS player: Vade, with your audio settings in game would you be able to hear/detect if someone was going to your position? Can you hear the enemies footsteps as they climb the bell tower?

  6. Ich geb Dir mal ein Tipp wenn Du Dir eine Position gesucht hast sehe Dich um nach Fixpunkten wie Bäume Straßenschilder Bänke Steine Häuser markiere sie dir auf ein Blatt papier so sparst du richtwinkelzeiteinstellung oh … stimmt da gibs sowas vielleicht nicht jedenfalls kleb dir vorsichtig bei Deinem Zielfadenkreuz des Scharfschützengewehres tesafilm an deinem Monitor dran der leicht abgeht und markiere So die gegebenen Punkte um so besser zu zielen

  7. mal ne frage, lohnt es sich das spiel zu holen bin selber squad veteran, habs aber momentan nicht so dick vom geld her, lohnt es sich das spiel zu kaufen (grafikkarte r9 270x ) da ich gehört habe das es ab und zu an spielern mangelt und es sehr stark die graka beansprucht möchte och jetz keine 30 euro ausgeben nur um festzustellen das es nicht nötig war ✌

  8. I could not imagine how god damned scary it would be to be on the receiving end of precision fire in real life. I suppose the fear would be fleeting however.

  9. The feel of this is soo interest, dark night, sniper tower covering and firing, I miss the good ole days of call of duty missions and medal of honor when you fight those night missions – not enough of that in games –

  10. Wish night maps were waaay darker, like it would be in real life, even though the moon can shed light this is not so close to reality, in here you can see every detail of every branch and bush, stone or "dark place". It would be great to see the night as it is, VERY DARK with things that you don't see at all. Imagine seeing only the light of fire at the end of the barrels and hunting for only shadows in the dark, having to cleandark houses and trying to identify a shape in a dark room. Now That would be immersive and scarry as hell. Nice vid by the way. Cheers.

  11. Wahnsinn Alter,ich habe jetzt seit ein paar Tagen deine Videos für mich entdeckt und muss sagen es gibt fast keine bessere Youtubeunterhaltung👍👍👍👍trifft genau meinen Nerv,egal ob Infanterie oder Panzerkommandant…einfach alles richtig gut

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