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Hello, welcome to Elif’s kitchen. Full measure of full consistency to you today I’d like to share the recipe for orange jam. To be informed of my new recipes, be sure to subscribe to my channel and open notifications by pressing Zile. Look, I’ve got a kilo of oranges, washed them and peel them. Then I try to get the white parts on it as much as possible. Did I peel the oranges? try to get the white parts as much as possible so that it does not give you any bitterness then on the board As you can see, I’m giving birth. Cube-shaped as you wish. You can get it straight in smaller sizes, if you like. I’ll put it in my pot, the oranges I chopped. I’m adding 750 grams of granulated sugar on top I close the lid of the pot, put it in the fridge, and leave it like this one night. It happened the next day. The orange didn’t release much water. I wanted to add orange juice into it for this reason. First, grate about about 1 teaspoon of orange peel. 1 cup orange freshly squeezed orange juice. I take it to my stove and stir it occasionally over medium heat until it boils. 1 teaspoon of deletion I’m adding butter. To make the jam foam too much and shiny while cooking. It’s starting to boil. I’m cutting the bottom of my stove. I leave the jam to cook on low heat by stirring occasionally. In the meantime, I’m trying to get as much foam as possible. close to getting from the stove a teaspoon of lemon salt I’m adding the juice of half a lemon. If the lemon is large, you can add a quarter lemon. I took a spoonful of it into a plate to see the consistency of the jam. I cooled it in the freezer. The consistency is quite nice. 45-50 minutes. Jam is cooking over low heat. You need to adjust the cooking time according to the consistency of your own jam. I’m getting the jam from the stove. Look, you see the cooled version, there’s one. It’s cooked pretty well before it melts, and the consistency is pretty good. My orange jam is ready for service I suggest you try it. It’s really good. Those who will try it easy already. Enjoy it. I’m waiting for your likes and comments. For watching my video Thanks. If you like my video, please remember to like it. 😀


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