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Police: Videos Show 1-Year Old Putting Handgun In Mouth Couple Arrested Evansville Indiana Baby

Hello everyone this is Tee with say it in
love dot com some parents just don’t need children because they spend more time neglecting
them rather than affirming them and loving them take a look at this clip and I will be
back to give some comments shoot Shoot it’s this video 1 year old baby being recorded
playing with a handgun Evansville police say most disturbing things 12 month old be encouraged
to do that you can see the child holding the gun trigger barrel into her mouth sergeant
Jason Evansville police department what you hear in the background chilling bang shoot
that thing fat baby police say the two people that were recording the video 19 year old
Michael Barnes and the baby’s mother 22 year old Toni Wilson disgust us as officers frustrate
us as police officers sad watch child the two have been arrested on several charges
child neglect police say Barnes had an active warrant for armed robbery this all started
Thursday night he agreed to meet with someone to sell a handgun that someone was a undercover
officer custody police search phone video 25 30 seconds child Police say the child emergency
care mother child was playing with a pellet gun police real magazine was empty police
say that doesn’t matter round in the chamber gun will still fire Michael Barnes black father
Toni Wilson white mothers dumb parents black man police school zone set up charges prison
industrial complex set him up eugenics black population mother children two one year old
twins child gun child’s father parents social media Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube social
media sites parenting child loving affirming books to read dumbing down the culture small
children parenting dumbing down the culture rap and hip hop stars R&B stars young thug
rappers social issues rappers speak about them Tamar alcohol youth book Slave owners
liquor distilleries
liquor stores black community eugenics black population rae sremmurd interview Breakfast
Club power 105 .1 DJ envy Angela Yee Charlamagne the God CthaGod guy proud college dropout
kids lyrics beat ot genasis he’s in love with cocoa drugs cocaine beat spiritual lyrics
dance your head beat stupid children
social media negativity parents women posting twerk videos provocative photos breast butt
men fight compilation fight videos women
breast butt promiscuous
intellect men reproductive organ sleep with as many women as we can manhood protecting
and providing children and women hating judgment Bible hypocrite constructive criticism love
I say these things in love that’s all i want for Christmas that’s all i want for Christmas
is my 11’s if I don’t get them it’s going to break my heart he gonna have to make some
more shoes Read the receipt bitch tell me you the manager I want my money I’m finna
to get to throwing shit in this bitch start with this and your ass motherfucker

2 thoughts on “Police: Videos Show 1-Year Old Putting Handgun In Mouth Couple Arrested Evansville Indiana Baby

  1. I've had training with guns since I was 5 and I really hate these people they give the gun community a bad name and he's really stupid giving a little girl a gun these people should not have kids and I don't mean these people in a racist way.

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