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Police say man shot 5-year-old girl while brandishing handgun

breaking news off the top at 11 police making an arrest in the shooting of a five-year-old girl and that arrest is less than 24 hours after a bullet struck that child while she slept in her Miami apartment local tensley Co Perez is live outside the jail in West miami-dade to tell us who was now behind bars Nicole and police have arrested the mother’s boyfriend on multiple charges including child abuse and drug trafficking he remains here at the Miami Dade County Jail with no bond this is 40 year old Jonathan Craig the city of Miami police arrested him in connection with the shooting that took place at Northwest 12th Avenue and 66th Street where investigators say a five year old girl was shot according to the police report the girl’s mother was awakened to the sound of gunshots moments later Craig ran into the mother’s bedroom with a gun in hand and placed it on the Shelf of the TV stand with his ID and what police confirmed as a clear bag of heroin Craig then leaves the scene only to return and admit to the girl’s mother he mistakenly shot the little girl this all started when officers got a call of a female juvenile being shot just before 3:00 a.m. she was in her bed I reckon I was elated it was early this morning so more like she was in bed once officers arrived they found five-year-old sasha wheelers shot in the abdomen in her mother’s arms outside of the home first responders then place the little girl in the back of the ambulance and rushed her to right a trauma center where family members followed her into the hospital being alright city of Miami Police Chief Jorge Kalina also visited little sasha wheelers that holds Children’s Hospital and happy to know she’s in stable condition and little sasha wheelers is expected to recover from her injuries as for the motive police are still working to find out if in fact this was an accidental shooting for now we are live in West miami-dade I’m Nicole Perez local 10 News still disturbing okay thanks a lot

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