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Polaroid / Vivitar Pistol Grip

When I was looking at getting this smartphone
adapter I was also thinking of some sort of pistol grip for it as well, so off onto Amazon
and ended up with this which on the U.K. Amazon site is branded as a Polaroid pistol grip
come desktop stand, though on it’s under the Vivitar name. Anyway this is designed
as a cheap pistol grip which in its compact form fairly small will fit in to a bag but
this part then just [click] [click] [click] opens out so you can mount a camera, maybe
a microphone, an LED light brick on this, and like this you can be holding it in this
sort of style. [clicks] With that out at 90 degrees like that you’ve got this sort of
grip configuration, and in turn the grip opens out like this and if I, wrong one, bring that
back to there then we have a small desktop tripod situation. The legs are not expandable
at all so it’s very much a you’ve got what you’ve got and if you want this at a different
angle you’ll need to use some paper or a book or something to change that. You do have a
bit of flexibility of angle so perhaps if you had a microphone you might want it up
a bit. However, if I was Polaroid, as a company had at one time a really good reputation for
new technology cameras and their instant picture devices but have gone through a bad time,
the idea of trying to recover myself by putting [clicks] my name to something as cheap and
as basically shite as this, well, that’s been Polaroid’s choice. This did cost me under
a tenner and the quality is reflected in that. It is a really badly made device, it does
a job but I would [clicks] certainly not be risking anything more than say a compact camera
onto here, or the lightest of the bridge cross-over cameras. I would certainly not be risking
a digital SLR err expensive type device on this. The whole thing is real cheap feel to
it. This ratchet mechanism is absolutely oops wrong button or wrong way appalling [clicks].
No instruction with it or anything. It does a job though, and I suspect this in reality
will end up as a [clicks] desktop stand for a microphone for me. So there we go, the Polaroid
pistol grip mini desktop tripod, though also branded as Vivitar. Well, it does a job, it
was cheap. Goodbye.

2 thoughts on “Polaroid / Vivitar Pistol Grip

  1. Polaroid, the company founded and guided by Dr. Edward Land, filed for bankruptcy near the start of this century. The asssets, including the brand name, have been sold off to people whose vision, resources, and ambitions are about in line with the device you demonstrate in this video. A classic example of an innovator being overtaken by other innovations.

    Just at the moment that Land was introducing an instant-movie process, videotape showed up in the consumer market. The whole rationale for a chemically based instant photography product has been superseded by digital photography.

  2. A new Polaroid camera shown at CES, scheduled to ship in the fall. It's a digital camera with a printer inside:

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