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Welcome to the QBU in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The QBU is a new designated marksman’s rifle
exclusive to Sanhok and it replaces the Mini14, but only on this map. Today we are going to take a closer look at
the QBU, we will check out the stats and we will compare it to all the other dmr’s. The base damage of the QBU is rated at 48
points per shot. That’s 10 points lower than the rating for
the SLR, 5 points lower than the SKS, 2 points higher than the Mini 14, and 7 points higher
than the VSS. The rate of fire of the QBU is equal to the
rof of the Mini14, the SKS, and the SLR. The MK14 has a slightly faster rate of fire
with 1 bullet per 0.09 seconds and the VSS has the fastest rate of fire with 1 bullet
per 0.086 seconds. The QBU can cause 480 damage per second. That’s 198 points lower than the MK14, 100
points lower than the SLR and 50 points lower than the SKS. It isn’t the lowest rating though. The DPS of the QBU is 20 points higher than
the DPS of the Mini14 and just 1 point higher than the DPS of the VSS. At Least now you have a pretty good idea of
where it sits on the food chain. Some of the stats of the QBU are very similar
to the stats of the Mini14, this is no surprise because the qbu replaces the mini 14 on sanhok
and it would be very strange to see a completely different weapon. They both fire 5.56 mm rounds. They both have a 400 meters effective range. They also have the same rate of fire of 10
bullets per second or 0.1 seconds per bullet. They both have a bullet speed of 990 meters
per second, which is the highest of all DMRs, so you will have an easy time leading your
shots with both weapons. The QBU and Mini14 both have attachment slots
for the muzzle, the magazine, and for scopes. There is a big difference though, The Mini14
is a stable weapon that allows you to quickly acquire targets and it’s pretty easy to
keep hitting your targets as well. This is not entirely true for the QBU, you
will notice that it’s not so easy to do that. Is this a downside, yes? Is there a counter for it, yes! The QBU comes equipped with a bipod. It will automatically deploy when you lie
down. The next bullet pattern test shows you the
difference, the first pattern is uncompensated, the second one is compensated, meaning that
I pull my mouse down to keep hitting the same spot. When I use the bipod then the gun will jump
up slightly after firing each bullet, then bullet pattern doesn’t go up in a perfect
straight line but it’s more than good enough and you can easily compensate for this by
pulling your mouse down. This will result in you being able to rapidly
fire your entire magazine through your enemy’s left eyeball. That is how close these bullets are spaced. When I then try to repeat this test while
standing then you will see an entirely different story. Uncontrollable comes to mind if you don’t
compensate for the upward kick. I even needed a second try to compensate for
this because I wasn’t very happy with my first attempt. The mini 14’s base damage per shot is 46,
but it makes up for this with a 20 round magazine capacity which you can extend to 30 with an
extended magazine. Because of the stability of the weapon and
the big magazine capacity, you can easily kill multiple opponents. You can even do this while standing up or
crouching, so you can stay on your feet during your attack. The QBU only has a 10 round base magazine
capacity, which is half the capacity of the Mini14’s magazine. This means that the sustained DPS of the QBU
will be quite low, so it’s important that you find an extended magazine to bring your
ammo capacity up to 20. Thanks to this weapon’s fast rate of fire,
you’ll run out of ammo very quickly, so always make sure to watch your ammo count
if you do not have an extended magazine. The QBU is meant for medium to long range
combat. At those distances, you will have the time
to go prone and aim at your target before firing. The QBU will perform very poorly at close
range because of the recoil, and if you try to go prone during a gunfight in this situation,
you will most likely die before you’re ready to shoot. The qbu can easily be paired with an AR that
fires the 7.62 round like the AKM, or even with the UMP9 if you want a great close range
weapon to go with your QBU. As always I try to find 2 of them and then
I use 1 as my main run and gun weapon and the other one as my long range sniper. A combination like this works, but it might
be better to use something else as your primary weapon. If you can’t find an SMG or an AR, then
a shotgun is also a good temporary weapon to bring with you during the early stages
of the game. You definitely want to avoid bringing a 5.56
AR with you unless you’re absolutely sure you have enough 5.56 rounds in your backpack. It’s not such a great idea to pair the qbu
with a sniper rifle. You will have a hard time in close range firefights
if you bring two weapons that are meant to be used at long range. If you don’t like to go prone all he time,
then you’re better off sticking to the SLR, the SKS. These weapons allow you to stay mobile and
then you can easily change your position after a kill. The SKS, in particular, can access both stocks
and grips. Bring it with you if you like a weapon that
has balanced power, control, and mobility. The QBU just doesn’t have the versatility
that some of the other DMRs have. This is everything that you need to know about
the QBU in playerunknown’s battlegrounds. Let me know if the comments what you think
about this gun, did you enjoy using it or do you prefer something else? This was FOG of GAMING, remember to leave
a like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video and hopefully I will see you in the next one.


  1. The graph you are showing is wrong.
    Rate of fire of MK14 is lower than VSS but in picture MK14 is faster than VSS yet the text is legit

  2. I know the QBU is supposed to replace the Mini14, but it's still a tiny bit silly that it can't accept a stock. The Mini14 has a skeleton folding stock, but the QBU has a full stock. At least they seem to be expanding on the bipod mechanic. The description states it will deploy near windows as well, which I don't think the Mk14 or M249 did previously. Haven't had the chance to try it yet.

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