Hi guys and welcome to the VSS. Today we are going to take a closer look at
this new sniper rifle in player unknown’s battlegrounds. I will show you all the statistics, the bullet
pattern, the bullet drop and I will compare it with all other sniper rifles. The VSS or Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya,
now I don’t speak russian so I have no clue if I pronounced that correctly, but I’m
sure that you can ask somebody who is running for president. It’s a suppressed sniper rifle that was
developed in the late 1980s. It was issued primarily to Spetsnaz units
for undercover or clandestine operations, a role made evident by its ability to be stripped
down for transport in a specially fitted briefcase. Sound a lot like a James Bond movie doesn’t
it.. In Battlegrounds they call it a suppressed
sniper rifle that uses a heavy subsonic 9mm cartridge. If you are lucky then you might find it lying
around somewhere, that is one way to get your hands on the vss. The other way is to chase the airplane because
you can also find it in those airdrops. So far it’s been 50/50, I found it an equal
amount of times lying around in a building or in a air drop. The vss has a power rating of 32 which is
quite low to be honest. In a way it makes sense because it uses the
9mm cartridge and the ump, which uses the same type of ammoniation has a power rating
of 30. The effective range rating is 38, this isn’t
great for a sniper rifle. The stability is 17, this means that it has
the lowest stability rating of all weapons in Player Unknown’s battlegrounds. Only the crossbow has a lower rating for stability. The firing rate is 23, which is great for
a sniper rifle. The reason why some of these stats are so
low is because of the fact that it comes with a suppressor attached. You can’t remove it but it will gives you
a massive advantage but more on that later. Most of these stats can be improved if you
can find the right attachments. You can equip an extended magazine, a quickdraw
magazine or an extended quickdraw magazine for a sniper rifle. I’m sure that you know what these things
do by now, if not then please check out the previous weapon guides where these attachments
were explained in full detail. You can also attach a cheek pad for a sniper
rifle. It increases the stability rating by 9 points,
so the new stability rating with the cheek pad is 26. The vss uses the 9 mm cartridge. This type of ammunition is also used by the
micro uzi, the ump9 and the p92 and it’s super easy to find, all you have to do is
to walk into the closest building and you will probably find some, just make sure that
you bring enough because you go through the bullets faster than you might think. It would be too bold to claim that there is
more 9mm ammo lying around in battlegrounds than any other type of ammunition because
I don’t have access to those stats, but it probably is. So it’s very unlikely that you will run
out of ammo with the vss. The good thing is that you don’t have to
worry about finding a scope. The vss comes equipped with a 4x scope. And like the suppressor, you can’t remove
it. The bad thing about this scope is that it’s
not very user friendly, at least not in battlegrounds. It doesn’t really help you when you are
trying to lead your target or to compensate for the bullet drop, let alone do both at
the same time. Most of the time you don’t have to worry
too much about the bullet drop in battlegrounds. But things change as soon as you pick up the
vss. So let’s go to the shooting range so that
we can see how the weapon performs. I will start with a long range target, the
first shot is a practice shot, I will aim at the black ring and as you can see the bullet
ends up hitting the bottom part of the target. I don’t think that you will get any points
for this. But we now know that we have to apply a big
correction so let’s see what happens when you aim at the top of the target. This is much better already and this time
we managed to hit the inner side of the black ring. But a great player like yourself does not
settle with good enough right, you want perfection, so that you can go for those ultra long range
headshots. So I will adjust my aim again, and this time
I will aim slightly below the top of the target and then the bullet ends up hitting the very
center of the target. I will always swear by using the practice
shot method for a game like battlegrounds because the time that we have with a sniper
rifle is very limited in this game so it’s difficult to build up your experience. Using this method on a target in the shooting
range is easy and if you can do it in the shooting range then you can also do it in
game. Take a look at the following scene, There
is a fight going on near these houses and I can see the guys running around. I don’t have a shot right now but it gives
me the chance to do a practice shot so that I know with which part of the scope that I
have to aim with so that I can go for a headshot. One of them comes back and he decided to hide
in between the house and the car. The other guy is still hiding on the other
side of the house. I aim, I apply the correction that I learned
from the practice shot and I kill the guy with a clean headshot, the second shot wasn’t
even necessary. Leading your target is a little bit more difficult
because you now have to take into account the speed of your enemy or of his vehicle. You can use a practice shot for this as well
or you will have to rely on your experience with this particular weapon. The bullet pattern is relatively good. As you might know it has a semi-automatic
and fully automatic firing mode. I’m using semi-automatic for the first target
and as you can see the 1st 4 bullets are very accurate and then the gun jumps up. You will see a similar pattern for full auto,
the first 4 are accurate and then the gun jumps up again but this time it is a lot more
linear and it goes straight up except for that one stray bullet. The vss is a sniper rifle but you can still
use it in a fully automatic firing mode for short range kills. Just compensate for the recoil and your will
have a very tight pattern. Don’t try to do this for long range kills. It’s way too difficult, if not impossible
to control. The first time I just pressed my mouse button,
the bullets go straight up but one bullet even hit the roof top. The second time I was trying to counter the
recoil but the bullets were still all over the place. In order to fully understand this weapons
we have to compare the stats with the other sniper rifles. A power rating of 32 is not good enough to
beat any of the other rifles. Even the sks does better with a rating of
50 and the winner is the awm with 100. This beast of a sniper rifle also wins the
second round when we look at the effective range, again 100, a big difference with the
effective range rating of only 38 for the vss. The stability is even worse, 17 vs 32 for
the closest competitor, the m24. and then there is the winner, the sks with 48. The firing rate is pretty good, 23 is better
than most rifles since a lot of them hover around 5 or 6, only the sks does better with
32. The body armor stats are interesting to say
the least. You will need 4 body shots to kill an enemy
if he is wearing no body armor at all or if he managed to find level 1 body armor. 5 bullets if the managed to find level 2 armor
and 7 bullets to kill him if he was lucky enough to find the highest level of body armor. You will need 2 headshots to kill your enemy
if he is wearing a level 2 helmet or less and you will have to fire one more bullet
if he is wearing the best helmet in the game. 7 body shots against a guy who is wearing
the highest level of body armor is a lot, knowing that you only have 10 bullets in one
magazine. So don’t forge t to reload before you decide
to attack your second target. And some day you might be lucky enough to
pick up 2 vss sniper rifles, I thought it was a good idea to use the second one as a
replacement for an assault rifle by putting it to fully automatic, but this loadout doesn’t
make sense at all. As you can see you will have to pay a price
for having a weapon that is always silenced, but then again it’s always silenced so that
is a big advantage on it’s own. Try to use the practice shot method until
you built up some experience with this sniper rifle and one of the most important things
to remember is that the vss is a sniper rifle that uses the same type of ammo as a ump,
this says everything about this gun. You now have all the information that you
need to dominate battlegrounds with your vss,and while you are here why not check out one of
these videos? As you know the Youtube likes and shares are
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and I will see you in battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds vss. Battlegrounds vss

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