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Shotguns are devastating in close range firefights. One shot is usually enough to kill an opponent
who came too close. This doesn’t mean that all shotguns are created
equally. Today we will bust all the myths and we will
search for the best shotgun in player unknown’s battlegrounds. I will quickly introduce each weapon and the
we will go over to the stats. The s686 is a double barrel shotgun. It is based on the Beretta 686 “Silver Pigeon”,
this is a hunting gun used by clay pigeon shooters. The s1897 is a modest shotgun. It is based on the Winchester Model 1897,
a pump-action shotgun manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The s12k is kinda foul in this world, it is
based on the Saiga-12, a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun named for the Saiga antelope. The initial hit damage of the s686 is 25,
the s1897 has the same stats and the initial hit damage of the s12k is only 22. In all the previous weapons guides, this meant
that each shot caused 25 or 22 damage, this would mean that you need 4 or 5 shots to kill
with these shotguns, but we both know that that isn’t true. No, this number is valid per pellet. This means that if you miss your shot, and
one single pellet still hits the enemy, that it will cause 25 or 22 damage, depending on
the weapon. This is great if you know that there are 9
pellets per shot. 9 x 25 is 225, so in theory you could make
a double kill and take away one quarter of health from the third guy, all with one single
click on your mouse button. This is how powerful some of the shotguns
are, but there is a catch of course, and that is range. We all know that we are not going to be able
to get a headshot on a guy who is running around 500 meters away from you. It’s just not going to happen with these weapons. There is one problem, there are no stats,
nobody has figured out a way to see the actual damage drop off yet, or a way to show the
spread of the pellets in this case because that is definitely going to have a big impact
on your ability to kill. What I can do, is call in the help of buddy. He volunteered to be shot at today, and what
I will try to show you is the one shot kill distance. At least you will have a reference that way,
just bear in mind that it isn’t an exact science, but it is a close approximation. Worst case scenario, you are facing a guy
who is wearing the best vest in battlegrounds, do you think that you will be able to kill
him with only one shot from this range? Let’s find out, so I guess not he. We were only able to cause 75 damage, and
that’s not good enough. I will get closer to buddy this time and what
about this, do you think this will be enough? And yes, this is definitely close enough for
a one shot kill. Just to be clear, this was the basic s686,
without attachments, and what you saw was the maximum distance to make a kill with only
one shot against the best vest in pubg. As you know, you can attach a choke and that
will allow you to increase the distance, but more on that later. The s12k has an initial bullet speed of 350
meters per second, the s1897 does slightly better with 360 and the s686 continues this
trend with 370 meters per second. The s686 can only fire 2 shotgun shells before
you have to reload, but the other 2 weapons are able to fire 5. The reload times are a little bit special
because we can’t directly compare them. The s686 needs 3 seconds for a full reload,
that means that it needs 3 full seconds to reload 2 shotgun shells.Which isn’t exactly
great. The s1897 needs 4.210 seconds for a full reload,
this sounds terrible at first but it isn’t, actually it’s a good thing. It will make more sense when I show you the
single bullet reload time. The s1897 needs 0.635 seconds before reloading
the first shell and then it needs 0.715 seconds for every other shell. 4.21 divided by 5 shells is an average of
0.842 seconds per shell. If we compare that with an average of 1.5
seconds per shell for the s686 then you can clearly see that the s1897 reloads almost
twice as fast per shell. The s12k is an entirely different story because
it has a magazine. It takes 3 seconds for a full reload and 2.4
seconds for a tactical reload. The worst case scenario is 3 seconds, so if
we divide that by 5 then we know that it has an average single bullet reload time of 0.6
seconds, which is much better than the other 2. The rate of fire of the s686 is incredibly
fast because it has a time between shots of only 0.2 seconds. The s12k is not far behind with 0.25 seconds
and then there is the s1897 with 0.75 seconds. Surprisingly the shot spread for all of these
weapons is exactly the same. I took these weapons with me to the shooting
range when I first started playing battlegrounds and they seemed a bit too similar back then
and the stats now confirm that. Even the deviation is exactly the same. There still is a small noticeable difference
and that is due to the difference in base spread. 5.0 vs 5.5 vs 6.0. The basic body damage chart is pretty simple. One shot, one kill. It does not matter how good your enemy’s body
armour is, because it doesn’t matter. Except for the s12k, if your enemy is wearing
the best vest in battlegrounds then you’re going to need 2 body shots to kill. The basic headshot damage chart is even better,
one headshot, one kill, even for the s12k. This was based on the fact that you hit your
enemy with every single pellet, but we both know that it’s impossible to do that unless
you are standing right next to him. As soon as the distance increases, the number
of pellets on target will decrease. Your high skill level is not going to be able
to change that. I will show you how many pellets you need
for a one shot kill compared to the different vests and helmets in battlegrounds. We both know that you won’t be able to count
the number of pellets when you are going on another killing spree, you have more important
things to worry about. This is to give you a general idea, a reference,
so that you have a bigger understanding of what is going on. The s686 and the s1897 have the same hit damage
rating so I will combine those stats. In order to kill a guy who didn’t find any
armour you will need to hit him with 4 out of 9 pellets. Basically, you are allowed to miss more than
half of your shot. To kill a guy with a level one vest you need
6 pellets, a level 2 vest needs 7 and the best vest needs 9 pellets for a one shot kill. The s12k is slightly different of course because
the initial hit damage is only 22. That is why you will need 5 pellets vs a guy
without armour, 7 vs a level 1 vest, 8 against level 2 and you will need 2 body shots against
the best vest. As you can see the difference between the
s686 slash s1897 and the s12k is always one single pellet. The headshot damage chart shows a noticeably
smaller difference. Every shotgun only needs exactly 2 pellets
to kill and they all need one more pellet against a level 1 helmet. This number stays the same for the first 2
shotguns against a level 2 helmet but the s12k needs a fourth pellet against this helmet. So this is where the difference starts. The s12k needs 5 pellets to kill a guy wearing
the best helmet in battlegrounds and the other 2 weapons only need 4. As you can see, the difference is usually
very small, most of the time we are only talking about one single pellet, but there is a difference. The main thing to remember is that the s12k
can’t one shot body shot a level 3 vest. Most of the time you will stumble on a choke,
which can improve the stats of the s686 and the s1897 but the s12k cannot benefit from
these improved stats because you just can’t attach a choke to this weapon. The choke reduces the spread of the pellets. It increases the shot speed by 15.40% and
it reduces the shot spread by 18.20%. You can also attach bullet loops which increases
the reload speed by 30%. There is a lot more that you can do for the
s12k. For example you could attach a compensator,
it slightly reduces the horizontal and the vertical recoil. It offers a 10% improvement on the base spread,
another 10% improvement on the horizontal recoil, 15% on the vertical, and on top of
all that you get another 25% improvement on the recoil pattern. A flash hider on the other side eliminates
the muzzle flash and it slightly reduces horizontal and vertical recoil. It reduces the horizontal recoil by 10%, it
reduces the vertical recoil by 10% and it reduces the recoil pattern by another 10%. And for the stealthy guys, there is the suppressor,
it will give you the obvious benefit and you can take advantage of a 5% improvement on
the deviation. I like the fact that you can attach a scope
as well, it will allow you to be more precise with this weapon and you can take advantage
of a 20% improvement on the ads time if you equip a red dot or holographic sight and you
can also attach the usual magazines. I hope that this video was able to help you
and you should now be able to select the perfect shotgun for your own personal play style. The youtube likes, shares and comments are
very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, then
please take a moment to like, share and maybe even post a comment on this video. If you haven’t done so already, then please
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  1. S12K is combine as double barrel and pump but jus a little less damage??? It shoots almost as fast as double barrel and holds 5-8. What ever happens you will shoot one or more bullets to make sure they are dead (enemies) just because they aren't accurite (shootguns). So if you shoot 3 bullets with any shootgun your opponent is dead anyway, why not to take S12K with quick draw mag?? It would be "almost" rapid fire.

  2. that graph is terrible man, why use a line for totally different endpoints that have no relation to each other?

  3. Great video again. You are really good. Keep up the good work man.
    P.S. – What country are you from? Your accent is really strange (in a good way).

  4. What about bullet drop I found myself in a game yesterday trying to shoot a guy from about 50 yards out with an S 12K and couldn't find where my shots were going and I know I can hit somebody with a shotgun in real life from 50 yards hell I can hit a skeet flying at 30 miles per hour at 50 yards but I can't hit a guy I see people in streams sniping people with shotguns for 150 yards am I retarded

  5. Who cares about that little damage, 2 shots good enough, if u miss one, u still have s1897 and s12k but s1987 is cooler so i take that :p

  6. subscribed out of respect for this guy making this videos, must be a pain in the ass, hope they let you test this things in a most controled enviroment

  7. You forgot the best thing about the S12k. The suppressor looks ridiculous. One of my fave things to do, just because of how silly it looks.

  8. Was really hoping for a comparison on medium/long range shots with and without choke to see how tighter the spread is,because you can really "snipe" with the choked double barrel,with surprisingly good result 😉

  9. Lol I've gotten around a 200+ meter headshot with the S6 with a choke before lol, I went up to loot the dude and he went off on me

  10. I still believe that shotguns need a higher damage penalty modifier against armor. I think it would be better for the flow of combat, making them more effective early game, but less effective later game, while also making it more realistic.

  11. 😀
    Shotgun the Damage RNG piece of shit that hates me..
    Shoot someone 4 times with a shotgun point blank range, only ONE FUCKING SHOT REGISTERS ._.

  12. People complaining about third person are retarded. Complaining about a game mechanic that everyone gets but "you" refuse to use properly is not a problem with the game or its players. Its a you problem.

  13. You mentioned that no one has figured out how to measure damage drop off for shotguns, presumably because you never know how many pellets are hitting and whether it is a body shot, head shot or limb shot. Here is how you measure this:
    Fire shotgun at the ground near your target's feet, so you hit them with the edge of the spread. This should result in only a few pellets connecting, and they will all be limb shots. Measure the damage by counting pixels in the targets health bar. Do this a bunch of times. Then increase the distance and repeat.
    While you won't immediately know the number of pellets hitting with each shot, when you plot them you will know that the total damage D_t = n*D_p, where D_p is the damage per shot and n is the number of pellets which hit. So, if you see total damages of 18, 18, 27, 36, for example, you can infer that the single pellet damage is 9 (on the feet, so double for body shot damage). This way you can measure the single pellet damage as a function of distance and work out the damage fall off.

  14. I really love your videos! You can really see that you are trying and putting work in to them, and your voice-overs are great! Cheers from Sweden

  15. Really love your VO and efforts. One remark is to exchange styles and types of the graphs, check out better comparison tools like spider webs. could help you with that. You could release them as cheat sheets and thus would become a cool trademark.

  16. for mthe S12k is a no brainer, with an extended magazine can shoot 8 shots, and its faster….and in squad games it becomes very usefull, you can clean a house with a full gamazine…

  17. the S12k is the gun that makes everyone running from you… because they know you can have 8 shells and you can reload them relatively faster… its such a bad ass gun

  18. Use the s686 for nostalgia. First clay gun I got which was a Beretta silver pigeon 1 when I was 14, 28 inch barrels and 12 bore. Still got that gun, and use it regularly and it's great. To do shotguns justice they should be way more powerful tbh, ok it's just a game but still.

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