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Welcome to the Mk14 EBR in player unknown’s
battlegrounds. The latest update brought us a lot of good
things, mainly the 1st person only servers, but also a new sniper rifle, the Mk14 EBR. It’s an American designated marksman rifle
and EBR stands for enhanced battle rifle. In battlegrounds they call it a selective
fire designated marksman rifle originally built for use with units of the United States
Special Operations Command such as navy seals and delta force. Unfortunately, they decided to put this weapon
in air drops, in other words it’s hard to get. Not only do you have to deal with half the
server that shows up for one single airdrop but the chances of actually finding one in
there are very small to say the least. Out of the 40 plus airdrops that I managed
to open, I only found it twice. So the odds are not in your favor. Most of the time I ended up with an m249 or
a groza. Great guns, but this wasn’t what I was looking
for. This all depends on luck of course, because
you never know what you will find in those airdrops. That is why it’s so important to know the
stats, so that you can take advantage of the mk14 ebr to win your next chicken dinner. The Mk14 EBR uses the 7.62mm cartridge so
you better collect a decent amount before you start looking for this weapon. It has 2 firing modes, single fire and fully
automatic. It has a bipod as well but this only works
when you go prone. The initial damage is only 60, which is relatively
low for a weapon that belongs to the sniper rifles in battlegrounds. To give you an idea, the kar98k has a damage
rating of 72 and the sks has a rating of 55. The initial bullet speed is great, 853 meters
per second, only the AWM does better with 910 meters per second. The time between shots is very impressive,
only 0.09s and this is exactly the same as the sks, which means that they can both
fire This means that you can deal 566 damage per second but for this you will have hit
your enemy with every single bullet. The magazine size is good as well and you
will be able to fire 10 bullets before you have to reload. This takes 2.783 seconds for a tactical reload,
which is the longest tactical reload time among all sniper rifles. And it takes 3.683 seconds for a full reload. As you know, you can improve the magazine
by attaching an extended magazine, this will allow you to fire 20 bullets instead of 10. It speaks for itself that you can also attach
a quickdraw and an extended quickdraw magazine for sniper rifles. You can also use the standard muzzle attachments
like the suppressor, the flash hider and the compensator. On top of that you can also attach a cheek
pad for sniper rifles and all the scopes and sights that you can find. Let’s see how it performs. Two body shots is all you need to kill your
opponent. By the time that you manage to find this weapon,
your enemy will also have found some body armor. In that case you will need a third bullet
to kill him by shooting hit at his level 1 vest, the same is valid if he was wearing
a level 2 vest and you will need a fourth shot if he managed to find the best vest in
battlegrounds. If you aim at the poor guy’s head then you
will be able to kill him faster. One headshot is all it takes to kill, even
if he is wearing a level 1 helmet. A level 2 helmet or better needs 2 headshots. I showed you the bullet pattern in the video
about the latest patch. This is by far the best way to show the bullet
pattern and as you can see the bullet pattern will go up, then it makes a curve to the right
and then it goes up to the top left. The curve to the right is less pronounced
in rapid single fire but the pull to the top left is definitely still there. There is a way to counter for the bullet pattern,
the best thing to do is to try it out for yourself and then see what you have to do
to compensate for this. You can easily do this before the round starts. My first attempt was to see what would happen
if I pulled my mouse straight down, the second attempt was slightly better because I now
compensated for the sideways pull as well but I overcompensated to the right and the
third attempt was almost spot on. So if needed, you can definitely use this
weapon for short to medium range kills. For longer range kills it is probably best
to use it in single fire instead of full auto. Let’s do a full comparison with the sks,
because both of them are extremely similar, that way you will know which weapon that you
should keep and which one you should swap. The mk14 ebr wins against the sks when you
look at the hit damage, 60 vs 55. It also wins the initial bullet speed contest
with 853 meters per second vs 800. The time between shots is exactly the same
so the rate of fire is exactly the same. And they both have 10 bullets in one magazine. The reload times are slightly different and
this is where the sks is the better weapon, it only needs 2.350 seconds compared to 2.783
seconds for a tactical reload, and it is also better at an empty reload with 2.9 vs 3.683
seconds. The sks also has a lower base deviation of
3.1 compared to 3.5 for the mk14 ebr. The time it takes to empty a magazine and
the amount of bullets per second are identical, but not the damage per second, the sks can
deal 519 dps and the mk14 ebr can deal 566 dps. Unfortunately for the sks, it can only be
used in single fire. The body shot and headshot damage chart is
similar but it’s not completely identical. The sks and the mk14 ebr need 2 body shots
to kill, both of them need one extra bullet against a level 1 vest, the sks needs a fourth
bullet against a level 2 vest but not the mk14 ebr, it only needs a fourth shot again
the best vest and the sks needs 5 in order to kill the same guy. They both need 1 headshot to kill, but the
sks needs 2 headshots against a level 1 helmet or higher and the mk14 ebr only needs that
second shot against a level 2 helmet or higher. Overall the mk14 ebr is slightly better than
the sks, the only problem is getting your hands on this exclusive weapon. As you know the Youtube likes and shares are
very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would
you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you in battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds mk14 ebr. Battlegrounds mk14 ebr


  1. Find the difference


  2. I think the developer team is like: "Hmm… This weapon is a bit overpowered. It would make the SKS nothing. Oh, i have a solution! Let's make it an airdrop weapon so we won't have to go through balancing! But mate, there is an issue there What is it fellow programmer? Well, few people are going to experience it We don't give a shit! Hahahahahaha Hahahahahahaha

  3. I like to make the Mk14 an assault rifle, i usually try to find a compensator, a cheek pad and an extended quickdraw for it. The recoil is completely controllable.

  4. Appreciate the video ! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am excited to sharing with you the amazing place that are giving away load of free keys. If you want to get one just make a search for " skypisgame " on google

  5. I just won a game with it with the attachments of 8x cheek pad and suppressor. I dont know how to feel with the gun, its strong but it does kick like a mule to me.

  6. Has anyone else encountered a "dupe" glitch when in duo games?
    It has happened to me twice, I kill two duos at an airdrop, loot the airdrop find M249/Mk14
    And then my buddy will find the same gun around the airdrop with no ammo at the same time?

  7. Let's be realistic here. You are going to kill or be killed in a life threatening scenario, horrified, maybe even losing your sanity, always prone to instant death…

    And your reward for surviving this nightmare is a fried chicken dinner.

  8. Some advice FOG. I love ur vids dont get me wrong but, I find this infinitely less useful than a video on the standard rifles because no one really ever gets these crate guns, and when we do, its generally always better than what we have. So some advice from one of your subs, please do the comprehensive reviews on the regular guns.

  9. What a peace of shit.. you need up to 4 shots to kill s.o.
    My feelings when getting this gun are the same as getting a M249

  10. wait what?i m pretty sure you said in one of your videos the sks only needs 3 shots to kill, no matter what kind of vest

  11. Connecting the dots on the line graph was meaningless and incorrect. You could use bars instead, and only compare metrics of the same dimension. (It doesn't make sense to compare time to reload to base damage for example)

  12. You can't equip a foregrip on the MK14, that's why I don't like it. They should update this, it wouldn't be OP with a foregrip on it

  13. Next time when you make a video on the amount of shots it takes to kill, can you include the amount of shots it takes when someone is 80% hp, or whatever the amount is when you heal with a first aid kit

  14. if it's just a slightly better sks, why bother making it drop only? there's plenty of weapons that are straight upgrades that you can find randomly (the micro uzi and any other smg spring to mind), so why bother with a drop only weapon that's not that good as drop weapons go?

  15. I just had my 4th chicken dinner earlier with this gun and I really love it, the auto is also not that bad. Would love to try it with a cheek pad or the compensator because im not really good with recoils

  16. i'm pretty sure that the ebr one shots people with level 2 helmets, i've had it 3 times and everytime i've one hit someone with a lvl2 helmet, not sure on whether they were damaged or not but i would definitely take the ebr over the sks any day of the week

  17. Heyy!! that's where i died last night in Squad! and also the circle was ending there right where you at! lel coincidence?

  18. I think you should add how many shots it would take to kill someone at the lvl off health that you need boosters

  19. 0:10 IT'S NOT A SNIPER RIFLE! IT'S A DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle)! Get your shit together. Spreading lies all across the world.

  20. you are a really bad shot. like have someone who can shoot well maybe in the videos and you talk.. the guy st the car was just painful to watch you shoot at.

  21. Honestly, in game I don't see much difference between this weapon and the SKS.
    The only exception is the full auto mode and the bi-pod, but honestly for a sniper it makes little difference

  22. MK is actually short for Mark. MK14 is said "Mark 14". It means that it is basically the 14th version, or attempt at this weapon.

  23. At this point of view we can say that every weapon which has semi-automatic fire mode is sniper rifle. The game haaaaas… 1) Rifle. 2) Sniper rifle. 3) Shotgun. 4)Shit that stay laying on the ground (Handguns) cause u can easily find some kind of scar or hk416 at the start of the match.

  24. Make a video of weapons that can kill player with lvl 1 helmet and lvl 2 helmet with the same amount of bullets. And the same for body armor.

  25. Its a battle rifle not sniper rifle, Emr is the sniper rifle, They look like same but completely different, Most game developers mess things up

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