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Welcome to the Groza in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Today we are going to check out this beast
of a weapon. Hard to find, but in the right hands it’s
a very dangerous gun. Specially when you have 2 of them. The first thing that I can tell you about
the groza is that you are going to have to fight for it. The air drops became a lot more popular since
the release of the June patch because everybody wants to play with the groza and this is the
only place where you might find it. Before the patch, I usually saw one, maybe
2 guys and that was it, now I sometimes see more than 6. My advice is to make sure that you get there
first and that you also make sure that you are the first guy to get out of there. Because the enemies will just keep on coming,
sometimes it feels like a game of zombies where wave after wave comes after you. I also found out that you can ram the air
drop with your vehicle and that it will move just far enough to kill the guy who is hiding
behind it, unfortunately I found out the hard way and my time with the groza was very limited
to say the least. Sometimes you will be able to move the air
drop, other times this is not possible but I haven’t figured out the reason yet. So be carefull if you decide to use this tactic,
but make sure that you keep your distance when you are the one who is picking up the
groza. And then there are times, when you are finally
alone at an airdrop and then the thing just disappears. So yes, it takes some effort before you can
play with the groza. I will compare it with one assault rifle because
I don’t want to overload you with stats, but I will show you a big chart that gives you
a perfect overview of all the important information regarding all the assault rifles and I will
also upload that chart on Patreon as well. The groza is a selective fire Russian bullpup
assault rifle chambered for a 7.62 mm round. It can deal 48 damage, which is a lot, in
fact it can deal exactly the same amount of damage as the AKM so we will make a direct
comparison between the groza and the akm. The initial bullet speed is 715 m/s, which
is identical to the akm’s initial bullet speed. The magazine capacity is 30, same as the akm
and the zero range goes up to 400 meter, again the same the akm, are you starting to see
a pattern here? Well that is because of the fact that the
groza and the akm are extremely similar. The main difference lies in the time between
shots. The groza is the clear winner with only 0.08
seconds between shots compared to 0.1 seconds. This means that it can fire 750 rounds per
minute and the akm can only fire 600 rounds per minute. It can do that in single fire or in fully
automatic. The reload time is terrible tho, it will take
exactly 3 seconds for an empty reload and 2.25 seconds for a reload with bullets left. The groza isn’t the easiest weapon to use
when you look at the spread because it also has to deal with a base spread of 6 which
is higher than the spread of all other assault rifles. Since the initial damage is the same as the
akm, you will also need the same amount of headshots, bodyshots and arm or legs shots
to kill. Let’s take a look at our chart. I will build it up step by step and in the
end you will have a great overview of what it takes to kill with every assault rifle. Let’s start with headshots, if your enemy
isn’t wearing a helmet then all you need is to fire one bullet. If he found a level 1 or a level 2 helmet
then fire 2 bullets, and the m16a4, the m416 and the scar l need one extra bullet against
the best helmet in battlegrounds. This means that the groza and the akm only
need 2 bullets to kill thesame guy. The same principle applies to bodyshots as
well, if you are using the groza or the akm, then you generally need to fire one bullet
less than if you were using another weapon, this difference starts when your enemy is
wearing a level 1 vest and that is pretty much everybody who survived the first minute. If you decide to go for the arms or the legs
then you will need 5 bullets to kill, this comes in handy against the best vest in player
unknown’s battlegrounds if you are using the m16a4, m416 or the scar l. If you want to know why then check out this
video. As always you can improve this weapon, but
not that much. You can only attach a suppressor, so no flash
hider and no compensator. You can also attach a red dot, a holographic
sight, a 2x scope and a 4x scope but you cannot attach anything better than a 4x scope, I
found out in the middle of the game, that’s why I find it worth mentioning so the same
thing doesn’t happen to you. The other attachments are a quickdraw magazine,
an extended magazine and an extended quickdraw magazine. As you know the third person shooting mode
is terrible. The targeting mode is slightly better and
you will probably end up shooting off his ears, and ads is much better with a snake
like bullet pattern. Let’s take this a little bit further and
let’s check out the effect of crouching. The third person shooting mode is now a lot
more effective, same goes for the targeting mode and you will still shoot of his left
ear. Ads is pretty much as good as it gets, with
a perfect straight line. Lying down is even better of course, but then
you have to ask yourself, how many times are you going to be able to lay down before you
start shooting at an enemy, and an even more important question, is it really a good idea
to go prone in the first place in a game like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds? I’m actually interested what you guys have
to say about that so please let me know in the comments. Overall the groza is a great weapon, hard
to get but so rewarding to play with. Just for info, this is the new version of
the Groza video. There were a few errors in the previous one
and I still don’t know why I didn’t see those myself, so thank you very much for pointing
out those errors. I would like to offer you my apologies and
I hope that you can forgive me someday. Some of you didn’t like the part about Patreon
so that was removed as well. I decided to remake that video so that I can
give you a video that you deserve. I wasn’t very clear when I spoke about Patreon,
but I want this to be something for you guys, I want you to be able to choose which extra
benefits and rewards you get on patreon, I proposed a few tiers but everything is open
to change. So please let me know what you want and I
will do my best to provide it for you. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you in Battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds groza. Battlegrounds groza


  1. Hi guys and welcome to the GROZA!

    Do you think that it’s a good idea to lie down in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds?

  2. Why do people like this gun so much? It's the same as the AK-47, except for a few extra bullets per minute which you rarely really need.

  3. I only really go prone when we are down to 10 and the circle is very small, that way I know grass is loading on peoples screens

  4. Sorry for being rude, but you are pronouncing things wrong
    It's not grOza, it's grozA
    And in previous vids I found that you pronounced UAZ like "you-a-z", which is completely wrong
    It's more like "VAZ", or " oo-a-z"
    Being a Russian myself, it sounds retarded af
    Despite all that, nice vid as always!

  5. i have to tell you these pubg videos are great, keep going! you have helped me make some hard chouces in this game.

  6. I watched the previous upload and this one and think you definitely more than deserve to advertise your patreon!

    I would more or less ignore anyone who talks ill of you because of such things.

    Youtube is getting harder to become dedicated too with all the ad revenue changes, and some people are blind to that.

  7. 0:33 "…since everyone wants to play with a Groza."
    No. No they do not lmao. It's a shit ass gun with a high AF recoil. You'd be far better off sticking with a M249 or one of the bolt action snipers.
    Also #BringBackP90s

  8. Can you do a video on audio i dont know why but when i start getting shot i cant tell where they are is there any way audio can help me or yeah if so would love a guide on the audio of pubg

  9. can you give tips on how to shoot out moving people on the different SR with 2x to15x scopes how far do you fore sight for the shot to connect..

  10. That lag explosion at 5:44 startled the hell out of me, it must be very difficult to play when other players are doing that!

  11. yes i prone all the time and crawl long distances, particularly in late game. If the ring makes the other players move, prone with cover and you can watch there movements or even crouch up out of no where for an easy kill. I have had players dive into my cover not seeing me at all, Im not a super star player.. i aim for top ten, early game kills than quiet right down for top 30, concentrate on good cover and higher ground advantage. Take my meds extra ammo from there body's when i can. I have had many chicken dinners mostly in Duo with a good mate of mine, I have been fucked over in every way also.. Its a good challenging game

  12. I would like to play a Duo with u, Can u add me, ''steam'' PristineGoatNL, I cant find a way to add u, Hope to see u on the battleground,.

  13. M8 can you do a vid / vids on the different attatchments and the differences they make to the gun/guns and what is the best one if you only can equip one at the time?

  14. Sometimes I lay prone for so long, i forget that PlayerUnknowns is actually about killing. I become one with the ground, and in turn, I become one wi- OH HEY THE CIRCLE IS MOVING AGAIN

  15. I believe proning does make sense in grass or on hills… But since the grass render distance is not very high proning doesnt matter. I only prone in high grass or those fields inside the bushes

  16. Patreon: Stop asking for money! People don't want to throw their money away just to see some random play a video game.

  17. i have "drop shotted" 3 times and out of those three times i had the upper hand.. thew thing is i kinda did them by accident, by pressing one of my mouse buttons winch is for some reason bound to "Z" lmao

  18. my first and only chicken dinner so far was with 2 groza's the first was decked with a suppressor 4x scope and ext.quick draw mags, the second i didnt use but picked up off a drop to keep it from anyone else so it was stock, add in a gillie and a hill advantage and it was a fun game.

  19. Great video man. Me and some buddies are trademarking a Gaming Team/Brand and aim to be in your shoes and the videos you're making.
    Hopefully you continue to grow man

  20. love your videos but one thing.. no hate at all just a comment. You dont aim at all in matches like in the end you should just have sprayed him with the groza and not throw grenades. NO HATE JUST COMMENT ! Ly,

    Please make a setting guide as well

  21. prone is good from the top of a staircase, It is also a good way to utilize natural cover from undulations in the ground at altitude.

  22. Seeing as a Groza is pretty much an AK rearranged into a bullpup config the similarities are authentic. I think the bolt moves a shorter distance hence higher rate of fire.

  23. 0:50

    I regret no- Actually no I regret existing it's the worst mistake I ever made.
    P.S yeah I know this is very late.

  24. Hate crate exclusive weapons..all weapons should be found in world.Forcing conflict is sheer stupidity when the mindless red circle already exists.Seriously since when developers thought dictating the pace of the game is good idea ..

  25. I have that happen to me before where u stick at the airdrop and and it seems like enemies come in waves, needless to say I killed them all

  26. I didn’t use the Groza and everytime I find I don’t take… THAT WAS A PROBLEM
    Until I found this guide and I regret not taking the groza

  27. Hey guys,i don't know anything about gaming,but i do like this one, so what's te name of it? Is it for computers?

  28. Prone? Not sure how different PC is but prone is life on mobile particularly during last circle.
    Edit: I'm prone to prone :^)

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