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Welcome to the AWM in Player unknown’s battlegrounds. Today we are going to take a closer look at
one of the best sniper rifles in the game, we will check out the stats, the damage model,
I will take it to the shooting range and I will show you how I got my hands on the m24
and the awm in the same game. In Battlegrounds they call the AWM a monster
sniper rifle and the only 2 ways of getting your hands on the AWM is to pick it up from
an air drop or to steal it out of the cold dead hands of your enemy who just picked it
up from an air drop. You will never find it lying around in some
remote building or anything like that. So in a way your time with this weapons is
limited, unfortunately it all depends on luck, because you never know what you will find
in those airdrops. That is why it’s so important to know the
stats, so that you can take advantage of the AWM to win your next chicken dinner. The power rating is 100, this means that the
AWM is extremely good. The only other weapons in player unknown’s
battlegrounds that have a power rating of 100 are the s1897 and the s686, both of these
weapons are shotguns and as you know they are very powerful but they are limited in
range, but not the AWM, it has a range rating of 100, which is the highest rating in battlegrounds,
only the m24 comes close with a rating of 96. The stability is 34, which is ok for a sniper
rifle, it’s exactly the same as stability rating for the kar 98 k, but the sks does
a whole lot better with 48. The AWM is a sniper rifle, so don’t expect
any miracles for the rate of fire, it has a rating of 6 which is the same as the m24
but it’s better than the kar 98 k which has a firing rate of only 5. There is only one type of ammunition in battlegrounds
that is suitable for the awm, and that is the .300 magnum. You can only get your hands on this type of
ammo from the same airdrop that gave you the awm, you will never find it lying around somewhere
so make sure that every bullet counts because you will only get 20. This means that you can’t prepare yourself
for this weapon. Normally you would collect a decent amount
of 7.62 mm ammo, so that you have enough bullets in case you find an m24, a kar 98 k or an
sks. As soon as you find and awm, then you might
as well throw away all the 7.62 mm cartridges because they just became obsolete, unless
you have an akm for example. The awm has 5 bullets in one magazine but
this number can be improved if you attach an extended magazine or an extended quickdraw
magazine for a sniper rifle. This will increase the capacity from 5 to
7. On top of those magazines you can also attach
a quickdraw magazine for a sniper rifle. The cheek pad for a kar98k, m24 and an awm
reduces the recoil kick and sway. The flash hider for sniper rifles eliminates
the muzzle flash and it slightly reduces horizontal and vertical recoil. The compensator for sniper rifles slightly
reduces the horizontal recoil and it reduces the vertical recoil. In other words the compensator has a bigger
effect on the vertical recoil but it doesn’t hide the muzzle flash and you can also attach
a suppressor for a sniper rifle. The armor stats are pretty straight forward,
1 body shot against a guy who isn’t wearing any body armor, otherwise you will need 2
body shots to kill. You only need one bullet if you go for a headshot,
so it doesn’t matter which kind of helmet your enemy is using. Let’s go to the firing range with the awm
so that we can see how it performs. The awm is very simple, if you aim at the
center of the target, then the bullet will also hit the center of the target. This is one of the reasons why this sniper
rifle is so good. At this range there is absolutely no need
to counter for the bullet drop. In general the bullet drop is almost non existent,
you will only have to apply a very small correction if you go for long range headshots. You can use the practice shot method for ultra
long range kills but I rarely find it useful. Let’s compare the awm with all the other sniper
rifles. As you could have guessed, nobody can beat
the awm’s power rating of 100. Only the m24 comes close with a rating of
77 and the weakest one is the vss with 32. You can see a similar pattern when you compare
the range. 100 for the awm, then the m24 with 96, the
kar 98 k with 80, the sks with 64 and then the vss with only 38. This is the second time that the vss has the
worst statistics. The sks has always been the second worst rifle
but definitely performs better when we look at the stability and the firing rate. It is the only rifle that stands out when
you look at the stability, it has a rating of 48, and all the other sniper rifles hover
around a stability rating of 34, with the vss performing worse than the rest with only
17. The sks is a dmr and that means that it has
a high rate of fire, 32 to be precise, which is much higher than the other rifles. The Kar 98 k has the worst stats, only 5 and
the awm does slightly better with 6. As you can see the awm never loses, it won
the first 2 rounds and it was the runner up in the third round. I will also show you all the stats for the
different levels of body armor and I will highlight the main differences. The first thing that you will notice is that
there is only on rifle that can kill an enemy with only one body shot and that is the awm,
it can only do that if your enemy isn’t wearing any body armor at all. Most of the other rifles need 2 body shots
to kill, the kar 98 k needs one extra bullet if he is wearing level 2 or higher and the
sks will need that extra bullet if he is wearing armor level 1, 4 bullets against level 2 and
5 bullets against the highest level of armor. The vss is a lot worse, and it needs up to
7 bullets to kill a guy with the highest level of body armor. As you know the awm only needs one headshot
to kill, the other rifles can do the same thing up to a certain point, except for the
vss. The kar 98 k and the m24 both need 2 headshots
to kill if your enemy is wearing the best helmet in battlegrounds. The sks on the other side, needs 2 headshots
from the moment that your enemy is wearing a helmet and the vss always needs 2 headshots
except against best helmet, in that case it needs one extra bullet. It’s pretty clear that the awm is the best
sniper rifle in player unknown’s battlegrounds. The only downside is the fact that you have
to chase the airplane and then everything depends on luck because you never know what
you’re going to get. But once you have it, well happy hunting. BTW in one of the previous videos I showed
you that I managed to pick up 3 8x scopes in one game, this time I managed to do even
better and I got my hands on 4 8x scopes. I’m still trying to figure out how many
there are in one game, so if anyone has picked up more or if you saw your buddy with more
than 4 then please let me know in the comments. I promised you that I would show you how you
can get your hands on the awm and the m24 in the same game. I started with picking up the m24 form an
air drop, the problem was that I didn’t have decent scope for this rifle, but luckily
jjanju was nice enough to bring me 2 8x scopes. Problem solved. The only thing left to do was to wait for
the second air drop and this one brought me an awm. This is probably the most powerful loadout
in battlegrounds, unfortunately it isn’t the most versatile and I lost both rifles
in a close range firefight. Imagine the look on the guy’s face when
he was stealing my equipment. To summarize, the awm truly is a monster sniper
rifle in player unknown’s battlegrounds. One shot, one kill unless he is wearing any
kind of body armor. So far I have covered all the sniper rifles,
so feel free to check out one of those videos. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you in battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds awm. Battlegrounds awm


  1. i ever play with my squad and they do not agree me down on sosnovka, and i am there alone,then i gave them six 8x scope and show off my AWM

  2. Have had two games in a row where me and my buddie landed at school cleared it and found two K98's, two 8x two 4x two 2x so each of us having one of each sight, was weird.

  3. I had 5 in one game in duos, 3 on me and 2 on my partner most i have seen. I didnt know there was a limit i thought it was all random.

  4. i once picked up 3 8x scopes from 1 building near gatka. then the next round the best i could find was a holographic sight. go figure.

  5. I've only gotten the AWM twice. The first time I got into a glitched spot. The second time it was a fog map. 🙁 I'm unlucky

  6. once ran a guy over and got a kar98 with 15x and 2 8x and I rekt till I was flanked after 2 teams including mine in duos

  7. in the whole game there are way more than just 4 8x scopes. i did a group run with my mates and 2 got 2 8x and other had 1 aswell so it was 6 in total – since we only had this from a few fights (no 40 kill hunt) i bet there were at least twice as much around – could be different in solo though

  8. just want to correct you, with flash hider, you dont eliminate flash, you reduce it, i know it sounds stupid but you can try it, only way to eliminate your flash is with silencer

  9. I tried an experiment and I went strait for a car in pubg, waited for a crate to drop, went strait for it and I usually am the only one there. I did this 20 FREAKING TIMES AND I STILL HAVE GOTTEN THE DAMN AWM. ITS PISSING ME THE HELL OFF. HOW DAFUQ YOU GO SO DAMN LUCKY WHILE I SIT HERE GETTING THE M249 EVERY GOD DAMN CRATE. WTF

  10. i killed a guy last game who had eight 8x scopes and his buddy had four 8x scopes. i don't know where they found them but i annihilated them with a suppressed Micro Uzi as they were coming out of Pecado, mind you this was 2nd zone.

  11. Hold on, comparing the other sniper rifles thre is one sniper missing, The Mini14 and the MK14 EBR so please put that in next video

  12. I found an AWM twice today in PUBG Mobile. It was not in a supply chest or near anyone. I found it at the beginning of the game at some place

  13. But this is the best sniper in the game but its weakness is it has its own ammo and its ammo can be found on eatheir an air drop or a guy

  14. I shot a sniper boi who caused me 2 lvl 2 vests, 1 lvl 1 helmet and a hell lot of first aid kits. He got FIVE, YES FIVE 8x scopes.

  15. I still remember this one time I got two AWM in one game.its like a dream,but having two might be too I only take the ammo.

  16. I was down to 6 people I saw guy I killed him and he had 4 8x scopes and 3 4x scopes I thought he had all the scopes of the match he also had Aug and awm

  17. I normally take the ammo then go for another drop, if it has a awm then I will take the ammo with the gun.

  18. You miss one part
    How do we aim moving targets with the AWM
    I often miss and I don't really shoot it due to bullet amount

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