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Playbook: How to run MIBR’s pistol strat on Inferno

Inferno seems to be the map of 2018. In the last 6 months, it has edged out Mirage
as the most played map at the pro level. With everyone playing Inferno, we wanted to
add a basic pistol round strat to your Playbook that’ll help you start your games off the
right way. The play we’re looking at comes from the
FACEIT Major New Legends stage where MIBR took on G2. The basic idea is to slowly take apartments
control. Once everyone is in position, one player in
apartments smokes off cart and mollys pit, while another player in mid smokes off moto
and flashes everyone out of Balcony. It’s pretty basic, but it’s a strat everyone
should know how to do, so let’s take a look! Right away, FalleN gets 2 flashes and a smoke
while Tarik gets a molly and a smoke. Coldzera uses his money on Flashes and a nade,
but in all reality you don’t need this. You can run this strat with 3 people buying
armor. Everyone but FalleN heads up alt-mid and starts
to take apartments control. They split up, sending 2 players up the stairs
and 2 players jumping into bedroom. While all this is going on, FalleN shows some
presence towards Banana, spamming shots and throwing one of his Flashbangs just to create
some pressure. It’s important to note how he doesn’t
commit to any fights, he’s just making noise so the CTs at Banana don’t push or rotate
to A. Around the 1:20 mark, you’re going to want
to start getting into position. MIBR stacks Tarik plus 2 others at balcony,
Fer at boiler, and FalleN with the nades at top mid. The play kicks off when Tarik smokes cart
from inside apts. This is a super helpful smoke to learn because
it buys you space to peek out of apts without giving the guy in pit a clear shot. This cover allows Tarik to molly off pit. While this is going on, FalleN, who is lined
up in Mid, smokes off Moto. This smoke is crucial as it’ll cut the site
off from the CT rotation. Then FalleN quickly lines up this flash and
tosses it, blinding everyone who is looking towards apartments or Porch. From here, everyone rushes out and takes control
of the site. In the game vs. G2, we see this plan work
so well that the French team can’t even go for a retake. They’re forced to save with 3 players up! When you view this strat from an overhead
pov, you can really see how smart it is. FalleN’s moto smoke forces the rotating
CTs to either blindly run through a smoke, which is almost never a good idea, or push
across top mid to porch, where the Ts have the greatest advantage in fights due to the
distance and the amount of cover they can play with. G2 realizes quickly how impossible the retake
is and just backs off to cut their losses. While this strat will take a little practice
and coordination with your team, it’s a solid, repeatable plan that can help you kick
your T side off with a strong round win.

15 thoughts on “Playbook: How to run MIBR’s pistol strat on Inferno

  1. im actually suprised that this channel doesn’t have 200k+ by the quality of the edits of all the players perspective

  2. "They're forced to save with 4 people up". They weren't forced to save, in the new meta it's just more VIABLE to save in pistols because of the 2nd round loss bonus.

  3. Another point to add is the timing. As soon as the molly has landed the flash pops just as the pit player moves out of the flames which completely disorients him

  4. I think this strat is actually usable even in gun rounds, but well i guess it really shine in pistol where site swarming is the best way for T pistol to shine

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