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PLAN WITH ME | June 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

(gentle electronic music) – [Amanda] Hey, guys, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel. And today’s video is the video you guys have been asking me for and
have been patiently waiting for. It’s my June Plan With Me
and Bullet Journal Set-Up. This month’s theme, as you
can probably tell by now, is a city skyline theme. I got so many requests on my last video, my May Plan With Me
video, to do this theme. I think the top comment
was this suggestion, so I was like, “Kinda have to do it”. And I really love the way this turned out, but while you guys watch me finish setting up the cover page,
I just wanted to, as usual, showcase some of your
recreations from May. You can see them on the screen right now. As always, I love when you guys send me your bullet journal recreations,
it makes me so happy. So, feel free to send me pictures. Make sure when you send
me your recreations, you tag me in the actual
photo, not just in the caption, because then I’ll be
able to see all of them and like and comment on all of them. As usual, my Instagram for
my bullet journal stuff is @amandarachdoodles. I always repost stuff on there as well. So, another thing that I
quickly wanted to talk about, because it’s huge, amazing news, if you haven’t heard already,
you guys have helped me to be nominated for a
MuchMusic Video Award, an MMVA, which is crazy to me. Thank you so much to
those of you who voted in the initial voting phase. I’m nominated under the category
of Fan Fave Much Creator. So if you wanna help me out
and vote for me to win an MMVA, all you have to do is vote
by using the #amanda4mmva on your tweets and Instagram posts. You can put it on literally anything. A bunch of you guys have been sending me #amanda4mmva signs for
the initial voting period, which made me so happy. You can also vote on the website. I’ll have the website where you can vote in the description box below. Literally, any vote would help at all. I would really appreciate it. You guys are so sweet and awesome, so thank you in advance to
any of you guys, who vote. But back to the cover page. The two grays that you see me using are the gray Crayola Super Tips, as well as just some
black watercolor paint. The June that I did, I realized
it kind of looked like an F, so I kind of had to fix it up using the white uni-ball gel pen. But I really like the way
the cover page turned out. And now, on to my monthly log. So, this month I decided
to switch things up. As usual, I used to do
like the vertical layout, but June is extremely busy for me, so I kind of wanted to do a
large calendar monthly set-up, and see how it would go if I just didn’t do the
vertical layout at all. Because one of my issues
with that vertical layout is that you can’t put more than one event or two, I guess, under one day. So, I wanted to try this one out, at least just for this month, just to see if it would help me out a little bit more to visualize my month, because I can put more than
one or two things per day. And the only thing that I don’t like is that it’s kind of hard to
split up my YouTube calendar as well as my personal calendar. Oh yeah, I messed up again. This month was just not a
easy month for me to set up. I just kept messing up. Lines were too long. So, I took a page out of my How to Fix Bullet Journal Mistakes video,
which if you haven’t seen, it’s very useful, I will link it up there. And I decided to cover all
of the words up with black, and then use the white uni-ball pen to do the correct days. But yeah, I hope this
monthly calendar layout will solve my issues. I think it will, especially
just because this month is crazy, as I mentioned. But, of course, I also had to include my YouTube growth tracker,
because I wanna keep some things consistent
in my monthly layout. So I put it over here this time. By the way, I know a ton of you guys are gonna be asking me what markers and brush pens and fineliners I use. If you didn’t know, I always
link every single material and item that I use in
the description box below, so check that out, if you are interested. Back to my monthly spread. I added a little Goals section for me to put my monthly goals,
and then, at the bottom, just because there’s a blank space, I decided to add another city skyline, just to go along with the theme. I wanted it to kind of look
very sketchy and illustrative, not really too perfect and exact. I really like the whole
kind of like, I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m trying to say. But I think this theme turned
out really, really well, and it is my birthday month. If you guys didn’t know,
June is my birthday month, so I really wanted to make
this month super awesome and detailed and very pretty. (chuckles) And I think it’s
one of my favorite themes that I’ve done so far. As usual, the next page over we are doing our lifestyle trackers. I don’t think I will
ever change this format, because I find it really,
really works well for me. Last month I found myself holding
myself really accountable. I don’t know, I think it’s
just the mental thing, where I’m like, at the end of the day I really wanna color in
some of these habit boxes, so I force myself to do it. So, if you guys don’t have any trackers in your bullet journal,
I’d definitely recommend you try one out maybe just for one month and see how it goes for you. Start off simple, as usual, and
then you can add more stuff. Anyways, I actually used
my Crayola Super Tips for the calligraphy that
you see on this page. If you didn’t know, you can actually use the Crayola Super Tips for calligraphy, because you can make the
tip thicker or thinner depending on how you hold
it, which is really awesome. Like, these Crayola
Super Tips are probably the best deal in terms of
bullet journal stationary that you can possibly get. Like 50-pack for, I don’t
know, 10 bucks, it’s awesome. And on the calligraphy I also
added this little drop shadow. And don’t worry, guys, the
calligraphy video is coming soon. I do hear your requests. It’s in the works right now. I just wanna make it very informative and well-made for you guys, and hopefully, it’ll help you out. So, be patient. (chuckles) Flipping over to the next one, as usual, I wanted to do my Video Ideas page as well as my Brain Dump page. And the header for this one
I thought was really cool. I kind of decided to go with a tile theme, but the tiles look like the
buildings in the skyline. So it looks kind of like a
patchwork quilt or something. But you still definitely can
tell that they’re buildings, if that makes sense. I just didn’t wanna keep doing the same type of city skyline, so I thought this was a great
way to incorporate the theme without always drawing
the exact same buildings over and over again. And that’s one of the things
that helps me to stay motivated to keep using my bullet journal, because I find that if I always do the exact same header style
or weekly spread style, I’m totally uninspired and don’t want to keep active with it, so always try to switch things up. It definitely helps you to stay active with your bullet journal
and keep using it, and be more productive. I just wanted to speed
through the other header just because it’s the exact
same as the Video Ideas one. But in the bottom corners of both pages I decided to do a little
drawing on the side. I did kind of like a bridge. It kinda reminds me of
the Golden Gate Bridge. I just kinda looked up some
pictures and started drawing. Again, nothing too perfect or exact, just more of a sketchy,
illustrative style. And in the bottom left
corner, on the other page, I just decided to do some more buildings. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Sorry, guys, I don’t
know exactly what to say during these parts. (gentle music) Okay, so on to my weekly
spread for this month. So, I wanted to do something
a little bit different. You guys know that I usually have my little weekly events layout,
like a sidebar on the side, but as I mentioned, June is just so busy for me for some reason. So I do really need a lot of space for my daily rapid logging
to write all my tasks down. So I decided to skip out on the weekly sidebar for this week. But I probably am gonna
add that back in later on. If you wanna see my other weekly spreads throughout the month of June, I always post them on my bullet
journal Instagram account, so go follow me there, if you want to have more inspiration for weekly spreads. But for the numbers, as you can see here, I drew the numbers behind
the buildings that I drew. And then I decided I didn’t like it, so my favorite little trick, just block it out with the marker, and then use the white uni-ball gel pen to write over top of the black little box. And I thought those
turned out really cute. I love this page. I think it matches
perfectly with the theme, and I love that each day
has kind of like a little vignette of a city skyline. By the way, another question I always get is how I set up my weekly spread, when the month doesn’t start on Monday. As you can see, I included
the last three days of May at the beginning of this week, just because I always wanna
have a full weekly spread, and it keeps it consistent throughout. So I hope that makes sense for you guys. No, I wouldn’t have a weekly
spread with like four days, it would be kind of
like a waste of a page. All right, guys, that’s it for my June Monthly Bullet Journal Set-Up. I hope you guys found
some sort of inspiration. As usual, be sure to hit
that Subscribe button and don’t forget to vote
for me for the MMVA. I would really, really appreciate it. I love you, guys, have an awesome day, and I will talk to you in my next video. Bye, guys. (gentle electronic music)

100 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME | June 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

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