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PLAN WITH ME | August Bullet Journal Setup | Watercolor Feathers (w/ MyLifeinaBullet)

Hi everyone, We are back at again for the month of August
and I have almost reached my goal of creating a patreon account which will be launching
on Friday 3rd at 1pm EST. Patreon is basically a place where you can
sign up for a specific plan and receive goodies from me during the month or on a monthly schedule! I do have plans on making enamel pins from
my characters, so this is one of the ways that will help me to do that! I hope you are all enjoying summer so far,
wherever you are, because its flying past so fast. This month is a special one yet again because
I’m collaborating with Cristina from mylifeinabullet. She is crazy talented, kind hearted, a dear
friend and I always love and look forward to working with with her whenever I can! For this months bullet journal set up we picked
the theme of feathers. And that’s it, we basically have freedom in
how we interpret the theme, color, and style, and I haven’t seen her set up yet, so give
her some love along with me I’m so excited to see what she came up with because she mentioned
that she been wanting to do this theme and had ideas for it, so it’s going to really
good! Jumping right into this month because I didn’t
complete much of the trackers for last month, it was a pretty rough one and I got so overwhelmed
with everything that all I did was plan out my to do lists. So for this month, I shortened my setup a
bit so that it works better with my time and then I’ll slowly add things back in when I
can. When I first thought about feathers and what
I wanted to do for this setup, I thought about weightlessness, and flying. I want to create a soft, subtle, and very
simple painting o f a feather using my kuretake Blue Gray and Pale Rose brush pens and my
water brush. I’ll link the exact colors and all of my supplies
in the description below as well. These pens are amazing, it’s so easy to do
watercolor paintings now, but the hardest part is learning how to paint in reverse. Traditionally you build up color, but with
the pens you kinda dilute the color. So it takes some getting used to, but it’s
still so much fun to work with. Once the painting is dry, I’ll go back in
with my 05 micron to add in a few touches of shadow, write in the title of the month,
and then add some gold, of course with my gold gelly roll. I’ll have this painting and the entire spread
linked below as a kit with all of the quotes and pictures that I used, in my shop, so you
can recreate this exact spread for your journals too. Please remember to tag me in the photos and
credit me at the beginning of the captions. I love to share my work with you but I do
get so nervous when I see people taking my work as their own and not crediting me until
the very end of the caption. So Thank you guys for looking out for me and
I sincerely love our community and really want to continue sharing my work with you! Next is going to be my dedication page and
this month is dedicated to flight, more metaphorically. To have more trust in ourselves and abilities
to reach our goals. So I collected some photos that I loved, places
I want to travel to and just pictures that made me feel good, to put throughout the spread. I was so inspired by my last video and I needed
a change this month but I was honestly so scared because it’s so different than my usual
bunny and bear story, which I’m taking a break from But as I was prepping for this, it was really
nice to be a little more creative with the journal and worry less about the illustrations,
storyline, and everything that normally goes into my set-ups. So within this collage is one of my all time
favorite quotes from a poem by Erin Hanson, he writes: “There is freedom waiting for
you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, What if you fly?” And this sums up my ultimate goal, not just
for this month, but for my entire life. I think it’s so easy to get caught up all
of the things that can go wrong which can stop us from doing everything at all. And I don’t want to miss out of opportunities
just because I’m scared that it won’t work out because there is also a chance that it
will work out, and I’ll never know. So I want to encourage you to try and believe
in yourself as well. Next up is my three month calendar spread. This hasn’t changed much still with this month
larger up top and then the next two underneath. I’ve added some hanging feathers with beads
for that slight boho vibe and then this gorgeous photo underneath. And then I wrote a little reminder to make
my dreams come true, not wait for it, or wish for it, but work towards it. I was listening to the only podcast I listen
now and in th e episode, she talks about the importance of believing in your dreams because
if we didn’t, we wouldn’t work as hard to achieve them, thinking that we know that we’ll
fail. For example, when we’re learning to ride a
bike, we don’t go on the bike thinking that we will never ride that bike, I’m pretty sure
we went on that bike knowing that we’ll learn to ride it and expecting to fall a few times,
hence the training wheels. And if we did go on that bike doubting ourselves,
we probably wouldn’t have tried learning at all, what’s the point right? You’ll never learn anyways. This podcast has changed my life and I’m so
thankful for it, so I’ll link that info down below as well, because it will change your
life too. For my monthly page, I didn’t change much
about that either, I have an idea for next months that I want to do, so stay tuned for
that one! I added some wind blown feathers to the top
and filled it in with my brush pens And then underneath that is the calendar with
each one of these squares being about an inch, and then I rounded the corners to change it
up a little bit more, but not much. And then on the right of that are my goals
for this month. My first goal is to move my shop to my website
completely and officially launch blush and may on August 24th. So Mark your calendars for updated stickers,
prints, printables, and maybe more. I am also doing another craft show on September
9th in Philly in Chestnut Hill, so I want to have everything ready for that one! If you’re in the area and want to come visit,
I would absolutely love that. More information for that show is below as
well, there is so much right now in the description so that can be your reading material after
the video! My last goal of course is to continue with
self love, by first allowing myself to fail as many times as I need before I reach my
dreams. I grew up knowing that we have to fail to
eventually get things right and I even tell my friends that things will be fine and that
they will find a way to achieve whatever it was that they wanted but for some reason as
we get older, we give up easily. I fail once or twice and I think that it won’t
be ever work out so I quit. So for this month, I just want to allow myself
to not do good work, even bad work and just keep pushing forward with determination and
all the knowledge I have. I want this for all of us, because there is
so much more to see and explore in this world. Moving on to my page of milestones and a blank
page for anything I need as the month goes on. Normally I have my fitness and drawings trackers
or my morning routine trackers here, but since I know that I won’t be keeping up with it
this month, I’m taking it out for now. Even though I didn’t have a story in this
set up, I had to add the bunny in somehow in this magical scene as feathers surround
him and gently float upwards towards the sky. He is fascinated and immersed in the wonder,
so much so that he believes that he too can be that weightless, carefree, and able to
create magic in this world. This scene is then completed with more hanging
feathers on top of this dreamy photo of two birds over beautiful blue waters. I wanted a photo to represent the beauty of
flight and this picture was perfect. On the left of the picture I added another
one of my favorite quotes, it says The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling,
but in rising every time we fall. And then on top of that is a little reminder
that we have to fall in order to fly. And then finally for my weekly title page,
I found this beautiful photo of a city peeking over the clouds, almost like a floating City. And then a gorgeous detail shot of feathers,
both with a dream like quality to them, working perfectly with the theme. And then underneath that is a final quote
that sums up the whole meaning of the spread by Henry Ford, he says When everything seems
to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with
it. For my first time doing this kind of collage
spread, I loved how some of these turned out. I am going to add in a few more things to
make the milestones layout with a little better, but overall this was exactly the change that
I needed and I wanted a super motivational spread this month so having so many quotes,
kinda telling a story on their own, is hopefully going to carry me through this month. Let me know what you think and what you think
my September theme should be! It’ll be officially one year of bullet journaling
when I post my September spread, so I want it be epic, hopefully the best one I’ll ever
do! So share this video with your friends and
family and we can make next months video amazing! Also Join me on Instagram to keep up with
my shop and anything else I have going on, check out Cristina’s video, and mark your
calendars for August 3rd and 24th. aThank you so much for watching and I’ll see you
next time, bye!

100 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME | August Bullet Journal Setup | Watercolor Feathers (w/ MyLifeinaBullet)

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