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‘Pistol Whip’ Nuns – Conservative Host’s Outrageous Comments

now catholic nuns have been very
outspoken against up alright budget and that’s because i have how gate creates wealth inequality so people
making over a million dollars that basically see at twelve point five
percent increased in their income after taxes but people making less than twenty
thousand dollars would all b c who actually see apt point two percent
last in their income after taxes so the poor get poorer the rich get
richer literally in this tax plan and here’s my favorite part of this from a
non-partisan sever budget and policy priorities for
the just this is not a matter of the democratic
point of view on this or anything like this they look at the perot on numbers and two-thirds of the cuts proposal
lines budget would come from program serving
low-income america uh… they do massive tax cuts for the
rich any paperwork by literally take the
money out of the programs for the poor eview uh… care about helping the median the
poor has good christians are supposed to while you would be concerned about and it turns out that there are a lot of nuns who are
concerned about that much to their credit now uh… concerning radio show hosts
are not in favor of the nuns protesting the ryan budget in fact geng mickelson i recently spoke to uh… representative
tom leaf and and here’s what he had to say skates just its suit stocks fish st it’s state they’re the ones that
response by trying to defend poor people like they’re supposed to do that is the same nuns were chastised by
the vatican because they’re back and said you castrating too
much on the poor i’d love that ’cause that’s when jesus who want to hear from
religious authorities hey cut i will talk about the poor
people a day in the needy uh… who needs it so they’re saying no we want you can’t
read more on gay marriage an abortion abortions not even mention the bible gay marriage is not d d issues of america mission at abide
jesus christ at all the bible today to visit is it doesn’t talk about than
emphasizing and the things that you thought about
over and over over again in the new testament and showed up about so now the state is doing well acted protecting the new dubbed not yet whether good christians about look at that site it’s it’s a topsy-turvy world the guys who are in favor of doing
violence against nuns and and and take away from the poor and give it to
the rich are considered it real questions in this country i guess david is a medium closes the resort who is which the party that’s more
graver christians what i mean but there is a global most of the deductible or about one of
the great threat well well then what are the exact
opposite would pretend he should do indexing parable economically march thought process is a real problem
with religion do on stories that it’s because we’re talking about religious
fundamentalism but even with mainstream religion like
catholicism you’re seeing people moving to the extreme right to the point
where you can even defend that now with them nuns are fighting for are the same things that we talked about
when i went to church that’s what i remember of christianity catholicism talking about helping the poor helping the needy
that’s religion used to be about and that’s a positive i think those are
the positive elements of religion their own viewers believe it right but then when you have uh… the back and talking about men are
not let’s forget about that the main purpose of our religion and morality and let’s focus more on something as
stupid as taking people’s rights away are you lose all credibility here on the
same pay age has fundamentalists in my book we were talking about this a whipping in
using violence against nuns you’re a fundamentalist in my book heroes who jesus withdrawn on a temple
forbes the guys who went around pretending that religion and in christianity and spirituality meant that you help the rich and take from the poor that’s the first estimate of grab by the
year if you believe in with the new testament sense you regret by the year thrown about
thinking that’s part of why it is the like
organized religion why organized religion becomes corrupt and what is it do it one of the gums
corrupt it protects the rich and powerful and her support of the powers and so the
nuns at ratified by against that and that’s why now republics conservatives
in the vatican there also frustrated that now that it’s gotten to the point
where they’re not about violence against women i know he was joking it’s really funny
hahaha left us a lot about old so funny that’s the christian thing to do

100 thoughts on “‘Pistol Whip’ Nuns – Conservative Host’s Outrageous Comments

  1. lol it's never been about the poor or needy, all about power to tell you want to do and these women are all the way outta pocket lol the Catholic pimp authority gotta pimp slap these hoes back in line. Ahhhh only an nitwit would wrap themselves up in Catholicism…

  2. Nuns… Republican politicians… I know the difference! Vaginas. We need women to take over this dog and pony show.

  3. Grab by the ear? I would've grabbed them by the balls and cut them off right before I "This is Sparta!!!" their arses out of the temple. Just saying…

  4. "Yeahhh!! You know what's a real 'Christian' thing to do?? TO PISTOL WHIP A NUN."
    I lost it when he said that. XD

  5. While I agree with most opinions coming from the TYT Network, this one had me laughing. Do you realize how much money is shoved into these programs and comes out… nothere? The government isn't good at doing anything, much less providing welfare. If you personally believe in giving to the poor, that's great! You're a good person! Give your money to a private charity, volunteer yourself and a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

  6. It doesnt matter what most catholics think, catholicism is not a democracy it matters what the pope says. Any adult who remainds a part of the catholic church after them abusing children is supporting child abuse, they give the priests a reasonable image.

  7. I take it you haven't seen the dozens of clips where Cenk and Ana express disgust at honor killings and incidents like that.

  8. From what I understand, if you piss off a nun, still kick your ass. Perhaps joking about assaulting a nun is a bad idea.

  9. If Jesus was alive now the Republicans would spend billions in ads attacking Jesus for driving the money lenders out of wall street. right-wing Jesus is a completely different person to bible Jesus.

  10. I don't get it. If you care about the poor, does that immediately make you a statist? Can't you care about the poor without destroying the economy? lol

  11. I doubt that. As Cenk says, Jesus was against organized religion due to the risk of corruption. Thus he would most likely be against socialism and organized coercion through a state. Most people even describe Jesus as an anarchist.

  12. Wow, you must be an atheist scientist to have reached such an intelligent conclusion. Surely you can use some of that impeccable brain power to recognize a joke when you see one…

  13. This is getting out of hand. You do realize most serious historians wouldn't even think of saying something that ridiculous? All you are doing is making us look like unintelligent morons, when you make childish comments like "Jesus was a fictional character". If historians believe Jesus to have been a real person, what gives you ANY ground to say he was a fictional character? Because you saw some YouTube video? What a joke.

  14. Jesus would most definitely NOT be against socialism. There is no evidence that he would be an Anarchist, "most" people don't describe him to be anything close to Anarchism. Stop getting your sources from YouTube and Reddit.

  15. Women seem to have all the guts in this world. These nuns, codepink, the women for peace in Belfast, mother's of the disappeared, the list goes on. Peace

  16. The Religious used to be Democrats prior to Jimmy Carter in the US, and now the Reich WIngers got them on Abortion Issues….it's only a matter of time before they swap back again. Watch for it.

  17. All of a sudden TYT understands what religion is really about and understands that the certain people are giving religion a bad name – nice

  18. if jesus existed to my surprise, and ever comes back to make sure what he was talking about he'd be in guantanamo in no time, or maybe he already is there and in a thousand years we have a waterboarded jesus hanging in churches instead of the cross version..
    the "christian" rightwing with all it's sheep is the new judas, oh what ironie

  19. Did anyone else see whats going on with the laptop behind Ana around 3:10-3:30 then it gets worse around 3:47…. This was actually an interesting story…I'm just saying.

  20. Probably, but in this case I am quoting the lyrics from a song. The only word I have changed is Nuns. I think it fits perfectly with the disturbing things this Mr Mickleson said.

  21. but if one believes in Christ does that not make one a Christian? Aaaaaaaand those "Christians" are the reason I don't believe in church…I believe in God hover…. 🙂

  22. No any non libtard would obviously no he is joking. If he was serious he wouldn't have said pistol whip, who the fuck beats people over the head with guns this isn't the movies. Liberals love to play victim like the political target ad Palin had (she's a cunt) but politically targeting has ALWAYS been the phrasing. Keep LYING he was serious about "pistol whipping", TYT cut him off when he was explaining. Liberals NEVER stand up for free speech of those they disagree with

  23. What's the difference between organized religion and socialism? Both socialism and religion is about having an intellectual elite imposing arbitrary rules on other people based on the elites' own perception of morality. Jesus' point was that organized and centralized religion constituted by a hierarchy where a few people are granted the privilege to impose force and coercion on others (like a government or a church), then that power would ultimately corrupt. Is this too far-fetched for you? lol

  24. And the funny thing is, the conservatives will bellyache that their right to say such BS is protected by the 1st Amendment. And yet, they obviously think that the same right never applies to their critics.

  25. We have reached a time where reasonable Christians have turned atheists, and the ones that are left are the nut jobs.

  26. AAAH!! Ii see what you mean, but I think those guys were used to be called fanatics! everything and anything in the name of "God" …. those guys are not really Christian, they are morons hence the " " they just use God as a shield for all the FBS they are doing…. ( *how ever – outo-correct man, awful, can't live with out it!)

  27. OH!!! and it's not religion that contradicts it self, it's the F*******D up people that SAY they are part of it, that go round and spreading their stupidity! 🙂 aaand that thing with what Christians do.. I meant it like the reason they are called Christians….cuz they (in paling terms) believe in Christ – get it?? x) but yeah, they do more then just that.

  28. typical republican bullshit!! these asshole hypocrites are insane!! republicans typically are as CHRISTIAN as Carl Marx

  29. republicans are point blank Pharises! PHONEY FAKE SO CALLED CHRISTIANS!! these worthless pathetic republicans hide behind their gop thinkiing their doing GODS will republicans aren't fooling anybody but THEMSELVES!!

  30. NOT WHAT I MENT! It's just so convenient for people to take God as an exude for inappropriate behavior, and yes you are right about things like the Hindus and Atheists and maybe the reason behind that it is almost always Christians that conduct war based on their religious believe, is completely random. Maybe not, but what I mean is that religion in it self is not negative (per say…) it is the people and their ways of interpreting it, that makes it as disgraceful as it shows it self today.

  31. that is the way it looks to us right now, but back then it was a way to explain to "we" came to be; it was a INTERPRETATION of a reality (something that we TODAY know not to be accurate) and Christianity in it self is not the same us the fanatics that call themselves "true" Christians… Christianity and the fanatic interpretation of it is ultimately two different things. Oh FYI most scientists are religious! ! ! fanatics kill "for God" – smart people discover God (in a sense…)

  32. aw God… what you are tailing about is a religious God, one that we today claim to be true, that it was he that created everything the way it is today (something that is obviously not true) but there's a way to see him that does not use him in a ridiculous way, but as a certain something that is there but yet cannot be explained – why do you think there's a significant particle that is called"the God Particle" that is part of important moment of creation of matter and antimatter.

  33. Plus, it's everyones personal choice to be religious or not, or even if they believe in a different God that everyone ells seam to be preaching they should.

  34. I take the "pistol whipping" comment as a joke… no biggy – even though if a democrat or liberal had said it…it would be all over Fox News –
    The real thing here is that the Ryan plan has MOTIVATED these nuns to campaign against it…right there you have to stop and examine it and say "why"
    But these people -attacking the nuns -do not worship the Bible's God…they worship the money in their pockets.

  35. Except your saying he is suggesting/inciting ACTUAL violence, and last I checked you libtards were calling for arrests of conservatives who even say the word "revolution". Criticizing him would be "he said something stupid and it wasn't funny" misusing his words to lambast him for a joke is different, I wouldn't expect govt drone like you to understand.

  36. WOW you seems to completely ignore my point…don't you? What I mean is that the extremists that call them selves Christians are not necessarily "true" and not all Christians are going around quoting the bible and even those who do are fanatics and yet others don't even go to church and are interested in science – that is mostly based on myself…. aaand all in all we decide who and what we believe in….so there're "Christians" e.g. fanatics and there are Christians and strong Christians etc…

  37. I didn't say that I'm a "true" Christian (I doubt I can call myself christian,but I do),where did you get this from?! and for your information I suck at spelling in ANY language I know. SHE not he, and I just mean to say not every christian is a fanatic and some ARE decent people that don't bother others and do help! I get what you are trying to say, but at the same time you seem to generalize all Christians to one group of fanatics! Open up to others opinion, it'll open some of the dark horizon

  38. FINE!!! FINE!!! but to this I have to say that christianity is only negative if people practicing it make it so… but yes, in America it does seem to have a rather negative effect (something that's different from even Russia) ok, pushing your buttons here…..

  39. i meant jesus in like "boy he's JESUS, let's worship him, as he is god's son and his mom is a virgin!" not like "this is jesus, he likes long walks on the beach, brown eyes and the way it smells after a summer rain."

  40. The historian Josephus lived at the same time as Jesus, and held no special interest in confirming his existence. You suggest that we have many sources for Socrates, we have three; Plato, Xenophon and Aristophanes. We have more contemporaneous sources (excluding the bible, which I agree was all written after his death) confirming the mere existence of a cult leader from Nazareth who was crucified in Jerusalem at passover. No credible historian would make the assertion that Jesus didn't exist.

  41. Have YOU read Tacitus' accounts, I wonder? I am asking because a) they were just called "the Annals", b) he mentions christians, but does not "tell about" christ, and c) Tacitus, as Redshift21 already mentioned, was born several decades AFTER Jesus -supposedly- died. And, of course d) No, there is NO written account about Jesus, aside from religious documents like Bible books. (and, please, do go ahead, and bring up Josephus again, because we have never heard of the Testimonium Flavianum, right)

  42. Ok, I can agree with you on it being useless but the "potential" of it being bad come from how it is used, and it is used by PEOPLE. To assume that it is the religion that is to be at blame for the human error is to assume that the wold is a perfect place where the people are in complete harmony an corruption is non existent – government or church…

  43. "Religion can't be practiced by aliens!" If aliens do exist and we ever make contact with them, I bet the Christians will immediately be trying to convert them.

  44. PHF!!! YES they can!!! In a theoretical world where we know of their existence, they can! Hm, you could argue that but if you simply take away religion people with find another way to excuse their fighting and killing. Take away one element they'll find another one. I think a better way to sold it is to – for the lack of a better world – educate people on (like Cenk says) critical thinking. Make people think and hope for the best. You disagree?

  45. i see being a moron is as fashionable as ever. groups of american nuns arent playing ball with what the vatican wants. this isnt up for debate, spend half a minute reading about the issue its not difficult. what cenk said about what the vatican chastised the nuns for? yeah, that actually happened. learn what the fuck your talking about or shut the fuck up please.

  46. While most of the money slips through the cracks as well. I'm not against welfare, I just want to get rid of all this bureaucracy bullshit.

  47. In many cases there is little to be cut out. In the case of health care, the UKs NHS spends less than 5% on admin, while in the US insurance companies spend between 15% and 20% on admin.

  48. Not trying to argue or anything, but I'm not understanding your comment. Are you saying that other figures in various religions have more historical evidence to prove their existence then Jesus? Because multiple religions mention Jesus besides Christianity/Judaism. In a lot of cases (and for ex. in Islam), Jesus is mentioned and regarded as a great prophet.

  49. No, there are not many religions that mention Jesus. Islam & christianity are the only ones.
    Why do people say shit like that? Did you not even bother to check what you said before you typed it?
    You're just wrong…

  50. Actually, the rule was you pay a 10% tithe on your income to the church, and many states took over the church – in doing so they made royalty into demi-gods with a mandate from the Supreme God. SOOO actually it IS required that money be taken from people to support state and charity if you wanna get biblical. It's amazing how people like you cherry-pick and only quote the things you like and ignore what you don't from the bible. If you think your judgment is better, than throw it all out!

  51. Every animal works for a living. Their living is work. If we are created in God's image, what image was Neandertal made in? If rights came from God how is it they are violated on a daily basis and only ever upheld by *man*? Women don't cover their breasts in warm climates where a Christian hasn't bitched at them about it. Other animals prepare their food in different ways, we just happen to cook it, we didn't always. Also, the original American 'freedom' was only for white men, no1 else.

  52. Pistol whipping nuns sounds like something soulless zombie Rethuglican sheeple would be for, since they're not actually Christians, they are in reality the dark, evil ones and slowly but surely it appears that people are waking up and saying ENOUGH! I wish people would stop calling these nasty, vile, arrogant, cowardly, disgusting, irrational, moronic, ignorant, repugnant sub humans Christians, they are not!

  53. I would hope that the nuns would draw their .357s and kill their assailants.

    I do not believe in forgiving my enemies. I believe in shooting them instead.

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