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Pistol Training w/ Laser Sights –

Hi, I’m Gary Killingsworth. I’m the digital marketing manager at Crimson Trace corporation and we’re here at the 2014 Midnight 3 Gun Invitational, on stage 1, sponsored by OpticsPlanet. The Stage is called Optical Illusion and we’re out here today running through a couple of drills, with new shooters, on how laser sights can make them a more confident, effective, accurate shooter. This is a Glock 19 Gen3 9mm pistol with our new LG-637G laser grip, soon to be released. So, it’s a green laser sight with a rear activation. So, I’m going to hand you this Glock. The chamber is open so I’m going to have you check and make sure that it’s loaded, no magazine in the pistol. Clear? Ok. I’m going to go ahead and have you close the slide and we’ll acquire a proper sight picture. This is going to be a dry fire drill. Ok? So when you acquire the proper sight picture, the laser has actually been powered off. It’s one of the features of this new unit, with the new generation of Glock laser grips, there’s a master on and off switch. So, that laser has been completely powered down so you can see what your sight picture is going to look like in a dry fire situation. So, at your leisure, I’m going to have you go ahead and actually dry fire the pistol. Ok. So what you’re going to learn, especially when the laser comes on, is a smooth trigger pull. So, even though it’s called a trigger pull, it’s actually a press and that’s where lasers can actually, you know, help you enhance your ability to control your trigger which is essential to accurate shooting. So, go ahead and pull the slide back again, cycle the pistol, get it ready. Go ahead and take another pull. Good. That’s a little bit better pull. So now I’ll go ahead and take it from you. I’ll open it back up and make sure that it’s clear. I’m going to go ahead and power on the laser and, again, this is a green laser sight, so we’ll see the dot dancing. Ok. I’ll give this back to you. We’re going to run through the same thing again. So, when you’re ready, go ahead and close the slide. Go ahead and get your sight picture, you’ll see that laser. You should see that laser showing up just above your front sight. It may be buried, a little bit, at this distance but they’re factory sighted at 50 feet. So, at your leisure, go ahead. Ok. So did you see the laser dip just a little bit? Mhm. That’s a result of trigger pull. So, what’s happening is you’re pulling on the trigger versus pressing on it. A slow, controlled break is essentially what you’re trying to do. Go ahead, cycle it again. We’ll do it again. Good. A little bit of dip that time. Let’s try it again. Essentially, you’re going to be surprised by it. It’s a slow, controlled brake. There you go. Nice job. We’re going to put a few rounds down range here. Close distance, you can see that you can see the laser show up and what we’re going to do is give him some familiarity with the pistol as well as how the laser is going to work and we also have a little surprise for him, as well. So, Adam, go ahead and pull the chamber flag for me. Thank you. Go ahead and close the slide. Ok. I’m going to hand you a magazine with 5 rounds in it, unseat it. Ok. Go ahead and load and make ready Ok. Now you’re live. Make sure your laser shows up and fire when ready. Ok. We saw the depth there. Let’s go ahead, tap your magazine, rack it, ok. See that fall out? That was a snap cap. So, part of this drill, today, is to show you essentially what you’re doing with your trigger. If you’re mashing it, what you’re going to have happen is, especially in a string of fire which was what you were just going through, what’s going to happen to you is you’re going to see that laser dip because you’re anticipating recoil and, so, with a little bit more training, what will happen is you’ll actually have that laser show up on an even plane, staying on your target. It’s going to dance, of course, and recoil is going to make it dance more but what you’re trying to prevent for yourself is getting it to dip. That means you’re anticipating recoil for that next shot and you’re mashing down on the trigger. We had a snap cap hidden inside the magazine. What we were trying to demonstrate, I mean, I’m not trying to embarrass Adam, a little bit but what we were trying to show is trigger control and what will happen, especially if you’re firing downhill on a snap cap, is you’ll see exactly what’s happening with recoil anticipation and things like that. What happened was you saw the laser dot dip because trigger’s being mashed. It’s not the controlled brake he will have as he’s learning trigger control, using lasers. So, right now, I have him getting ready to do a little bit of live fire, simply 5 rounds through a Kimber Custom Eclipse II which is a beautiful gun with LG-401G green laser grips, one of our newest green products, simply user installed, mounted on the pistol in minutes, factory sighted at 50 feet fully adjustable for windage and elevation. So, alright, I’m going to go ahead and have you pull the chamber back. Ok. I’ll give you the magazine. Alright, go ahead and close the slide and let’s go ahead and, actually, close the hammer as well. Go ahead and fire down on it. Close the hammer. Ok. Alright, now load and make ready. Go ahead and pull the slide back. There you go. Finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. Good job. Fire when ready. Focusing on that control trigger brake. Good. Good. Smooth. Good. Good. Ok, go ahead and eject your magazine. There you go. Good job. I’ll take the gun. Good job. So, that was great. I caught you tea cupping again, at the end. It happens, not a problem. So, great job. Could you see how using proper trigger control kept that laser in line? Mhm. Yea. Good job. Thanks. Ok everybody, what we saw today was just a few simple drills on how Crimson Trace laser sights can make you a more accurate and confident shooter. With my friend Adam, here today, we ran through a couple really simple dry fire drills and a few simple live fire drills, one including a snap cap. It worked great. I think you probably learned a lot even though you’re a Yankee fan, apparently but we had a good time and he was actually able to see, in real time, kind of what he was doing with his own form, how his pistol’s working and the difference between a few different models of lasers. So, a huge thank you to OpticsPlanet for helping sponsor this event. We couldn’t do it without sponsors like OpticsPlanet We couldn’t do it without all the shooters and all the support from the shooting community. So, thank you very much.

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