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Pistol Squats for Beginners – The Complete Tutorial

Hey guys, Manuel here from Tykato Fitness. This is me doing a pistol squat with 30kg
(66lbs) and now i’m showing you my normal pistol squat too for comparison – and you
will learn the pistol squat in this tutorial today. But first of all let’s talk about mobility. I think a lot of tutorials lack this. If your heels come off the floor you need
to work on your flexibility. Check the link in the description for a tutorial
how to learn a deep proper squat. Now: if you can’t deep squat yet, just put
something under your heels like this. This is totally acceptable and okay. I will now show you a mobility drill that
you can do every day from now on to learn the pistol flexbility. So, sit comfortably. Shift your weight to one side and one leg
like this. And then extend the other leg. This is basically it. Work on this every day. Now if you can’t hold it anymore just sit
down. Also, work on getting your leg off the floor. This is your goal in this mobility drill. Let me show this from the front again. Sit down, shift your weight, extend one leg
and work on getting the flexibility to lift it up. This is perfect. Do this before every squat. Now let’s talk about the form: you can extend
your arms or do a pistol with your hands. Both is okay. I show it from the front. Now it’s important that your leg is straight
all the time. Don’t bend it. This is bad form, okay? Try to have it straight. Another thing to know is: you can point your
toes or pull them to your body. Both is acceptable form, but just make sure
to hold the tension in your legs while doing so Now let’s talk about the first progression:
you squat down and you remember the mobility drill You do the same thing. Squat down, do the mobility drill, come back,
stand up. Again. Squat down. Now the other side. Shift your weight, extend one leg. Back and up. This is the first progression. You work this so you can do 3 sets of 8 reps
for each leg. Now for the next progression put something
for assistance and just do this beginner shrimp variation. Okay? Try to put as less weight on the back leg
as possible and as much weight on the front leg as possible. And for balance and strength you can assist
yourself with something to hold on. Again, 3 sets, 8 reps per leg. And once this comes easily for you, you need
to learn this without balance and without grabbing something. Now these progressions might sound really
odd to you because they are not your normal pistol squat progressions but: i have got
really great progress with them and that’s how i learned the pistol squat and i learned
it really quick. In a few months with this. Okay? So i hope this will help you too. Now the next thing is already the pistol squat. Okay? Take something where you can assist yourself
with your hands and just do negative pistol squats and sit down on the floor after you
are down. And once you can do 3 sets of 8 reps you go
into the next progression and instead of sitting down you stand up. This is already a pistol, okay? Just with assisted arms. And once you can do 3 sets of 8 reps on each
leg you are ready to journey into proper pistols. It’s this easy! Make sure to do the mobility drills and follow
the progressions and you will have great success in really, really fast time. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel
and like this video and i hope to see you guys next time. Goodbye!

19 thoughts on “Pistol Squats for Beginners – The Complete Tutorial

  1. Thank you very much for this progression tutorial. This is one of my fitness skill goals for 2017. I believe this guide will be a huge help. Thank you again!

  2. I can do pistol squats but I get a weird, sharp feeling on the inside part of my right knee when I am in full squat. So when I am all the way down with all my weight on my right foot. Any idea what this might be?

  3. This is a great video. I am doing sets of pistol squats myself and I'm working on documenting the pistol squat progression. The documentation is a work in progress. I use quite a few more options along the way, and I'm found essentric pistol down and 2 leg up to give me the fastest progress along the way.

  4. Thanks, I'll be trying this. Saw someone doing pistol squats in the gym a few weeks back and I thought: "Hey, that looks cool AND easy." Well, I was right about one of those.

  5. Thanks for this. This makes sense to me and sort of what I've been trying to do! Loving the addition of the 'kneeling' progression!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial? =^..^= I'm excited to try it. How can I protect my knee while doing the pistol squat? So I don't accidently hurt it. =^..^=

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