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Pistol Shooting Stances : Learn the Stability Techniques for Shooting a Pistol

Okay methods of stability is what I’m going
to get into now. I have just showed you the push pull sixty-forty theory, I have showed
you foot positioning. If a person wanted to shoot single handedly or one handed there
is things you can do to stabilize yourself and so in doing so with a clearance safe weapon.
No live ammunition is on the range, I’m using this as a demonstration. We all have seen
the movies where the person gets the gun and turns the gun like this to shoot. Well I was
asked a question earlier does that actually work yes and no? This here is as far as I’m
concerned not a legitimate shooting position unless I was laying sideways also to gage
my side shot to actually effectively hit my target. However, if I’m on the range practicing
or training and I’m engaged in a target and I’m shooting one handed I’m more at the slightly
camp my firearm which brings into a play a whole different group of muscles and bones.
Just going from here to here make this even much more rigged so when I fire and line my
shot up there is a good chance I’m going to be on target. Versus here, here you are good
you can still make this shot but you only got some much time and you have a tendency
to lock up a lot sooner in this position than what you do if you turn it. Another thing
that I found out works is when you are training, when you are working that you take this hand
into a fist and lay across your chest and kind of squeeze it tight. That takes the tension
off of this arm over here which gives you more of a stable base. So if I’m getting ready
to fire one hand or bring this hand up, punch that one up and slightly cant that tension
from up here all in while focusing on my side line, trigger control around and take the
shot. That is stability what I’m talking about, that along with foot positioning goes a long
way when you are in a platform shooting in a stable base.

82 thoughts on “Pistol Shooting Stances : Learn the Stability Techniques for Shooting a Pistol

  1. He's using a Glock 17 — the full-size (duty-size) version. The Glock 19 is slightly smaller than what he's using in this video.

  2. whats with all the preliminary hand gestures ? and arm waving ? Homie?
    What ever works – for the individual
    practice – Next time you make a video –
    rehearse and leave off all the distracting hand & arm gesturing – you are Not making a rap video- Homie –

  3. I would assume this example is used rather if your reaction hand(non firing hand) got blown off (somehow), if you were drawing for a knife for CQC, tactical reloading from a shoulder pouch, or your reaction hand being disabled, he's just simply giving a better suggestion for one handed shooting than the standard stance. That's why he brings up the examples about the sideways firing being wrong.

  4. Im a part of the Norwegian Nation Team in shooting. I know what Im talking about. We got our technique from people we know from the Olympics… This guy (with all my respect) Found a way HE likes… (sorry if my english was bad πŸ™‚ )

  5. I don't really know much lew935, But maybe what you could do is have a table, And use the iron sights, This SHOULD be a Accurate Shot because you are not shaking or anything. If it still shoots to the left, Its your gun, If its not. Then somthing is wrong with your grip. Remember, Iron sights lined up always guarntee a Hit. But…Not all guns are that accurate. I'm not knowing much about the .44 Magnum. Well hope I helped. Have a good day. = )

  6. They're all ACP, not just the plain ones. You mean FMJ (full metal jacket) or TMJ (total metal jacket) ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol. It's just the full name of the 45 auto cartridge. You might see JHP used for Jacketed Hollow Point as well. And yes, they're all pretty tight.

  7. It's a good technique, and commonly taught, although he doesn't explain what it does. The body's sides tend to mirror each other. Thus, when you tense your left hand, it has the tendency of increasing the tension in the right hand at the same time. I wish I could remeber the name of the phenomenon. Then I'd sound really smart. It does work though, and it prevents the left hand from inadvertantly getting in front of the muzzle.

  8. A very well done video with good idea of physiology from someone who knows what he is talking about. I also have found the clenching of the fist in a Massad Ayoob training method and I highly respect anything Massad would say.

  9. the shooting sideways technique is actually legitamate i believe its a ww2 nazi tactic i havnt tried it i plan to the next time i go shooting ill try it but it is supposed to take a little recoil off

  10. @boblasingame – thanks for your input Bob – BUT, all German squad machine-guns were belt feed and tripod mounted, which tripod mounting lugs were on the bottom of the weapon – because of the tripod and the feeding problems of laying a belt feed weapon on its side prove the 'tale' of sidewise shooting to be a fable. You were very honest in saying that you only heard such a story, thanks again.

  11. WoW……I just wish everybody can learn how to handle a firearm ,instead of arguing like a bunch of girls on youtube…….listen up people you don't know everything,if anything,argue eleswhere

  12. @GehennaSlumberParty not with a gun that he knows is clear and safe and has never left his hand after he checked it. Empty guns are nothing more than paper weights. If you want to comment on something, comment on the guys lack of hair and how it reflects light into the camera lens πŸ˜‰

  13. @LUCKY7189 Thats the one thing i hate about our shooting sports community. Everyone does everything differently. Give your advice and let it go. You learn more when you listen

  14. @F18BlueAngel you don't need any muscle at all to fire guns, just give your old crippled war veteran grandma a sniper and she could kill tons of people. well actually the recoil of a .50 cal might break her bones but you get the point right?

  15. @reaper042196 You what else it takes off? Your sights from your target. Obviously you lose yoyu sight picture when your fire a weapon normally, but it will be alot worse and be much harder to re-aquire your sight picture.

  16. This is the right time to alter your stance so you're facing the target with your torso at an angle. Less exposed, more recoil absorbed.

  17. one problem, this is a revolver technique. semi automatic pistols need recoil to funtion properly so twisting the elbow or rist "canting" can take away from rcoil causing higher powered semi automatic handguns to not properly cycle a round (such as a desert eagle or a 1911 type) this can cause jamming. though a perfect technique for a non recoil operated hand gun such as a revolver but not recomended for a semi. nice to see an expert village not featuring retards

  18. it might work for the brothers in the getto but NO ONE teachs that and I do mean NO ONE and his 60/40 stance has holes in it too.

  19. Seems to me that shooting with one hand would be a last resort, probably because your arm was incapacitated, so why would you train to tense your non firing arm? If you are capable of tensing your arm, then you're probably capable of using that hand for support of the weapon.

  20. i started out watching "the halo kid video" now im on gun mechanics and techniques damn you youtube for wasting my time!

  21. Great video sir… Thanks for taking the time to make it… It's like I always say… Let's all learn from each other… Joe Tactical

  22. @jackclark1981 I know this isnt a surprise..but, just practice. and practice. and practice some more! find what is physically comfortable to you, and then master that stance/hold. there is,in my qualified opinion,no WRONG way to shoot. with few exceptions: handling the weapon system safely, to yourself and others.keeping thumbs/palms clear of a moving slide/bolt. do those things, then second comes shooter comfort.then practice at what is your most stable/comfy stance. email me if you need help.

  23. Disagreed, a weapon is never a paperweight. Always treat a weapon as if its loaded; regardless of safety checking/whether it left your hand or not. Attitudes like this are what get people killed when messing with weapons.

  24. @Dalenn177 yes I understand what you are saying but If the gun has been cleared and has NEVER left my hand after I just cleared it, its not going to magically have a bullet in it. Its just not possible. Granted Im not going to go around playing with it and shooting it at people or anything but still sometimes you gotta have a little common sense to go with your rhetoric.

  25. @Dalenn177 A weapon can be a paperweight, but that is not their intention. Check your weapons, and keep them locked up. I think that that is what you were trying to say. Be responsible.

  26. That is true, and that is how a gun should be treated. But in reality without bullets in it, a gun is nothing more than a stick or a paper weight

  27. no its not even if the magazine is out and the slide is back and the safety is on, you could accidentally hit someone in the face with it πŸ™‚

  28. Question I can't find the answer for anywhere – would there ever be a tactical reason ( for safety?) To move through a known dangerous area ( like law enforcement or military would) with a fire arm- rifle, shotgun or pistol pointed toward the ground? I see this in a lot of movies and it seems stupid and silly but I'm new at this.

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