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Pistol Shooting Stances : Learn the Proper Kneeling Position for Pistol Shooting

Ok, we are going to get into a few positional
and unconventional shooting positions. Military and law enforcement shoot from the prone position,
seating position, the kneeling position and standing. There may come a time when you need
to utilize any one of those. Right now we are going to go over the kneeling. There are
several ways to do it. Some people get down and they put both knees on the ground and
they shoot this way. Not bad, depending on what situation you are in. This here will
work fine. You have one where it’s one foot up, okay, and you’re here and you are engaging
your target. Then they have one where you kind of lean back on the heal of your foot,
and you fire. The one that I am more comfortable is this one here. Because I am already in
a position if I need to react, I’m able to react and I keep what they call a live toe.
You wont see me in a kneeling position with my foot like this because if I needed to react
or get up from this position, my first movement would have to be, okay, set my toe and then
push up. Whereas if I already have a live toe, and I am engaging and I need to go, I
can start walking from that point there. Because I have what is considered a live toe. That’s
what you want. This position here, what I was saying, even in this position here, you
still have to use another hand to get up, even though you have two live toes, unless
you are like a ninja master, who can just jump straight up which I don’t suggest it
with a loaded firearm but depending on the situation you are in, is it feasible to do?
Yeah maybe it is. But for training purposes, you shouldn’t be trying to jump up onto your
feet from this position here. So to get up from here, you would have to go from here
to here, and then up. And the last position that I think is very awkward, and uncomfortable,
would be this position here and a lot of people use it for stability. They kind of sit back
on this one here and they kind of aim. Well, I think if it came down to it where you absolutely
needed to take a shot or do something and this is the only position you could get yourself
in, it would be effective, but again, you are not able to be mobile at the same time.
So those were the three different kneeling positions. You have the two knee kneeling
positions, you have the one knee with the live toe and then you have the live toe, but
with one leg outstretched so those are the three kneeling positions.

19 thoughts on “Pistol Shooting Stances : Learn the Proper Kneeling Position for Pistol Shooting

  1. why in the sitting position i notice he locks his arms out straight i thought he likes to keep them bent haha

  2. Very educational video! That outstretched leg position is what Tom Berenger used in the movie Sniper. I always wondered if that was some secret sauce military stance that gives you more stability/accuracy, or if it was just movie flash.

  3. I'm no ninja master but I can jump like that, too. Hell I can do a double somersault flip to dodge your bullets and shoot my 6 o'clock if anyone tries to sneak up on me.

  4. I like how he says, "I guess you could if you were some Ninja Master or something." Then he actually did it, easily. Standing is not that hard from that two foot seating position. You "Jump" from the knee while putting your top weight further over your feet, then stand because the knees naturally bend to catch up. If practiced, you can jump and leap to the side, even. Its a very effective stance, low and stable, if utulized properly and practiced, like everything else. Its all in the hips! lol!

  5. If you are on your knees, thrust your butt back over the heels of your feet, no homo, then you are on the balls of your feet. You are ready to spring in any direction and sprint or walk as well, quickly. He used his shoulders and then slid up the "invisible wall" to stand. thats the hard way, but still, its easy if you practice it.Its essential to move quickly on your feet while swordfighting and I would often duck a blade by dropping to balance on the balls of my feet and springing to counter.

  6. Your videos are outstanding, but this one is not giving me the info I'm searching for: do you draw from the holster before, while or after getting into the second kneeling position?

  7. What about a lead leg up, kneeling position where the lead elbow is resting on the raised knee and supporting the gun for accuracy? Much faster to get up from than that leg out stance.

  8. This is the best video I've seen for demonstrating the three kneeling positions because it clearly shows what one must do in order to kneel in the proper manner, and how to recover from a kneeling position.

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