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Pistol Shooting Stances : Learn the Proper Foot Positioning for Pistol Shooting

We’re going to talk a little bit. We’ve gone
over 3 stances. We’re going to talk a little bit about foot positioning. Just like with
boxing, you hear boxers say you have to stay on the balls of you feet. Stay on the balls
of your feet, it gives you movement, you can move better. Kind of the same thing as far
as it goes for shooting. You don’t necessarily have to be directly on the balls of your feet,
but everything kind of comes into play from your center of gravity, where your hips are
places, where your shoulders are, and foot placement is a big one. You never really,
unless you’re in a very unconventional shooting position, you don’t want your feet to wider
than shoulder width apart because this is your base, this is your center of gravity
right there, your hips. If my feet are way out here, I have no balance. If someone charges
me or if I should move my balance, I’m not going to be able to focus at the task at hand.
I’m going to be worried about trying to catch myself of break my fall. Whereas if I keep
my feet within shoulder width apart, I can still move. I can move laterally, I can move
forward, I can rearward. I can still move and be on the balls of my feet to react to
whatever person or a subject’s actions may be. All that goes from foot positioning. Again,
with boxers say you don’t want to stand flat footed. The only draw back to the isosceles
is you pretty much are flat footed. Again, which takes away from your center of gravity
and your balance. If I’m standing flat footed, even If I’m shoulder width apart it only takes
a little bit of pressure for someone to come up and shove me and I’ve off balance. If I
slightly bring that foot back, bend them knees, my center of gravity is changed just by that
little bit of movement. Now I can bend with them or I’m able to counter. Those are the
things, but foot positioning should never really go unless you’re in an unconventional
shooting stance, your feet should never be farther than shoulder width apart.

21 thoughts on “Pistol Shooting Stances : Learn the Proper Foot Positioning for Pistol Shooting

  1. Foot Positioning is where most shooters fail. Once I had learned it I felt much more relaxed and my accuracy was improved.

  2. damn this helped….a while back i was playing airsoft….i happen to be using a riot shield and an m4 and i got charged …by my brother…he was angry and charging me if i had a better shooter stance i wouldnt of fell on my ass and….get shot

  3. good bit of basic advice. only 1 problem though… what's that weird clicking sound constantly thoughout the video?
    other than the clicking a good video

  4. He is clear and seems to be quite knowledgeable. Good videos. Nice augmentation to the rifle training from the service. Low rank enlisted personnel generally don't get pistol training/qualified unless its job specific.

  5. Excellent video and instructions. I would add to have your toes facing the threat if stationary or the direction of movement if moving from point A to point B.
    I'm a military instructor in the middle east for the past four years and always learn something new from other instructors

  6. Shot guns before, but im pretty inaccurate at ranges past 10 feet. im sure this video will help me later down the road when i buy my own

  7. wow. I thought: O no why did I clicked on Expert Village… but! This is some good information! The first vid i saw from Expert Village. btw This vid is from the expert village xD

  8. Thank you for the series of videos!

    Each Monday I read about more brazen armed home invasions on the internet. As a result, I dusted off and cleaned my 18 year old Glocks, got my CCW permit and have been practicing at the range.

    Your videos should help me. I'm right handed but shoot better with my left hand – 6 inch groupings at 50 feet. Hopefully, the wisdom in your videos will enable me to shoot that well with my right hand.

  9. Naaah, disagree, two word, jerry miculek. 30 yr champ. He will show u how to stand and arim right, the police stance is wrong,

  10. I like your videos. I hate the locked arm method that people preach, never worked for me. Same with the stance many recommend. I think people should follow the basic principles and rules, find whats comfortable and works for them and then practice that. Everyone is different and what works for one might not work for someone else.

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