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Pistol Shooting Stances : Learn the Proper Arm & Hand Positioning for Pistol Shooting

Okay we have done foot position, now I’m going
to talk a bit of arm positioning when you are shooting. A lot of people get their misconception
when you shoot, you have to have to have this rigged arm and you can move and you have to
be able to hold a thousand pound weight on the arm without it dropping. Not necessarily
so a lot of people see in the movies where they shoot you know a three-fifty-seven or
a four caliber handgun it goes the arm goes flying. Yes the bigger the weapon the larger
the recall yes but it is nothing, it is over exaggerating in the movies is what I’m trying
to say. But you do want a good arm position okay and you do want a good hand position.
When you are firing you know in your stance to fire when you draw your weapon and punch
it out. Okay your arm comes out such as so, slightly bent you don’t want to be straight
armed like that. Okay you want your arm slightly bent so there is some flexibility and from
this point here if I need to disengage I can come to what is consider a low ready. Okay
and just pop it back up. A lot of people get into you know it is a lot from television
where they believe that your arm has to be fully extended in order for your round to
reach the target that is not necessarily at all. This weapon I can hold my weapon right
here and still hit a target down range versus sticking it out here. I’m more comfortable
with it here because if I’m in a situation no one can grab the end of my fire arm, I’m
not worry about it getting knocked out of my hand. Plus the longer you stiff it out
and hold it out the more fatigue you are going to feel which is probably going to effect
your shoot. So arm positioning and hand positioning hands again when you are firing you want to
wrap this hand around the other one. Okay you want to marry those thumbs is what they
call it meet the thumbs and marry them. Right on the side of the weapon okay. So it looks
like this from this side finger always on the side of the frame until I’m ready to fire
and with this hand three fingers naturally wrapped around the grip, thumb fall naturally
into place. All I’m doing is wrapping these fingers around those three and marrying those
thumbs together where my thumbs meet. Okay and that would be my stance but again I’m
not out here like this, I got a slight bent to retract back and forth if I need to. So
that would be arm and hand positioning.

100 thoughts on “Pistol Shooting Stances : Learn the Proper Arm & Hand Positioning for Pistol Shooting

  1. The reason for keeping your arms locked out is to control recoil so you can get back on target quicker after each shot. It is harder to do this if your arms are bent. Hey guys, look at some video of some professional shooters to get tips. While I think this guy is doing the best he can, he is wrong on certain subjects.

  2. LOL Oh my God! I was expecting to see debates about shooting techniques when I scrolled down and instead found race arguments! *Sigh… Youtube.

  3. @DutchKid121 it doesnt recoil straight into your hand. your hand is below the barrel so the recoil will cause your wrist to pivot taking some of the strain off

  4. "you don't want your arm straight out"
    you need to get out more.
    more world class competitive shooters than ever consistently win world titles in practical, defense, combat and precision shooting comps using the straight arm.
    after familiarization with a firearm and introduction to MULTIPLE methods of operation, the end user can adapt what they have learned into a hybrid of methods and use what works best for them so that they can be CONSISTENTLY accurate.

  5. @tapper45 No, guys like Robbie Leatham, Todd Jarret, Jerry Miculek, Travis Tomasie, JJ Racaza etc. never lock their elbows. Locking your elbows increases muzzle flip; though locking your elbows does increase stability, it is not worth the tradeoff in target acquisition. Locking your elbows is a no no for action pistol shooting. Now, if we're talking silhouette, that's a different story alltogether.

  6. @flashbang504 Once again, you kids with no shooting experience have no idea what you are talking about. Locking your elbows increases muzzle flip, which translates to slower recoil recovery and target acquisition. I've been a competitive silhouette shooter for years, locking your elbows provides greater stability only when precision shooting. A slight bend in the elbow allows your whole body to absorb the recoil, instead of recoil being focused at the pivot point of the wrist.

  7. @RebelWrestler45
    when shooting stock/unmodified i totally agree with you but unlimited class lets me use my highly modified guns that basically don't have any substantial recoil so there is no tradeoff or compromise.
    i still don't lock MY arms when i shoot speed or combat strings and in body armor at work it is almost impossible to lock your arms so i'm pretty sure i don't use a lock arm stance there either.

  8. @tapper45 Though I've never competed in the unlimited division for IPSC or IDPA (I only compete in stock, single stack), none of the guys I've interacted with that have lots of experience on race guns ever lock their elbows, including Robbie Leatham, who I most recently talked to at the last SHOT show. The Last race gun I fired was an STI 9 mil, and I'm sure you could get away with locking your elbows with it, as there is hardly any recoil, and almost no perceptible muzzle rise.

  9. @RebelWrestler45
    i've only seen robbie on video, he's definitely a badass.
    i've seen munden and miculek shoot live though.
    worlds apart in classes and styles but very impressive.
    i have some stuff in 38 super, 400 and 45 that has been pretty worked over for unlimited shooting during my early days but they would be considered antiques now unless they had some machinework and updates.
    now they're just fun to shoot and reminesce about.

  10. Tyhle chytráky fakt žeru 😀 Myslim že při prvním nástřelu by spanikařil,stratil zásobník a posral se American Idiot

  11. 1) This is a good video. He explains it, and demonstrates it well.

    2) Judge people on an indivual basis, not their race, color, or creed. Disgusting that this still goes on.

  12. So sad for people to go through life with such hate for others that are a different color or that are not like them . We are all gods children and if you dont believe in god how about respect …

    Very good video thanks

  13. lol its the black mr clean, nah j/k man this helped me out a lot with my pistol accuracy, thx again an hopefully do more vids like this

  14. Excellent video. This really helps. I suck at shooting and your video makes me realize I'm doing a few things wrong. Thanks!

  15. Great tip about relaxing the arms. This has improved my shooting and relieved the muscle strain that I used to experience with the "stiff-arm" approach!

  16. @philly4458 If you are comfortable with the gun and shoot it frequently it's personal preference. The question you should be asking is: what type of ammunition should I use? I carry an FNH FNP-45. When carrying concealed, I use Cor-bon self defense ammunition. This ammo tends to expand faster within the intended target and lessens the chance of over penetration. The "double tap" is typically designed for military / LE scenarios where they may be issued the FMJ round, known for over penetration.

  17. @elimarroqui I agree with your overall message, but. It doesn't matter if your in the armed forces, you can still be in a gang.

  18. You must keep you wepon in a manner that establishes a somewhat stable foundation. If not, and if you keep it loose allowing the fram to follow the slide back during recoil, depending on the wepon and how wornout your springs are of course, you may run the risk of not allowing enough engery to cause the slide to fully cycle and install the next round into the breach (sorry ablout spelling). ,

  19. WOW finally someone who KNOWS THE BASICS! this video is great! Love it. I see so many jacked up people at the range, not holding the pistol correctly and they're stance is all messed up, and they wonder why they cant do a double tap correctly, then they look at me, a 5'2 female, and wonder why I can shoot a 1/2 in group at 20 yards and do a correct double tap. because I practice the basics.

  20. if you were in combat ,wonded and needed a blood transfusion or die would you ask the doc if the blood was given from a black person, and if so would you refuse it i bet you would be grateful as hell to the person who gave it what does race have to do with proper shoting stance .

  21. I thought this video was going to be another stupid one with bad advice but the man actually knows what he is talking about and gave a good explination. I haven't watched any of the other expertvillage videos and youtube brought me to this one on it's on, but it was actually pretty good. Gotta give it a like.

  22. When your elbows are bent it allows for the recoil to go through your arms and out your shoulders. This makes it easier to recover from the recoil, & take aim to continue shooting. You would not lock your elbows to precision shoot in a combat situation with a pistol in the first place. Personally I think even trying to would get you killed, unless of course your pistol is a larger caliber than a .45 or .9mm like a .357 magnum or other revolvers that has the precision and is also scoped.

  23. Not exactly correct info here. You do not want to shoot with the elbows bent. Especially with a semiauto pistol. Take a look at professionals such as Todd Jarret and Max Michel. They straighten their arms out completely, just as everyone else that I shoot competition with. If you are new to shooting, not having a good grip and rigid arm is the very reason so people have failure to cycle issues.

  24. This guy is right on the money with arm position. So many youtubershooters with straight arms locking their elbow out is ridiculous. Want accurate shots with fast follow up relax your arms a little and let your muscle support the weapon. Now hand position is a bit of personal preference, and I prefer to rest my shooting hand kind of on top of my off hand. Semper Fi…

  25. If your going to stand still getting in a proper stance while being fired at your a target…proper stance Theres no such thing

  26. When you "marry" your hand, if you were to extend your 4 fingers, they should point in a 45 degree angle downwards.  The pistol is much steadier. 70/30 grip ratio

  27. Very helpful, I was under the misconception that your dominant arm/hand should locked with the weaver stance.

  28. What about the one where you hold the gun sideways and yell "BREAK YO' SELF FOOL!"?  I really wanna learn that one.  -Thanks


    I was taught the straight arm stance bend knees in Military to control recoil. Grading is based on groupings and I was able to fire 5" grouping.

  30. He said, "not necessarily" so why would so many be so negative? If you hold your arms out and stiff, good luck with that. A person could knock the gun away from you and your arms will fatigue fast.

  31. I can personally say that from my experience bent arm = less accuracy straight arm is more accurate but can have strain but this is also true with holding your breath or a more firm grip on a rifle, this might not be as comfortable but definitely more accurate. As for someone coming from the side and disarming you, the 6in difference between straight or bent arm isn’t going to make much of a difference especially when your not expecting it

  32. How much is it worth to you to know with true confidence and from the bottom of your heart you can protect yourself and the people you love from the armed thugs, deranged gunmen, or psychos that are roaming the streets?This technique( ) alone is a "fail-safe" method for getting pinpoint accuracy, and going from buckshot to bull's-eye on every shot and never wasting a bullet ever again?

  33. Man, all these fucking commenters are all of a sudden Master Marksmen who've had millions of hours and hours of practice holly fuck.

  34. Great video thanks 🙏, I got fatigue in my arms but after see this video I can get better position ,….The gun u have is glock 17 or 19 ?

  35. Does this work with revolvers too? I can't shoot mine very well and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. At 20 yards I'm getting a 16 inch grouping…

  36. You spoke about marrying the thumbs. What if you have small hands? I had this problem when I was in the army. I'm a smaller guy, when you're holding an M16, you have to keep the butt close to your shoulder. I wasn't able to do that. How do you compensate for those types of problems?

  37. The thumb trick doesn't work when you have a Chiappa Rhino, because you will get powder burn on your thumbs, I got to use a teacup grip

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