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Pistol Shooting Stances : Learn the Different Pistol Shooting Stances

Depending upon what circumstances — obviously,
if you have someone returning fire, you probably won’t be going that slow and you just have
to do whatever you have to do to get suppression fire down there. But for training purposes,
to get comfortable with being able to shoot on the move, what you don’t want to do is
go, step, step, stop, bang. Step, step, stop, bang. That’s what you don’t want to do. The
whole purpose is to fire while advancing. You’ve got to be constantly moving. So when
you’re moving, it’s heel, toe, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, I’m never once coming to
a complete stop, I’m still advancing on my target all the while engaging the target.
Will you be 100% accurate every single time while advancing? Probably not. But if you
train, and you practice, you’ll see that the gate slows down. You have to control your
gate, your breathing, and your sway. I mean the gate meaning, when you walk, it’s almost
like you’re walking on feathers. You’re walking on sand, trying not to leave a footprint.
It’s very subtle. Heel, toe, heel, toe. There’s not a whole lot of side to side. You want
to make sure that your feet are always facing towards your target. Because if not — if
you happen to go like this — this is what’s going to happen. You’re going to sway from
side to side — sway from side to side. And your shots are going to go from side to side.
And everything in the middle that you want to hit will be clean as a whistle. So you
want to walk the tightrope, discipline, force your feet to stay pointed at the target, punch
it out, heel, toe, heel, toe, nice and slow, heel, toe. And you’ll notice, your body’s
not fluctuating up and down as much as it would if you were regularly walking. That
is advancing on a target forward.

10 thoughts on “Pistol Shooting Stances : Learn the Different Pistol Shooting Stances

  1. If someone is shooting at you and you have to get closer no matter what you have to go diagonaly forward and you have to do it fast.

  2. i was watching tom cruise (collateral) the scene inside that dance club called(FEVER) his draw on his target,in which he had a little foot slide to it ,got off 3 shoots on target,i know its hollywood best draw i seen since western flicks of times past.

  3. in fact tom cruise collateral if you think about it had some of the best stances on film if you ask me (period).

  4. its like incorporating martial arts stances with quick draw shooting stances, i guess its impossible if you train as if you got something in your hand besides a closed fist or open chop, but that thing in hand will be a gun of choice,but dedicate training on drawing from where ever your gun may be holstered for muscle memory.1 benefit to martial art gun fighting stances is, you are always ready for combat be it hand to hand or gun slinging.

  5. im not saying you can dodge a bullet but if your in a hand to hand combat stance ,your body is already in a defensive like stance to perhaps be able to bob and weave or slip a as we do in boxing, or martial art form.

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